100+ Funny Animal Names For Your Pets

Pets bring us so much joy, we think it's fun to give them a joyful name.

As a pet parent, naming your pet is a special occasion, especially if it’s your first pet. Hopefully we've made it an easier process by collating a list of unique pet names for all kinds of animals. We think these animal names are as hilarious as our furry friends can be, so why not have some fun with names and pick out one of these for your new pet?

Hopefully these names will help you out but if you want more inspiration why not look at cartoon dog names or Harry Potter dog names.

Funny Names For Dogs

Dressing up your pets is another funny way to interact with your animals.

Dogs are goofy, hilarious, and cute animals. There are so many fun options for a nickname for pet to choose from, pick the one that you resonate with and see if they like it!

1. Agent Bones, This one is for the animal who is mad over bones and can find it from any nook and corner of the house.

2. Aldo, It means "the tall one". If your dog loves standing on his feet, then you should consider naming your dog Aldo.

3. Alarm, It means "the one who is your alarm clock in the morning". Because we all know, eventually you will wake up to your dog licking your face to wake you up.

4. April, If you’ve got your dog home in April, then you could use that as a fun title for your furry friend.

5. Butterball, Does your dog look like a big chubby fur ball? Then Butterball is the best one for him.

6. Bruno, This name is inspired by the popular artist - Bruno Mars.

7. Bella, Bella means "the one who loves belly rubs".

8. Cheesy, This is apt for any dog whose cuteness is too cute to handle.

9. Cuddles, This means "the one who won’t let you go until he gets his share of cuddling".

10. Chico, This means "the cute chic dog".

11. Disco, This means "the one who loves to dance around".

12. Dexter, This means "the killer one". You could even call him ‘Dex’!

13. Issac, This is a nickname for smart. Got a smart dog? Give it a smart title!

14. Lizzie, This means "the one who is full of quirk".

15. Larry, This is an iconic popular dog name.

16. Marley, This means the one who is "always high energy".

17. Nijog, This means "short for ninja dog".

18. Polka, Want a name that matches your dog’s look? Polka is a great option!

19. Porsh, This means "the royal one". We think it's a hilarious name for a dog.

20. Sunshine, Because his eyes are just as vibrant and heartwarming as the sunshine.

21. Sumo, This one means "the one who loves wresting".

22. Tango, This means "the one who keeps dancing around the house".

23. Treat, This means the one who is always "a treat to watch". We think this is such a cute nickname for dogs, even if you give them another name.

24. WaBa This means a "short for water ball". It's a funny title, apt for your furry potato, who loves to play in the water.

25. Yogini If your cat loves doing yoga and is super flexible, then her new nickname has to be Yogini!

Names For Pet Cats

Cats are very different animals from dogs, so they need different animal names. Cats can be hilarious, sometimes they're like a furry potato, and sometimes they're snooty and regal. Here's our list of fun names for all kinds of cats.

A cat with a funny expression.

26. Abert This means "an intelligent cat".

27. Ace This means "the best cat or the first cat".

28. Acorn This means "a funny, curious and hilarious cat".

29. Coco Great for a brown goofy cat.

30. Catrina A smart pun is always welcomed.

31. Bravo It seems like a dog’s name, right? Well, that’s why it becomes a funny name for a cat.

32. Ginger This means "a golden hair cat".

33. Grace If every time you go close to her and she walks away gracefully, then Grace is the name you should go for.

34. Happy Yeah, we know it’s an unusual word for a cat. But then some are just playful and expressive.

35. Homey For the one who loves to stay in bed with you.

36. Jenifur If you are a fan of Jennifer Anniston and your cat is just as gorgeous, then this would be the perfect name for her.

37. Lucy Fur If your cat has a cunning yet goofy vibe, then Lucy Fur is the perfect title for your new cat.

38. Leo A sign of a lion. After all, all cats come from the same family.

39. Lexie If your cat is a version of Alexander, then Lexie is the chosen name for her.

40. Marble A great name for cats that are as unique as the marble's design.

41. Moody Cats are known to be moody. But if your new friend is a little extra moody or dramatic, then is this the best name for him/her.

42. Molly Pawli Some puns are good, aren’t they?

43. Meowy If your new cat makes the meow sound every now and then to communicate with you, then it’s time to name her Meowy.

