40+ Funny Boat Names For All Kinds Of Boats

Name ideas for your boat, yacht or dinghy.

You can name your boat anything you want.

Naming your boat will give it a sense of personality. If you go out sailing it will help your boat be recognized by other mariners and it is also a lot of fun to come up with boat names.

You can name your boat anything that you want and this can sometimes be overwhelming, so to help you we have created lots of lists to help try these funny pirate names or these boat names. We are certain that you'll find the perfect name for your vessel in this curated list of clever boat names.

Funny Yacht Names

A yacht is a sign of luxury, so if you are lucky enough to own a yacht (yes, toy yachts definitely count too!) you'll have to do boat naming carefully. Check out these best boat names for yachts.

Funny yacht names are popular among sailors and passengers.

1. Alotta Ocean: One of the funniest boat names you can select for your yacht.

2. Bacon In The Sun: Want to chase the sun in your yacht?

3. Best Sailection: A clever boat name for the boat that was your perfect choice.

4. Knot On Call: Don't leave him a voice message, since he won't hear it out.

5.B-Yacht’ch: This punny name is suitable for high-tech yachts.

6. Kids' Inheritance: You can name this boat for your children.

7. Knot Shore: If you are 'knot' sure what to call your yacht, why not try this name?

8. Legacy: It will surely be your legacy.

9. Liquid Asset: The definition of a yacht, surely!

10. Miss Conduct: One of the funny boat names for boat owners who like to conduct a ritual before every sail.

11. Pier Pressure: Boat naming can involve a lot of peer pressure thats for sure.

12. Error 404: For tech loving (or hating) boat owners.

13. The Cod Father: A perfect name for all 'The Godfather' fans out there.

14. Unsinkable: It cannot be sunk.

15. Usain Boat: A funny name for a boat that can sail fast.

16. Vamoose: Ideal name for a fast boat.

17. Yachts: Keeping it simple.

18. Zombies Can’t Swim: A funny boat name referencing the zombie apocalypse.

Funny Speedboat Names

Funny boat names are popular among passengers.

Find the funniest boat names of all time here.

20. Aboat Time: Named after a successful film 'About Time,' this name is timeless.

21. Best of Boat Worlds: One of the best names of all time if you ask us.

22. Big Nauti: A perfect boat name for all those nautical experts.

23. Dreadnought: For all who sailors who don't dread the sea.

24. In a Meeting: Would we be able to come, you know, to take notes?

25. Friendship: Name this boat in honor of all the friends you will invite onto it.

26. Grace To Glory: A perfect name for a perfect boat.

27. Just Add Wind: Name your boat after the famous TV show 'Just Add Magic.'

28. Knot For Sail: Because it is your boat and you want to sail. One of the most punny names for ships.

29. Life Is Good: Because you are on a speedboat. A perfect name for the perfect boat.

30. Sea Senora: For a beautiful boat, a beautiful name.

31. Whatever: This guy doesn't want to think. He just wants to sail.

32. Vitamin Sea: For all those outdoor adventurers.

Funny Dinghy Names

Select a carefully crafted boat name that shows your sense of humor and helps you stand out among your peers.

33. A Loan At Last: When your best friend finally returns the loan he took from you.

34. My Option II: Hey, everyone needs a backup plan.

35. Empty Pockets: For those people who invested their savings in a perfect small boat.

36. Favorite Mistake: You bought it, you row it. If you bought a boat on limited funds, this is a perfect name.

37. For Reels: This funny boat name will make your friends laugh.

38. Harambe McBoatface: Name your boat after the famous gorilla.

39. Pug Boat: For cute boat name ideas, this is the perfect choice.

40. Seas The Day: You can't argue with this classic boat name.

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