40+ Funny Car Names To Inspire You

Find a funny name for a car on this list.

One of the various ways car owners express their love for their cars is by giving them a hilarious name.

If you want to pick a name for your car (be it a real car or a toy one!), we have put together a list of funny car names to help you! Super funny car names can be based on the color, model, shape, size of the car and any other features the car possesses.

For more naming fun, take a look at these girl car names and these funny boat names, but if you are looking for good car names this is the list for you. Read on to find the best funny names for cars and car nicknames!

Funny Names For Big Cars

Big cars and monster trucks probably have a big personality. Because this vehicle is so large, coming up with a befitting car name can sometimes be hard. If you are lost on the funniest car names to give your ride, here is a list to help you out, full of funny names for big cars that are really cool.

1. Beast, a car that goes where other cars can not.

2. Bob The Destroyer, is suitable for a huge customized monster truck.

3. Bone Crusher, another cool car name for a large truck.

4. Determined Protector, given to a car that gives maximum protection.

5. Hades (Greek origin), means “unseen” after the Greek God of the underworld.

6. Hulk, given to a huge unstoppable machine, after the cartoon character ‘The Incredible Hulk’

7. Redbull, given to a car that fires up with much power.

8. Rt. 66, a cool nickname for your big car.

9. Silver Streak, for a car that is large and silver in color.

10. Slammer, for a large car that can drive on the toughest of roads.

11. The Crypt, means “vault,” for a car with lots of sealed compartment space.

12. The Hammer, for the mother of all tow trucks that can travel to places most other cars can’t.

13. The Intimidator, for a car that is bigger than all other cars and is therefore a bit intimidating.

14. Truckenstein, this is perfect for a monster truck.

15. Tumbler, given to a very strong car.

Funny Names For Small Cars

Finding cars with names that make you laugh is a hard task.

Not everyone likes to drive a huge car, and maybe you are one of those people, but what cute names can your give your cozy ride? Here are some of the coolest car names for your small car.

16. Beatle (English origin) after the bug, this is a common name for cars.

17. Bonbon (French origin) means ‘good’ and is a type of sweet treat.

18. Chicle (Nahuatl origin) means “sticky stuff”.

19. Dolly, for a cute and portable car,

20. Gummy Bear, the name of a chewy candy treat.

21. Gus Gus, means “great” and sounds super cute.

22. Jellybean, another type of candy treat.

23. Ladybug, after the insect. This name is usually given to a small car. We think it is a great name for a girl car (yes that's right, you can decide your car's gender as well as its name)!

24. Mouse, after the small and cute animal.

25. Nibbles, refers to something you nibble on, such as snacks.

26. Peanut, why not name your car after everyone's favorite nut?

27. Skittle, means “to shoot” and is also a candy brand. It's a cute name you can give to your car.

28. Tidbit (English origin) a cute name given to a small car.

29. Twig (Irish origin) means “to understand”.

Funny Names For Old Cars

Do you have an old car that has stood the test of time?  An old car needs to be complemented with the right name that instantly tells the history of the car. Here are some of the best names for you.

30. Antique (English origin) means “aged”, nothing says old like this name.

31. Betty White (Latin origin), after the famous American actress.

32. Beauty Queen, a name given to a car that is still as beautiful as when it was new.

33. Dracula (Latin origin) meaning “son of Dracul”, after the popular vampire myth.

34. Grandpa (English origin), a classic name for an old car.

35. Grumpy, for a car that is surly and needs a lot of kickstarting.

36. Last Legs, a name given to a car that you believe might soon give up.

37. Lucy (Latin origin) derived from the male name Lucious which means "light".

38. Old Betsy (English origin), a classic typical name given to a really old car.

39. T-Rex, perfect for a vintage car no longer in production.

40. Undertaker (English origin), for a car you thought had no life but still somehow seems to work.

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