Get Ready For A Strictly Good Show!

Strictly Come Dancing Live

Strictly Come Dancing is returning to venues across the country on it’s annual live tour! From the 16th of January, prepare to be whisked of your feet by the incredible routines and dazzling costumes. Featuring the professionals and the stars from the latest TV series, it’s the perfect show for any Strictly superfan. Here are just a few things you should know before you go.

Strictly Good Dancing

The live-shows are packed full of sequins, colour, humour and of course, wonderful dancing. You’ll be transported to different worlds as you watch routines from the American Smooth to the Cha Cha Cha. It's fab-u-lous darling.

There’s A Winning Host!

2018 Strictly Come Dancing winner Stacey Dooley is returning to host the live shows! The TV presenter says she’s really excited to be back with the Strictly family and is hoping to put her dancing shoes on again!

You’re The Judge

As well as taking in the mesmerising dances, you also have a chance to judge them! The judges will of course give their feedback and scores on each dance, but ultimately it’s the live audience who select the winner of each show. Voting is done via text so it’s up to you who gets to take home the coveted GlitterBall. 

The judges have their score!

There’s A Show Near You

Don’t worry about having to travel far to see Strictly Come Dancing Live! There are 32 sequin-filled shows so there’s bound to be one relatively close to home, wherever you are! Just search Strictly Come Dancing on Kidadl to find the show closest to you.

It’s All Live

Not only will you see the dances live as they happen, you’ll also hear the incredible sounds of the live band. The live music really helps to turn the whole experience into something really special and almost makes you forget about the outside world.

The Line-up Is Star Studded

If you watched the latest series of Strictly, you’ll recognise some familiar faces on the tour. Including the winner, Kelvin Fletcher, and other series favourites such as Karim Zeroual and Saffron Barker, it’s going to be an incredible show.

The Strictly stars!



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