47 Genuinely Great Grey Cat Names

Name your adorable grey cats after a popular cat character or perhaps a pun like Earl Grey.

Pet names can be difficult to choose, often there are just too many options.

That's why using your cat's colour is a great way to make a decisions; there are many different names for a grey cat. A lot of these names for a cat either mean grey, or represent something grey, making them great kitten names.

Your grey cats could be named after a popular cat character or perhaps a pun like Earl Grey. This list has perfect name options for your grey cat; which will you choose?

For more naming fun, take a look at these names that mean blue and these names that mean red.

Top 10 Grey Cat Names

These gray cat names are some of the most popular names for gray cats and can be seen in both TV shows and pet stores. One of these top ten most popular cat names could be the right cat name for you and your grey cats.

1.Ash (Irish), derived from a name meaning "dream" and "vision"

2.Blue (Old French), meaning "color of the sky"

3.Charcoal (Old French), meaning "to turn coal," charcoal is typically black but turns gray after it is burned

4.Flint (Old English), meaning "stream", it is also a gray tool used to make fire

5.Nickel (Swedish), meaning "white metal element”

6.Onyx (Old Greek), meaning "black stone," onyx can look to be black or as a dark gray

7.Shadow (English), meaning "shade from sun"

8.Silver (English), meaning "silver" and "silver-haired"

9.Slate (English), variant of a name meaning "roof slater," slate is also the name of a grey color

10.Storm (English), derived from the word "storm," storm clouds tend to appear to be a dark grey

Names For Grey And White Cats

If you want a name that highlights your grey and white cat, these grey and white cat names are great. Why not choose a cat name that will highlight the two colors that make up your gray cat's coat.

11.Cinders (English), meaning "ash, ember"

12.Cloudy (English), derived from name meaning "light hearted woman"

13.Dusty (English), derived from the word "dusty"

14.Foggy (English), derived from a name meaning "dreamer"

15.Frosty (Old English), meaning "as cold as frost"

16.Heather (English), derived from the word "heather," it is also the name of a grey color

17.Hazy (English), meaning "gray"

18.Inky (English), meaning "black as ink"

19.Oreo (English), named after a sandwich cookie that is black and white

20.Patches (English), meaning "spotty"

21.Pepper (Middle English), related to the pepper plant and seasoning

22.Smokey (English), meaning "smoke-colored"

23.Smudge (German), meaning "make a smoky fire"

24.Stormy (Old English), related to storm weather

25.Thunder (Old English), meaning "thunderclap" and "the god Thor"

26.Zebra (Italian), derived from a word meaning "wild horse"

Unique Cat Names

These unique names will make sure your grey cat is the only one with this name. Names like silver are very common, so choosing a name like one of these will be perfect for your gray cats. See if you like any of these smokey grey cat names...

27.Asteroid (Greek), meaning "star-like," many flying objects in space are grey like this one

28.Carbon (French), meaning "glowing coal"

29.Coal (English), variant of the name Cole meaning "coal" and "black"

30.Dusky (Middle English), meaning "somewhat dark" and "dim"

31.Granite (English), meaning "unyielding," and "one who is steadfast," also the name of a grey rock

32.Meteor (Greek), meaning "thing high up," this is another flying space object that is gray

33.Midnight (Old English), meaning "the middle of the night"

34.Stone (English), derived from the word "stone"

Names That Mean Grey In Other Languages

Grey cat name in another language is cute.

Highlight the fact that your cat is grey by calling them grey in another language. These names will make it a little easier to explain the name you chose for your kitten.

35.Grigio (Italian), meaning "grey"

36.Gris (Spanish/French), meaning "grey"

37.Lloyd (Welsh), meaning "grey"

Animal Names

Some like to name their new cat after other animals. These gray cat names are straight from other animals who are gray, perfect for your gray kitten.

38.Flipper (English), meaning "limb used to swim with," it is also the nickname for dolphins which are grey

39.Mouse (Old English), meaning "small rodent," mice are often grey

40.Sharky (English), meaning "artful swindler," sharks are often grey

41.Wolf (Hebrew), meaning "wolf" or "grey wolf"

Popular Character Names

Some time a name from a popular character is what you are looking for. These cat names come from popular characters that are grey or are related to something gray. These names will make perfect gray cat names.

42.Cinderella (French), meaning "little cinder," a cinder is a type of gray rock

43.Dorian (Old Greek), meaning "tribe" and "gift," named after Dorian Gray

44.Dumbo (English), Dumbo is the name of a gray elephant that is the title character in a Disney film as well as a book

45.Meeko (Japanese), meaning "child of prosperity," named after the grey raccoon from Pocahontas

46.Thumper (English), the name of a grey rabbit from Bambi

47.Tom (Aramaic), derived from a name meaning "twin", the perfect name for a cat.

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