50 'Gilmore Girls' Trivia Questions Only True Stars Hollow Fans Will Know Are you a true 'Gilmore Girls' fan?

Are you a 'Gilmore Girls' fan?

'Gilmore Girls' is a comedy-drama series that began in the year 2000 and was shot in Burbank, California.

This show is mainly centred on a single mother and daughter's relationship. It featured Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel in the main roles of the mother-daughter duo.

This show caught fan's attention because of their friendship-like relationship that is showcased through fast-paced drama, laced with pop culture references. Following the story of mother and daughter in the fictional town of Stars Hollow, the show is filled with both comedic and dramatic moments.

How well do you know 'Gilmore Girls'? Do you know all the 'Gilmore Girls' facts? Do you know much about the auditions for the role of Lorelai Gilmore, when Lauren Graham shone through above all other auditionees? Bring out the spark in your girls’ night with some 'Gilmore Girls' gossip through this amazing Stars Hollow quiz. If you would like more fun girl trivia questions, then try out our 'Pretty Little Liars' trivia and 'Glee' trivia, but for now, let's go ahead and try out this quiz. Remember to pick some cute 'Gilmore Girls' trivia team names to add that real shine to the trivia night!

Questions About Gilmore Girls' Fun Facts

Here is the list of 'Gilmore Girls' game questions that are based on some of the most interesting facts that only true fans will know. If you someone who finds peace when watching the world of Stars Hollow on your screen, then this 'Gilmore Girls' fan quiz might be easy for you. Let’s get started.

1. Question: What is the favorite band of Christopher?

Answer: The Offspring.

2. Question: What was Rory Gilmore's age in season one?

Answer: 16 years old.

3. Question: Can you recall the names of Lorelai’s parents?

Answer: Richard and Emily.

4. Question: How many characters in the show are named Lorelai?

Answer: Three.

5. Question: Why did Rory and Dean break up for the first time?

Answer: Because Rory could not say “I love you”.

6. Question: Which song works as the background music in the first scene of the show?

Answer: 'There She Goes'.

7. Question: Who played the role of Romeo when Rory performed as Juliet in Chilton?

Answer: Paris.

8. Question: What was the job Lorelai picked up when she ran away from home?

Answer: A maid in the Independence Inn.

9. Question: Michele was playing this game while playing with Sookie’s baby when he rolled him under the bed. Can you recall its name?

Answer: Baby Crepe.

10. Question: How old was Lorelai when she found out she was pregnant?

Answer: 16.

11. Question: Which character has the nickname Droopy Drawers?

Answer: Rory.

12. Question: What is the name of the naked guy whom Rory met during her first week at Yale?

Answer: Marty.

13. Question: Where did Rory and Dean meet?

Answer: Stars Hollow High School.

14. Question: What is the name of Luke’s first wife?

Answer: Nicole.

15. Question: What is the full name of Rory?

Answer: Lorelai Leigh Gilmore.

16. Question: Can you remember the first word to be spoken on the show?

Answer: "Please."

17. Question: Do you remember the name of the owner of the Independence Inn?

Answer: Mia.

18. Question: At what post did Sookie work in the Independence Inn?

Answer: Chef.

The Hardest 'Gilmore Girls' Quiz Questions

Proceeding with our 'Gilmore Girls' test, here we have a 'Gilmore Girls' quiz that only those true fans who watched each episode with rapt attention will know. The seven seasons consist of 153 episodes, so there are lots of hidden details to look out for to become an expert in any 'Gilmore Girls' trivia game or trivia quiz.

Which is your favorite 'Gilmore Girls' character?

19. Question: What was the name of the part in 'Fiddler On The Roof' played by Kirk?

Answer: Tevye.

20. Question: How many times does Lorelai get engaged in the show?

Answer: Two.

21. Question: Who is the best friend of Rory?

Answer: Lane Kim.

22. Question: Which store is owned by Lane’s mother?

Answer: An antique store.

23. Question: Who bought Luke his first phone?

Answer: Nicole, his first wife.

24. Question: What is the name of the secret organization that Paris wanted to join at Chilton?

Answer: The Puffs.

