40+ Funny Druid Names For Your Characters

Choose a druid name for your character.

The holy people from the Celtic culture, including men and women, were known as druids.

The English word druid stems from the Latin word druidēs (plural). The ancient Roman scholars believed it to be derived from the Celtic language.

A druid was considered to be a high ranking and learned member of the ancient Celtic culture. They are predominantly remembered as religious leaders. They were also lore keepers, legal authorities, political advisors, adjudicators, and medical professionals. In the modern world, a druid is also a character class in role playing games. They strive to guard nature against intrusion with their nature based magical abilities.

The term wizard is derived from the Middle English word ‘wys’ which means ‘wise’. It refers to a man or woman who has magical powers and was made prevalent in stories and legends. Some popular games that can you play as a wizard are Dragon's Dogma, Magicka, The Elder Scrolls, Waltz of The Wizard. Our list below includes funny warlock names, funny priest names, night elf druid names and funny world of warcraft names. Also, check out our articles on druid names and wizard names.

Good Druid Names For Boys

Here are some suggestions for funny names for male druids. These would also work as funny monk names.

1. Adad (Greek origin), a druid name meaning “storm and flood God”.

2. Adlar (German origin), meaning “eagle”.

3. Alfie (English origin), funny male druid name meaning “legendary”.

4. Arturo (Italian origin), a funny name for a troll druid character meaning “bear”.

5. Ballar (English origin), meaning “person who lacks hair”.

6. Bobby (German origin), druid name meaning “bright fame”.

7. Boomer (American origin), meaning “loud”. A funny wizard name.

8. Dax (French origin), funny druid name meaning “leader”.

9. Domingo (Spanish origin), funny warlock name meaning “lord or master”.

10.Draco (Latin origin), funny wizard name from 'Harry Potter' meaning “dragon”.

11.Druce (Celtic origin), meaning “wise”.

12.Enzo (German origin), cool druid name that means “home ruler”.

13.Kent (Celtic origin), druid name for male characters meaning “border”.

14.Mario (Latin origin), male druid name that means “hammer”.

15.Mikko (Hebrew origin), druid name that means “who is like God?”.

16.Ollie (English origin), funny druid name for a character meaning “elf army”.

17.Ono (Hawaiian origin), meaning "sweet".

18.Sylvan (Latin origin), troll druid name meaning “of the forest or woods”.

19.Tiago (Portuguese origin), meaning “may God protect”.

20.Tripp (American origin), druid name for your character meaning “my brother”.

Choose a female druid name for your character.

Best Druid Names For Girls

Let’s move on to some clever druid names for girls that are funny yet cool. These are some funny names with meanings and origins.

21.Aoife (Irish origin), unique druid name for females meaning “beauty”.

22.Arana (Mexican origin), druid name for female characters meaning “rock”.

23.Ayra (American origin), meaning “of the wind”. One of the cool druid names.

24.Banshee (Irish origin), meaning “female spirit who wails to warn of impending death”.

25.Cara (Latin origin), meaning “beloved”.

26.Carmela (Hebrew origin), cool druid name that means “garden”.

27.Cliona (Irish origin), name for your female character meaning “shapely”.

28.Eri (Hebrew origin), awesome female name that means “watchful”.

29.Fidelma (Irish origin), funny female druid name meaning “faithful”.

30.Ganna (Arabic origin), druid name for female meaning “heaven or paradise”.

31.Glinda (Italian origin), funny wizard name meaning “witch of the South in Oz”.

32.Kamilia (Latin origin), druid name for your character meaning “pure”.

33.Lulu (Latin origin), funny female druid name meaning “pearl”.

34.Polydora (Greek origin), funny name meaning “one who brings many gifts”.

35.Titania (Greek origin), meaning “queen of the fairies”.

36.Una (Gaelic origin), female druid name meaning “personification of truth, beauty”.

37.Veleda (German origin), meaning “inspired intelligence”.

38.Yeshana (Hebrew origin), funny female druid name meaning “courage”.

Gender Neutral Funny Druid Names

Looking for the best druid names? Here is a list of some funny names that are gender neutral.

39.Aven (English origin), means “mountain flower”.

40.Cherub (Celtic origin), druid funny name meaning “cute angel”.

41.Enigma (Greek origin), fun druid name meaning “to speak in riddles”.

42.Jojo (Hebrew origin), meaning “God raises or God will increase”.

43.Jora (Hebrew origin), clever gender-neutral name meaning “queen/king”.

44.Logan (Irish origin), name meaning “descendant of the warrior”.

45.Morgan (Welsh origin), meaning “ruler or guardian of the sea”.

46.Onyx (Greek origin), meaning “claw”.

47.Parker (English origin), neutral name that means “park keeper”.

48.Quinn (Irish origin), druid name for your character meaning “wisdom”. This would also work for a resto druid.

49.Ravine (English origin), funny druid name meaning “torrent of water”.

50.Shadi (Persian origin), neutral name for your character meaning “happiness”.

51.Stormy (American origin), meaning “someone of impetuous nature”.

52.Tristan (Welsh origin), funny druid name that means “tumult/outcry”.

53.Vortex (Latin origin), awesome druid name meaning “whirlpool”.

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