61 Funny And Cute Rat Names For Your Pet

A tiny curiuos cat peeking amidst grasses.

Rats get a poor reputation, but having one as a pet can actually be quite rewarding.

A rat from a pet shop can provide you with the companion you're looking for. Find a cute name for your pet rat that will inspire a life of joy for you and the little creature with our great list.

Why not use inspiration from TV or movies? Or choose a cute or funny name that fits your pet's size or characteristics well? There's plenty of names to choose from, ensuring you can find the right name for any pet rats whether you're searching for a female or male moniker.

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Famous Rats' Names

Plenty of pet rat names can stem from famous characters found on television and in movies. Harry Potter pet names and the master of the ninja turtles are just a couple of choices, with plenty more good name ideas to consider.

1.Ben - one of the rats from the 1971 movie, Willard

2.Bernard - one of the mice from The Rescuers

3.Bianca - Miss Bianca was also part of The Rescuers team

4.Fievel - the mouse from An American Tail

5.Professor Ratigan - from The Great Mouse Detective

6.Remy - the rat from Ratatouille

7.Scabbers - the name of Ron's pet rat in Harry Potter

8.Socrates - another rat from the film, Willard.

9.Splinter - this is the name of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' master

10.Templeton - the rat's name from Charlotte's Web

Cute Names For Male Rats

Find a cute moniker for your cheese loving male rat.

11.Aden (Irish Origin) meaning "little fire"

12.Hamlin (Norman Origin) means "little home lover"

13.Jenkin (English Origin) meaning "little John"

14.Paolo (Italian Origin) name meaning "small"

15.Paul (Latin Origin) can mean "small", "scarce"

16.Reagan (Gaelic Origin) meaning "the king's child"

17.Santino (Italian Origin) means "little Saint"

18.Spurgeon (Scandinavian Origin) means "little twig"

Sweet Names For Female Rats

These female names will work well for your tiny girl pet.

19.Adva (Hebrew Origin) represents a "small wave"

20.Briar (English Origin) name for a "small shrub"

21.Chutki (Hindi Origin) perfect name for a female rat that means "tiny girl"

22.Dalena (English Origin) name means "small valley"

23.Duni (African Origin) means "small"

24.Feena (Irish Origin) meaning "small fawn"

25.Melina (Greek Origin) name for "honey"

26.Nezumi (Japanese Origin) simple means "rat"

27.Reinette  (French Origin) for "little queen"

Names For Light-Colored Rats

Use your rat's light-colored fur as name inspiration.

28.Alba (Latin Origin) meaning "white"

29.Albin (Latin Origin) can represent "white" or "bright"

30.Anwen (Welsh Origin) depicting someone who is "fair"

31.Aubin (French Origin) for "white"

32.Bain (Scottish Origin) meaning "white"

33.Beal (Norman Origin) for "fair"

34.Berin (Latin Origin) meaning "fair-haired"

35.Blanco (Spanish Origin) word for "white"

36.Candace (Hebrew Origin) name meaning "pure"

37.Fenella (Gaelic Origin) "white shouldered"

38.Gannon (Irish Origin) name for someone who has white or fair hair

Light-colored rats are great pets for kids.

Names For Dark-Colored Rats

Some rats names can be inspired by the color of their fur.

39.Blake (Old English Origin) stems from the word 'blac' to represent dark hair

40.Blakely (Old English Origin) represents a dark wooded area

41.Cole (English Origin) short for "charcoal"

42.Darcel (Norman Origin) means "dark"

43.Dolan (Irish Origin) means "black"

44.Donovan (Irish Origin) for a "dark prince"

45.Duncan (Gaelic Origin) representing someone with brown hair

46.Maury (Polish Origin) meaning "dark"

47.Rowan (Irish Origin) name for "red", this works well for a rat with reddish-brown fur

48.Stormy (American Origin) represents dark skies, perfect for a black rat

49.Tynan (Gaelic Origin) for "dark"

Funny Or Ironic Names For Rats

Funny names of rats or rat puns can work well to inspire conversations.

50.Adorato - this name that means "beloved" fits well for a small creature with 'rat' right in the word

51.Borat - like the movie title

52.Julius Cheesar - after Julius Caesar

53.Rat Benatar - after Pat Benatar

54.Ratby - an adorable name for either gender

55.Rat Damon - like Matt Damon

56.Ratniss Everdeen - after Katniss from The Hunger Games

57.Ratón - the Spanish word for "rat"

58.Ratthew McConaughey - after Matthew McConaughey

59.Rat Von D - after Kat Von D

60.Ratwell - Switch Max with Rat for this fancy name version

61.Sir Ratacan - Sir followed by this surname sounds great for a sophisticated rat name, perhaps this could be the perfect lab rat name?

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