25. Question: What is the middle name of Lorelai?

Answer: Victoria.

26. Question: Can you remember Kirk's favorite type of carrots?

Answer: Crinkle cut carrots.

27. Question: On what condition did Lorelai’s parents agree to give her money to pay for Rory’s tuition at Chilton?

Answer: If Lorelai and Rory came for dinner every Friday.

28. Question: When Lorelai invites Dean to their house, becoming Rory and Dean’s first date, which movie were they watching?

Answer: 'Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory'.

29. Question: In the second season, who was Lorelai engaged to?

Answer: Max Medina.

30. Question: What was the dream college of Rory and which college she finally chooses to attend?

Answer: Harvard and Yale, respectively.

31. Question: Who always won the annual dance marathon of Stars Hollow?

Answer: Kirk.

32. Question: Why did Lorelai think that she was pregnant?

Answer: She craved apples.

33. Question: Before quitting college, Rory ends up in jail. What caused this?

Answer: She stole a boat with Logan.

34. Question: How long was the jet lag nap that Lorelai and Christopher had when they went to Paris?

Answer: Nine hours.

35. Question: When Rory was first kissed at the grocery store, she shoplifts. What did she steal?

Answer: Cornstarch.

36. Question: From where did Dean move to Stars Hollow?

Answer: Chicago.

37. Question: Whose concert did Lorelai and Rory go to in the first season?

Answer: Bangles.

38. Question: What is the name of Luke’s nephew?

Answer: Jess.

39. Question: Which political party does Lorelai agree with?

Answer: Democratic.

40. Question: When did Rory first kiss Jess in the second season?

Answer: Just before Sookie and Jackson’s wedding.

41. Question: Who gave Rory her first car?

Answer: Dean.

More 'Gilmore Girls' Trivia Questions For Girls And Guys

This is the hardest 'Gilmore Girl' quiz that includes questions based on various characters and storylines. Do you remember how snarky Paris was initially, but how, in the end, we ended up loving her? Or how Luke and Lorelai gave us major OTP feels? Travel down memory lane and straight into Luke's Diner with questions like the ones in this 'Gilmore Girls' trivia quiz.

How much do you know about 'Gilmore Girls'?

42. Question: What is strictly not allowed inside Luke's Diner?

Answer: Talking on the phone.

43. Question: Rory had a half sister. She is the daughter of Rory’s father Christopher and Sherry. What is her name?

Answer: Gigi.

44. Question: In season five, what kind of marathon did Rory and Marty have?

Answer: The Marx Brother Movie Marathon.

45. Question: What did Sherry’s friends reply when Lorelai and Rory notice that every gift at the baby shower is either green or covered in green wrapping paper?

Answer: “Green is the new pink!”

46. Question: What was the real reason behind Jess getting his black eye?

Answer: He was attacked by a swan.

47. Question: What did Luke say to Jess when he told him to finish knocking down the wall to expand the apartment?

Answer: “We’ll hold hands and skip afterwards.”

48. Question: Why did Rory cry when she was eight during her birthday?

Answer: Because she was told that Charlotte Bronte can not attend her birthday party as she is no longer alive.

49. Question: What is the name of Kirk’s girlfriend?

Answer: Lulu.

50. Question: What were the symptoms of the disease Kirk claimed his mother was suffering from?

Answer: Her knees were huge.

51. Question: When Mrs Kim asked who kissed Rory, what did Lane reply?

Answer: "The Lord."

52. Question: Whom did Lorelai marry in the seventh season?

Answer: Christopher.

53. Question: How did Max propose to Lorelai?

Answer: He decorated the inn with a thousand yellow daisies.

54. Question: Who was the town’s dance instructor?

Answer: Miss Patty.

55. Question: Who sung the theme song of 'Gilmore Girls', 'Where You Lead I Will Follow'?

Answer: Carole King.

56. Question: Why did Emily tell Lorelai that she should be proud of Rory?

Answer: Because Rory talked to Emily the same way Lorelai used to.

57. Question: What is the name of the cook at Luke's diner?

Answer: Caesar.

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