44. Nici For a cat that has ninja-like skills.  

45. Purry This means the one who "purrs every time you pet him/her".

46. Rambo If your new cat has the gravitas of a king, a dominator, then Rambo is a fun animal’s name.

47. Specsy This means the one who has "a sharp eye". It's also a funny name.

48. Sherlock This means the one who is "no less than a curious detective".

49. Showstopper This means the one who is "always posing and makes a blockbuster entry".

50. Snowy This means "a white furry cat who usually puts forth her cold side".

Funny Animal Names Inspired By Pop Culture

These are the names that need no description. If you get it, you get it. And if you don’t, then it’s not the name you want to pick for your pet. So, here we go with some hilariously cute animal names:

Animals can just be hilarious sometimes.

51. Arya This one is inspired by the popular show Game of Thrones.

52. Buzz This one is inspired by Toy Story.

53. Bubbles This means one of the three Powerpuff Girls.

54. Cosmo This means the cosmos. Also, inspired by Guardians of the Galaxy.

55. Chandler This one means "the candle maker". A hilarious one for a new animal.

56. Dobby This means "a funny fool person" and is also a popular character in the Harry Potter Series.

57. Dollar This means "money" and was the name of the iconic dog in Richie Rich.

58. Elspaw This means "short for Elizabeth like a cat".

59. Groot This is inspired by the popular character from Guardians of the Galaxy.

60. Garfield This means "the lazy cat". Inspired by the iconic cartoon Garfield.

61. Hulk This means "huge". And is also a popular character in pop culture.

62. Khaleesi This means "the queen".

63. Lopaw This means "the lady who shall not be forgotten".

64. Mowgli This means "the wild child".

65. Nepaw This means "the man with paws".

66. Phoebe Means "the quirky one". It is also a popular character from the show Friends.

67. Pickapaw This means to one who has "sparkling paws".

68. Pluto This means "the god of the underworld".

69. Rex This means "the reigning king" and is a good nickname for pets.

70. Simba This means "the lion". And is an iconic character in the Lion King.

71. Scooby This means "a brave dog". Also inspired by the cartoon series Scooby-Doo.

72. Snoopy The name means the one who "snoops around" and is inspired by the iconic cartoon Peanuts.

73. Snowy This means "a white cat" and also is inspired by the iconic series - Tin Tin.

74. Snowbell This means "a white cat who makes noise while she walks around". Inspired by Stuart Little.

75. Thanos This nickname means "immortal".

76. Tantor This means "the one in charge". Also, it is a popular pet animal in Tarzan.

77. Tigger This name is inspired by the iconic cartoon Winnie The Pooh.

78. Yoda This is inspired by Star Wars.

Some more hilarious animal names for your pet:

These names are just whacky, hilarious, and unique names for pets. Some are new, while some are classics, but all of them are absolutely adorable.

79. Brownie This means the one who "loves brownies".

80. Crank This is one of the funniest names that are ideal for your tantrum-throwing pet.

81. Champ This means "a champion".

82. Cricket If your love for cricket is just as much as your love for your animal pet.

83. Dummy If your pet is a little blonde but cute, Dummy is an apt title.

84. Draco This title has a character in it. So, if your pet is dramatic or has a unique quirk, then go with this.

85. Goofy Not only does this nickname have a Disney reference, but it is also true for some animals' nature.

86. Ludo This one is inspired by a popular character from the Harry Potter series.

87. Latte A great one for coffee-lovers.

88. Pizzu This one means "you love your furry potato as much as pizza".

89. Purtato This means "a perfect potato".

90. Rajnikant If you want to give your pet an Indian superhero title, then Rajnikant is the perfect nickname.

91. Runner If you have a pet who keeps running around throughout, this is the apt title.

92. Rocky For a pet whose spirit is that of a Rockstar.

93. Silky This means the one "with silky long hair".

94. Stinky This one is great for pets who like to roll around in the mud.

95. Stella This means "the short for stellar or star".

96. Spooky For animal pets that disappear in a blink.

97. Sugar For pets that are absolutely adorable and sweet.

98. Teddy If your pet is more like a teddy to you, then you could give them this cute nickname.

99. Whiskey  A short for whiskers.

100. Whiff Apt for a dog that sniffs literally everything around.

101. Zippy This funny animal’s name has a cute ring to it.

102. Zoe This means the one who is "full of life".

We hope this list of funny animal names helped you in your search, if you need some inspiration why not look at clever pet names or chicken names.



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