40+ Funny Gnome Names For Your Characters

Choose the best funny names for gnomes.

Gnomes are small and humanoid looking creatures that are inventors, alchemists, investigators, and explorers.

In the Dungeons and Dragons game, gnomes are closely related to dwarves and can live up to 500 years. They are more accepting of other races and are good at magic and illusions.

Some gnomes have only a first name and others have gnome last names. Here you will find a list of the best gnome names for boys and girls. These names are funny, cute, and worth naming your character after. These names could also be used as unisex names since gnome names are versatile.

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Funny Gnome Names For Boys

Male gnomes have longer and more masculine names than female gnomes. Male names for gnomes are also more gnomish and nonsensical than other gnome names. Here is a list of the best names for boy gnomes.

Choose from the best gnome boy names.

1. Abrebumast Mugiams, one of the pathfinder gnome names, he is good at brass work.

2. Aiko Barkhide, one of the forest gnome names, this gnome stays under a tree.

3. Banli Waggletop, one of the funny gnome names, he is good at potion-making.

4. Bodli Bedrocklegs, among the male gnome names, he has big legs.

5. Bratlic Turfsurvey, a gnome who is good at wood-work.

6. Brassy Grasteeth, among the cute gnome names, this gnome likes to eat grass.

7. Brukthu Crystalfinder, among the gnome mage names.

8. Dellig Steelback, a gnome barbarian who carries a steel ax.

9. Drendan Magitrix, he is a gnome mage who does earth magic.

10. Figglar Gemfinger, he is a friendly gnome.

11. Frelwic Littlefoot, the name of a gnome with small feet.

12. Fruklu Terratemp, a gnome rogue name.

13. Gigget Pilwickenn, one of the good gnome names.

14. Gontull Claymoulder, a gnome who makes and sells clay work.

15. Graziver Slatenose, a gnome who is not able to smell things.

16. Helgae Bunnyhop, one of the garden gnome names, he lives in a human garden.

17. Kelgim Milkgetter, a gnome who likes to invent new milk recipes.

18. Kretlec Dirtteeth, a garden gnome who always gets his teeth dirty.

19. Merzu Shelfbender, a carpenter gnome who makes shelves and beds for others.

20. Schnartank Eartwiser, the name of a gnome who is 450 years old.

21. Sheethag Tilecleanser, a gnome who likes making cleaning equipment for houses.

22. Shockhig Brickgetter, the name of a mason gnome with a blue beard.

23. Snegick Boulderforger, the name of a gnome who makes giant stone statues.

24. Tildrull Dustsnorter, a garden gnome who likes inventing new garden tools.

25. Warver Eyeswitcher, a mage gnome who uses magic to prank others.

26. Xogim Flintsweeper, a gnome who is a great alchemist.

Funny Female Gnome Name List

Here is a list of gnome names for girls that are fun and cool. You can also come up with some funny gnome puns as names.

The best girl gnome names to choose from.

27. Aiky Wockett, a gnome who likes to make gem jewelry.

28. Armida Plum, the name of a gnome who has purple hair and long ears.

29. Askieh Rubylegs, the name of a gnome who likes wearing gems on her toes.

30. Brenna Fizzlebang, a mage gnome who makes explosive potions.

31. Celhana, among the gnome female names that are short and cute.

32. Faeyore, a short and cute name of a gnome who reads a lot about the Fae.

33. Galnoa, one of the female deep gnome names.

34. Iggah Gemseeker, a gnome who digs every garden to search for gems.

35. Jelsany, a gnome who is good at making mud pies filled with rubies.

36. Jenna Tinkler, a gnome who wears a big bell around her neck.

37. Jowyn, a gnome whose pastime is fishing and cooking.

38. Kemkeishi Wedgefeet, a gnome who is good at climbing huge rocks.

39. Lil Bimpi, among the gnome nicknames for Lilita Bimpitubs.

40. Miette McGibbles, a gnome name inspired by a human.

41. Nifi, a gnome who likes to learn about other gnomes names.

42. Nitina, she is a part of a group of metal-working gnomes.

43. Odafi Glimtweet, a cute and funny gnome name.

44. Orceli, a gnome who is friends with a big green orc.

45. Ormila, a gnome who is associated with barbarian gnomes.

46. Posy Nibbler, a young gnome who likes to bite on the bar of trees.

47. Qiyore, an ancient gnome name that has been there for centuries.

48. Sahana, a part of a group of gnomes that like to create new dresses.

49. Schnasgienni Pelletdigger, one of the gnomish names that are hard to pronounce.

50. Tassa, she likes to make friends with new gnomes every day.

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