50+ Funniest Cheese Jokes That Are Really Gouda

Swiss cheese puns and gouda jokes can be really cheesy.

Cheese goes great with anything, especially with a little sense of humor right?

Funny jokes about cheese are everlasting. If you are at a brunch with family, a little humor like macaroni and cheese jokes, string cheese jokes, or cheese grater jokes cheese can never go wrong.

Cheese is probably the only dairy product that is loved by everyone, irrespective of age, cheese is for all, and so is cheese humor. There are thousands of different kinds of cheese on earth and why would you leave out a chance to include them in your jokes or while impressing a crowd? There is a list of cream cheese jokes, cheddar cheese jokes, mac and cheese jokes, swiss cheese jokes, fondue jokes, cottage cheese jokes and so many more. You might just be melting some hearts with these cheesy cheese jokes next time! So if you have a favourite cheese or love a specific kind of cheese in your grilled cheese sandwich, then amp up the cheesiness with some amazing grilled cheese jokes.

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Funny Cheese Jokes

Cracking a cheese joke while serving food is quite fun.

These are the funniest cheese jokes for kids that also work as cheese dad jokes. This is the right place to find some best cheese jokes, or a camembert joke if you are lucky.

1. Do you know why Christmas in Cheeseland is considered to be the cheesiest time of the year? Because it is the time of the year when cheese-us was born.

2. What did cheese-lover Lily get for her Jurassic Park themed birthday party? A gorgonzilla.

3. What did Daisy's coach ask her to do for her cheese diet? To avoid curds.

4. How much cheese did the Gordon family buy for the holidays? A Tunworth.

5. What happened to Moira at the cheese and wine party? She got Schloss-ed.

6. Do you know what happened due to the major power failure at the cheese factory? There was a meltdown.

7. Why didn't Roby believe what the cheese was saying? Because it's too gouda be true.

8. What made the cheese tasting date so special? It was a sunny day with cool bries.

9. What did Kiki do when Harry invited her to the Cheesecake factory date? She bleu it off.

10. What did the cheese owner say to the man who started throwing cheese out of the shop? How dairy!

11. Why does the Swiss cheese have holes? Because it wants to keep it light.

12. What did Rita say when her boyfriend asked about her cheesy jokes about cheese? I want to grow mold with you.

13. Why did cheese refused to get sliced for the breakfast? It had grater plans.

14. How did the cheese ghost scare the crackers? It was hiding brie-hind the container.

15. What did the comic cheese call the others after a roasting session? Grilled cheese.

16. What did the girl cheese say to the boy cheese after he asked her to dance in the prom? I'm nacho cheese.

17. Where did the girl cheese throw her old clothes? In the de-brie.

18. What did the father cheese say to his daughter on the way to college? Cheese the day.

19. What was little cheese writing in the notebook at night? Dear dairy, it has been long since I have written to you.

20. What did the two best friend cheeses say about each other? We're soul Swiss-ters.

21. What happened after the blast at a Swiss cheese factory? Nothing was left but de brie.

22. What do you call a piece of cheese when it is sad? Blue cheese.

23. How did the mouse smile? He said cheese.

24. What is the princess of the cheese land called? Mozzarella.

25. What did the cheese say to his favorite idol? I am very fondue.

26. What did Feta say to Cheddar after dressing up? Looking sharp.

Bad Cheese Jokes

Here's a list of corny cheese jokes along with different kinds of cheese like gouda cheese jokes, brie jokes, feta cheese jokes, halloumi jokes, camembert jokes, and even nacho cheese jokes. You name your favourite cheese or kind of cheese sandwich and the jokes are right here.

27. What did the block of cheese say to itself in front of the mirror? Halloumi.

28. Do you know which cheese has a horse in their name? Mascarpone.

29. What did the teacher cheese say to the student cheeses after the summer holidays? Grilled to see you back.

30. What did the cracker say about the cheese's joke? You crack me up every time.

31. What is the cheese who does farming and lives in the village called? Cottage cheese.

32. Who is the favorite celebrity among the cheese community? Kim Curdashian.

33. Whose autograph did the Little cheese go to collect at the concert? Paris Stilton.

34. What did the cheese say to its date? You make me melt.

35. What did the one cheese say to the other in a debate? I disa -brie with you.

36. After a tiring day, what did the cheese ask for at the counter? Morbier.

37. What kind of cheese is made backwards? Edam.

38. What do you call a cheese who is a popstar? Brie-oncé.

39. Why could not the girl cheese attend the party? She did not get her parents' parmesan.

40. What did the doctor say happened to the alcoholic cheese? His Livarot failed.

41. Why does the Pope prefer Swiss cheese? Because it's hole-y.

42. What do you say to a cheese who is having a hard time? Ricotta buckle up.

43. What did the security say while throwing out the cheese from the hotel? We don't tolerate this rind of behavior.

44. What did the best friend say to the cheese after her break-up? You're cheddar off without him.

45. Who is the most famous musician legend among the cheese? Mozart-ella.

46. What did brie say about camembert? He is my arch neme-swiss.

47. Where did the cheese family go for praying? The Swiss-tine chapel.

48. What did the cheese say to its mother on thanksgiving? I am grate-ful to have you in my life.

49. What did the cheddar say about himself when he joined the senior classes at school? I am mature for my age.

50. What is the favorite phrase of Sherlock Holmes from the world of Cheese? Emmental, my dear Watson.

51. What did the cheese say to his lover while proposing? "Will you brie mine?"

52. What did the father cheese say to his daughter? Your age doesn't matter when you are a cheese.

53. Did you know where did the cheese lose in the Olympics? It failed at the final curdle.

54. What is the name of the cheese called who excelled at art school? Artisan cheese.

55. What did the baby cheeses dress up as on Halloween? Muensters.

Knock-Knock Cheese Jokes

Knock-knock cheese jokes can also be a game-changer in a conversation.

Isn't it double the fun when you make jokes about your favorite food? Also, knock-knock jokes never really go out of fashion, they could be basic but amusing to begin a fun conversation with. Here's a list of such hilarious jokes for you to choose from.

56. Knock knock.

Who's out there?


Cheese who?

Cheese a gouda fellow.

57. Knock Knock.

Who's outside?


Annie who?

Annie thing you can perform I can perform it feta.

58. Knock Knock.

Who's there?


Camembert who?

Camembert it any longer.

59. Knock Knock.

Who's out there?


Brie who?

The cheese who brie-lives in you.

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