40 Funny Pirate Names That Are Just Too Punny

Funny names for pirates could be made from anything.

For several decades, pirates have been portrayed as scary one-eyed characters, but with movies like ‘The Pirates Of The Caribbean’ and ‘Treasure Island,’ a different side to pirates has recently been shown to audiences.

These new pirates are funny, quirky, and most importantly strong, yet often still a little dangerous. If you are looking for funny pirate names with flair and history, then keep on reading. If you are trying to pick a pirate name for your own pirate characters it's a good idea to pick the last name of your pirate first then add it to a word describing a funny trait to get a funny nickname.

Although some names on our list may sound a little strange for a pirate, funny pirate names can really push the boundaries of what we understand about typical pirates. These names are based on ideas of bravery, nautical knowledge, survival skills, and of course general punny-ness. We hope you enjoy this list of 40 punny pirate names!

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Funny Pirate Names For Girls

You may want your name for a female pirate to honor the legacy of some of the female pirates throughout history.

All names for a pirate on our list are made up keeping in mind that each name is funny, punny, and worthy of being your pirate's name. There is no specific word to describe a female pirate as in the past most female pirates used to disguise themselves as men anyway so just went by the term 'pirate' like everyone else, cool right?

1. Bella O’Greed: a perfect pirate name for a greedy yet beautiful pirate.

2. Carrie Atlantis: a perfect name inspired by the movie 'Carrie'.

3. Daisy O’Jelly: a flowery name for a dangerous pirate.

4. Ella Treasures: for a pirate looking to steal other's treasure.

5. Glory Jones: for a pirate looking for glory in her line of work.

6. Janie Big-Mouth: for a loud-mouthed pirate.

7. Kellie Strong-Heart: for a daring pirate.

8. Lady Cassandra: for a sophisticated female pirate.

9. Mary Gun-Powder: for a pirate who isn't afraid to use her weapons.

10. Nancy Tall-Tide: for a tall female pirate.

11. Opal Sea-Wolf: for the most dangerous female sea pirate.

12. Penelope Precious: a beautiful name for a delicate pirate.

13. Ruth O’Patches: for a ruthless pirate.

14. Suzie McGraw: an elegant name for a sea pirate.

15. Wendy Swashbuckle: a classic pirate name with a twist.

Funny Pirate Names For Boys

For cool pirate names for boys we have searched the history of pirates around the world.

Fun pirate names should not be boring, they can be a mixture of pirate nicknames along with the names of the most feared and famous pirates of all time. Arguably the most feared pirate of all time was Edward Teach, better known as Blackbeard! We hope that you can find some cool pirate names for your character in this list.

16. Barnacle Bill: for a knowledgeable pirate. Using alliteration ensure funny captain names that will make your character worth remembering.

17. Cap'n Dreadful: for a slightly more boring pirate that other characters don't like.

18. Crimson Seadog: for an underdog pirate.

19. Edwin ‘No Money’ Mables: for a gambling pirate.

20. Finn O’Fish: for a Quartermaster who loves to eat fish.

21. Gordon Rough: for a violent pirate captain.

22. Handsome Jimmy: for a dashing pirate.

23. Jonas Rattler: for a very noisy and uncoordinated, slightly clumsy pirate.

24. Lazy-Eye Louie: for a lazy first mate.

25. Mad Michael: for mad pirates, obviously!

26. Old Chipper: suits an old pirate who loves to talk.

27. Paddy Sparrow: for a fan of Captain Jack Sparrow.

28. Roger Starky: for a Marvel fan.

29. Toothless Pete: as the name suggests this would suit a pirate who is missing a tooth.

30. Wyatt Gold: for an adventurous pirate looking for gold.

Gender Neutral Funny Pirate Names

It really doesn't make a difference if a pirate is male or female, so here are some of the best gender neutral pirate names.

31. Bilgerat CocaCola: for a pirate who has a clear favorite drink!

32. Captain Black Jack: a gender neutral name inspired by real pirate John 'Black Jack' Anderson.

33. Capt. Pikaaroon: for the plunderer of all things shiny.

34. Cap'n ScurvyBeard: for a captain with a funny beard!

35. Grimwolf: a powerful pirate name for a pirate legend.

36. Kat Truewalker: for the defender of the code of the seas.

37. Lootin' Lizalaroo: another alliterative name for looting pirates.

38. Muddy Mudskipper: for a really messy pirate.

39. Perfect Pirate: for the pirate who does everything just right.

40. Seaside Stealer: for pirates who have mastered their craft.

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