Get Crafty! Kids Will Love These 10 Wonderful Arts & Crafts Ideas

Children painting

One thing we love about arts and crafts is that the little ones can do them anywhere, even in a busy food market! How you ask? Well, with one and only Kids Table, popping up in Surrey, Battersea, Wembley, Fulham and more! Your children can enjoy creative activities for free, while parents are enjoying a delicious meal in a pub, a restaurant or even a market hall. Arts and crafts are a fantastic way for kids to have fun, challenge themselves and feel the unique reward of creating something from the most unpromising of materials. Loo rolls, empty jars, packaging of all kinds can be re-used and re-imagined into something fabulous. So, here are our 10 favourite DIY arts and crafts ideas:

1. Paper pinwheels are more fun than fidget spinners especially if you've made them yourself. You can use them to explore the power of breath and air, call them a mini wind turbine and is a good conversation starter about renewable energy!

2. DIY jellyfish are easy to make. Paint paper plates luminescent colours, turn them upside down and attach yarn. Then attach a loop of string to the other side and you can hang them in your own crafty blue crepe paper ocean.

3. Fairies in a jar are a magical way to re-use old jam jars. Add the contents of glow sticks and glitter and watch the fairies light up the room.

crafts fun children colouring and painting

4. Cactus pet rocks are the ultimate low maintenance family pet. Find a suitable pebble, paint it the colour of your choice complete with cactus spikes and eyes and the sit it in a plant pot. Why not give it a name too ?

5. Thumbprint family trees are a lovely way to help children think about their family and how they fit in. Draw a tree with lots of branches and then gather thumb prints from family members like leaves at the end of the branches. You can also make one for friends.

6. Story Stones encourage children (and their parents) to use their imagination. Collect stones and paint different characters on them. Then use the stones to tell a story about the characters.

7. Decorate a beach bucket with butterflies, fairies or dinosaurs using waterproof adhesive paper. This is a simple activity with endless potential for creativity.

8. Make your own colourful lantern by carefully adding strips of coloured tissue paper to a white paper globe light shade. A cheap and easy way for kids to decorate and individualise their rooms.

colouring with crayons fun arts and crafts activity

9. Nature salt dough ornaments get kids outdoors to collect things that can be imprinted into salt dough. Leaves, acorns, shells are pressed into salt dough to leave and imprint. You can thread them with ribbon and then hang them from a suitably twiggy small branch.

10. Lolly stick bookmarks really allow you to use your imagination. What will you paint on yours ? A penguin ? A dog ? Spiderman ? Try adding felt flowers too.

The craft possibilities are endless. Put down the phone, gather some materials and let your imaginations run riot !



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