31 Ghost Puns That Are Un-Boo-Lievable

A child wearing a ghost costume poses in front of a yellow wall.

Around Halloween, spooky tales about spirits are commonplace, but did you know that stories related to ghosts have actually been being told since ancient times?

Whilst the aim of these stories is to give others a fright, we thought we would give you a reason to laugh instead by putting together a list of funny, cute and hilarious ghost-related puns. Tell our comical one-liners to other people this Halloween to give them a giggle.

Funny Ghost Puns

It may haunt you if you forgot to read through these fun-spirited puns:

1. The ghost said to the supermodel 'if you've got it, haunt it'.

2. The comedian ghost had everyone in stitches - he was dead funny.

3. When the ghost family got in their car the dad told the kids to fasten their sheet-belts.

4. Ghosts are terrible liars because you can see right through them.

5. The most useless room in a ghost's home in the living room.

6. The ghost was told off when he spook out of turn.

7. The ghoul didn't get his letter on time because it got lost at the ghost office.

8. A boy ghost thought a girl ghost was cute so he asked if she would be his ghoul-friend.

9. The best place for a ghost to go on holiday is The Dead Sea.

10. The ghost had to turn her car around because she reached a dead end.

11. Ghosts drop off their babies at the day-scare centre when they go to work.

A child wearing a large white ghost costume.

Boo Puns

You don't want to make any boo-boos by missing out on these funny boo related lines:

12. When the ghost saw his wife he said 'you're not just cute, you're boo-tiful too!'

13. When the ghost blew his nose, lots of boo-gers came out.

14. When the ghost watched a sad movie he started boo-hooing.

15. Panda ghosts love to eat bam-boo.

16. If you see a ghost you should always say 'how do you boo?'

17. When the ghost went to a fancy restaurant, he decided to wear a boo-tie.

18. I feel like I have seen that ghost before...I must have deja boo.

19. The pirate ghost was searching for boo-ty.

20. When they want to relax, ghosts have a boo-ble bath.

21. When it's time to wash their hair, ghosts always use sham-boo.

22. To know if ghosts think you are a good singer or not, you have to listen for any boos.

23. Two ghosts were at a disco. One was having a fa-boo-lous time and the other wanted to boo-gie all night long!

Ghostly Food Puns

These spookily good play on words are related to foods - perfect for telling you while you eat Halloween candy:

24. A ghost's favourite pie flavour is boo-berry.

25. At the Italian restaurant, the ghoul ordered spook-ghetti for his main course.

26. When ghosts visit the seaside, they always get an i-scream.

27. Ghosts always love to eat breakfast in the moaning.

28. When a ghoul makes a roast dinner, he always smothers it in grave-y.

29. For dessert, the ghost made a delicious boo-meringue.

30. I found out yesterday that the Mexican dish ghosts like the most is a boo-rito.

31. The ghost wanted to make a cake but had run out of flour so she had to pop to the ghostery store to buy some more.



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