There’s Now A Giant Ice Cream Cone In Trafalgar Square

Giant ice cream trafalgar square fourth plinth

Kids craving ice cream in the summer heat? Give in to their demands without spoiling their appetite by visiting Trafalgar Square.

What must be one of the largest ice cream cones in the country now graces the Fourth Plinth. 

The oversized whip is the work of British artist Heather Phillipson. It’s the 13th artwork to stand on this prominent spot.

This and top image © David Parry/PA

Called ‘The End’, the sculpture shows a curling scoop of ice cream with the plinth base as the cone. A cherry perches precariously on the top. Children will no doubt delight at the inclusion of a fly and a drone, which cling to ice cream. Parents might read darker messages of decay and surveillance into the composition. Indeed, the drone does include a camera, with a live feed of passers-by.

The work will remain in the square until spring 2022 giving families plenty of time to admire its almost-mouthwatering lines.

Image: CoventGarden

While you’re in the area, take a wander over to Covent Garden, where two other large-scale artworks are bringing a little hope and cheer to the area. Anthony Burrill’s four-storey installation Love, Hope & Joy will spread those titular feelings across the cobbles until October 2020. And round the corner, look out for a giant rainbow -- a motif that has come to symbolise the NHS’s heroic efforts, here rendered in an inflatable form -- until the end of August.

Giant rainbow in Covent Garden
Image: CoventGarden



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