100 Beautiful Girls' Names Beginning With B

Pregnant woman thinking of beautiful girls' names beginning with b

Choosing a name for your newborn baby girl can be quite the challenge, especially if you have a specific letter in mind but just can’t seem to come up with many ideas.

If it’s a name beginning with “B” that you’re searching for - you’re in luck. We’ve rounded up 100 of our favourite girl names starting with B for you to pick from, each of them beautiful, unique, and meaningful. Take a look!

Classic Names

If you're after classic, timeless, popular baby girl names that start with B - check out the list below!

1) Bailey (of English Origin) meaning "Bailiff, or Steward".

2) Barbara (of Greek Origin) meaning "Foreign, or Strange".

3) Bea (of Latin Origin) meaning "Bringer of Joy".

4) Beatrice (of Italian/Latin Origin) meaning "She Who Brings Happiness".

5) Beatrix (of Latin Origin) meaning "Blessed, Voyager, or Traveller".

6) Becca (of Hebrew Origin) meaning "To Tie, To Bind".

7) Becky (of Hebrew Origin) meaning "Captivated, or Captivating".

8) Bethany (of Hebrew Origin) meaning "House of Figs, or House of Welcome".

9) Beverly (of English Origin) meaning "From the Beaver Stream".

10) Bianca (of Italian Origin) meaning "White".

11) Billie (of English Origin) meaning "Resolute Protection".

12) Blair (of Scottish Origin) meaning "Meadow, Field, or Plain".

13) Blake (of English Origin) meaning "Dark Haired, or Child of the Lake".

14) Brady (of Irish Origin) meaning "Spirited, or Broad".

15) Bobbie (of Greek Origin) meaning "Foreign, Traveller, or Strange".

16) Brenda (of Scottish Origin) meaning "Sword, or Torch".

17) Brie (of Latin/French Origin) meaning "Marshland".

18) Britney (of English Origin) meaning "From Britain".

19) Britt (of Swedish Origin) meaning "High Goddess".

20) Brooke (of English Origin) meaning "Water, or Stream".

21) Brooklyn (of English Origin) meaning "One who lives near a Brook" - alternatively, this name could derive from Brooklyn in New York.

22) Bryony (of Latin Origin) meaning "To Sprout".

Unique Names

Looking for a name just that little bit more unique? We've got plenty to choose from.

23) Badia (of Arabic Origin) meaning "Unique".

24) Bambi (of Italian Origin) meaning "Little Child" - also made popular by the Disney film, Bambi.

25) Barbie (of English/American Origin), derived from the name Barbara, meaning "Foreign, or Strange".

26) Basha (of Hebrew Origin) meaning "Daughter of a Promise".

27) Basia (of Latin Origin) meaning "Foreign Woman".

28) Basilia (of Greek Origin) meaning "Royal, or Regal".

29) Basma (of Arabic Origin) meaning "Smile".

30) Bay (of Latin Origin) meaning "Berry".

31) Baylor (of English Origin) meaning "One Who Delivers Goods".

32) Beckett (of English Origin) meaning "Dweller by the Brook".

33) Belen (of Spanish Origin) meaning "House of Bread, or Bethlehem".

34) Benedicta (of Latin Origin) meaning "Blessed".

35) Benita (of Italian Origin) meaning "Blessed".

36) Bertha (of German Origin) meaning "Bright One".

37) Berwyn (of Welsh Origin) meaning "White Hair, or Fair Hair".

38) Beryl (of Greek Origin) meaning "Crystal, or Gemstone".

39) Beulah (of Hebrew Origin) meaning "Married".

40) Bexley (of English Origin) meaning "A Woodland Clearing, or a Meadow of Box Trees".

41) Beyonce (of American Origin) meaning "Beyond Others".

42) Bibi (of Arabic Origin) meaning "Lady".

43) Bijou (of French Origin) meaning "Jewel".

44) Bina (of Hebrew Origin) meaning "Understanding, or Bee".

45) Birdie (of English/Swedish Origin) meaning "Little Bird, or Bringing Victory".

46) Birtha (of German Origin) meaning "Bright, or Famous".

47) Bisma (of Arabic Origin) meaning "Polite, or Significant".

48) Blaine (of Gaelic Origin) meaning "Yellow, Blonde, or Fair".

49) Blaithin (of Irish Origin) meaning "Little Flower".

