40+ Gardening Puns For People With Green Fingers

Garden puns can make you giggle like a garden bee.

If you are looking for some good garden puns, then this article is all for you.

Whether you have enough space or not, every garden lover deserves a garden to exercise his green fingers. Every morning, working with blooming flowers and charming orchards is a pure blessing!

We understand your love for gardening and have listed some best jokes about gardening. A gardening pun can really brighten up your garden. A cactus, a lily, a tree, thyme, every herb, and shrub merge together and creates a lush garden for you to enjoy. You can share a few of your happy moments with these garden puns.

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Funny Gardening Puns

Puns regarding vegetables and fruits are very amusing. Here are the most hilarious puns to become a cool person with green fingers. Just read these puns aloud and impress your friends with your gardening humor.

1. The easiest way to make a pumpkin pie is just divide the pumpkin's circumference by its diameter.

2. I did not like gardening at first but when I planted a few seeds, they grew on me.

3. It's so cold out there, should we just turnip the heat.

4. The next good thing for a gardener after gardening is to Netflix and dill.

5. A gardener's favorite novel is 'War and Peas'.

6. One gardener asks the other, "botany new plants?"

7. When the young gardener was slacking on his work, the elder gardener said: "You need mow-tivation to cut the grass in the garden, my little cute bud-dy."

8. If worms take over the world, then it will be called global worming.

9. When the gardener wanted to relax, his neighbor started to party. The gardener shouted, "I just need some peas and quiet."

10. When the sad gardener came to the garden party, he kaled the fun vibes.

11. Your garden might have spies in it. The potatoes with eyes and the corns with ears.

Puns About Gardening

People with green fingers tend to be happier than others.

If you are wondering to say some funny things to a gardener then this list is only for you. Also, there are some good and hilarious puns you must say to a garden lover.

12. The gardener left his new job as his celery was too low.

13. Hulk is the best garden keeper because he's got a green thumb.

14. Only thyme can tell whether the garden plants will grow, or not.

15. When the gardener wanted to grow edible fungi, he brought a small plot of land and said, "I don't want mushroom for this."

16. The beans said to the pea "We have to stay gnome in this pandemic."

17. A gardener's favorite rock song is "Sweet Chive o' Mine".

18. When the gardener saw the young boy crying, he went to him with a flower and said, "Thistle help."

19. Gardeners plant bulbs to help worms to find their way through the garden.

20. Someone keeps adding soil to my garden. The plot thickens...

21. At first, gardening was so hard that I used to soil myself.

22. The gardening insurance company called themselves "The Oopsie Daisies."

23. There's no vegetables in the psychiatric hospital garden, it's full of nuts.

24. It takes a lot of thyme to grow a good herb garden.

25. When I first started gardening and planted the first plant, an elder neighbor gave me some sage advice.

26. The garden lover cracked a joke but nobody laughed as it was too corny.

27. Not a single plant laughed at the soil's joke because it had no humus.

28. A DJ can lower the acid levels in the soil by dropping the base.

29. When a tree betrays the soil it is called a tree-son.

30. Spring has arrived and I am so excited that I wet my plants.

Plant Puns

Best birthday card for a garden lover can be none other than plant pun names.

A friend of nature deserves a great smile. You can make greeting cards based on gardening puns too. You can even try to make these plant puns into plant jokes.

31. And at last, he gathered the cabbage and proposed to his crush, "Aloe you vera much".

32. The momma tomato told her child, "I love you from my head tomatoes."

33. Hey leafy partner, Lettuce be together forever.

34. The gardener tried to grow lettuce in a hot and dry season. He was taking a leaf of faith.

Funny Flower Puns

If you are looking for some good lawn puns, then this list is all for you. Just go through these little funny garden puns and make yourself pretty much giggle!

35. If a flower does not bloom, it is a bud omen.

36. The thing that is common in both a flower and the letter 'A' is that they have B's coming after them.

37. The aliens landed in a garden and said to the owner, "take me to your weeder".

38. Gardeners would use flowerpoint to create their presentations.

39. A gardener whistles by using his tulips.

40. One flower bud asks another, "Hey bud-dy, how's it growing?"

41. The first question a flower therapist asks her patients is "Are you feeling bouquet?"

42. Flowers can talk because they got tulips.

43. The botanist always talks to the flowers and motivates them to grow by saying, "I be-leaf in you".

44. The eldest of all the flowers is the poppy.

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