50) Blanca (of Spanish Origin) meaning "White".

51) Blanche (of French/Latin Origin) meaning "White".

52) Blanda (of Latin Origin) meaning "Mild".

53) Bliss (of English Origin) meaning "Perfect Gift".

54) Blossom (of English Origin) meaning "Flower, or Bloom".

55) Blue (of American Origin) meaning "The Colour Blue".

56) Blythe (of English Origin) meaning "Joyous, Cheerful, or Pleasant".

57) Brandi (of Dutch Origin) meaning "Burnt Wine", or from the alcoholic drink Brandy.

58) Brandice (of English Origin) derived from the beverage "Brandy".

59) Brenna (of Gaelic Origin) meaning "Raven, Black Haired, or Drop of Water".

60) Bretta (of Latin Origin) meaning "From Britain".

61) Brina (of Latin Origin) meaning "From The River Severn".

62) Brinley (of English Origin) meaning "Burnt Meadow".

63) Briony (of Latin Origin) meaning "To Sprout".

64) Bristol (of English Origin) meaning "Meeting Place by the Bridge".

65) Brona (of Irish Origin) meaning "Sorrow".

66) Bronwyn (of Welsh Origin) meaning "Fair, White, or Blessed".

67) Bruna (of German Origin) meaning "Of the Dark Hair, or Brown".

68) Brynn (of Welsh Origin) meaning "Hill".

Names of Strength

Strong, powerful, and fierce - is there any other way you'd want to raise your baby girl? Check out our favourite baby names that hold meanings of strength.

69) Bali (of Hindi Origin) meaning "Strength, or Soldier" - alternatively, this could derive from the name of the Indonesian island, Bali.

70) Bathilda (of  German Origin)  meaning "Female Warrior, or Battle".

71) Bedelia (of Irish Origin) meaning "Strength, or the High One".

72) Bennie (of Latin Origin) meaning "Brave as a Bear".

73) Bernadette (of French Origin) meaning "Brave as a Bear".

74) Bernice (of Greek Origin) meaning "Bearer of Victory".

75) Biddy (of Irish Origin) meaning "The High One, or Strength".

76) Braelyn (of Welsh Origin) meaning "Strong, Virtuous, or Honourable".

77) Braya (of Irish Origin) meaning "Brave".

78) Brianna (of English Origin) meaning "Strong, High, or Noble".

79) Brianne (of Irish Origin) meaning "High, Noble, or Exalted".

80) Bridget (of Irish Origin) meaning "Power, Strength, or Virtue".

81) Bridley (of Irish Origin) meaning "Wise".

82) Brylee (of Irish Origin) meaning "Noble, or Strong".

Names of Beauty

All girls are beautiful - so why not choose a pretty name that expresses that perfectly? Take a look at our suggestions below.

83) Bella (of Italian/Latin Origin) meaning "Beautiful".

84) Belle (of French/Latin Origin) meaning "Beautiful".

85) Belinda (of Italian or German Origin) meaning either "Beautiful" or "Bright Serpent".

86) Bellina (of Latin Origin) meaning "Beautiful, Lovely, or Gracious".

87) Bevin (of Celtic Origin) meaning "Fair Lady".

88) Bindy (of Italian Origin) meaning "Beautiful".

89) Bonnelle (of Scottish Origin) meaning "Beautiful, Good-Natured, or Cheerful".

90) Bonnie (of Scottish Origin) meaning "Pretty, or Attractive".

Names with Religious Connotations

Looking for a meaningful moniker that not only represents your faith and love for God but is lovely in itself too? We've rounded up plenty of religious names that start with B.

91) Babette (of French Origin) meaning "Oath of God".

92) Belia (of Hebrew Origin) meaning "God's Promise".

93) Bessie (of English Origin) meaning "God is my Oath".

94) Bethan (of Welsh Origin) meaning "God is my Oath".

95) Betsie (of Hebrew Origin) meaning "Pledged to God".

96) Bettie (of Hebrew Origin) meaning "Pledged to God".

97) Bitsy (of Hebrew Origin) meaning "Pledged to God".

98) Blessing (of English Origin) meaning "Divine Gift".

99) Briella (of Hebrew Origin) meaning "God is my Strong Man".

100) Brielle (of Hebrew Origin) meaning "God is my Strength".



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