Top 114 Girls Names Beginning With C

Baby sleeping with a name beginning with c

The search for a name for your new baby while they're still a bump can feel like an impossible task - there are so many names, and it's a decision that you'll make that will be your baby girl's name for life! We've put together our favourite baby girl names beginning with C to help you with your search for the perfect baby name for your baby girl!

We've got a whole range of popular baby girl names starting with C, classic baby girl names starting with C and names that you might never have heard of before for your baby girl. Check out the name meaning for each of these special baby names, and we're sure you'll find some beautiful C names that resonate with you for your new baby.

Classic Baby Girls Names Beginning With C

1. Caitlyn (of Irish origin) meaning "pure"

2. Camile (of Arabic origin) meaning Completion.

3. Camilla (of Latin origin) meaning "helper to the priest"

4. Caroline (of German origin) meaning "free man"

5. Catalina (of Greek origin) meaning "pure"

6. Cecilia (of Welsh origin) meaning "blind"

7. Charlotte (of German origin) meaning "free man"

8. Christina (of Latin origin) meaning "follower of Christ"

9. Cynthia (of Greek origin) meaning a descendent of Mount Kynthos

Baby Girl Names Beginning With C

Cute Baby Girls Names Beginning With C

1. Caci (of Irish origin) meaning alert and watchful.

2. Calypso (of Greek origin) meaning "hidden"

3. Candy (of British origin) meaning "sweet"

4. Capri (of Italian origin) referencing the Italian island known for its beauty

5. Cara (of Irish origin) meaning dearest girl friend.

6. Cassie (of British origin) a shorter form of Cassandra or Katherine

7. Cherie (of French origin) meaning "cherished one."

8. Ciara (of Irish origin) meaning "dark-haired one."

9. Cindy (of Latin origin) a shorter form of Cynthia meaning "from Mount Kynthos"

10. Coco (of Spanish origin) a shorter form of the name Soccoro

11. Cori (of Irish origin) meaning "a maiden"

Nature baby names that start with C

1. Caja (of Celtic and English origin) referencing a daisy-like flower.

2. Calina (of Russian origin) meaning "snowball tree"

3. Camden (of Scottish origin) meaning "from a winding valley."

4. Camira (of Australian origin) meaning "of the wind"

5. Carmela (of Hebrew origin) meaning "garden" or "orchard"

6. Carmelita (of Hebrew origin) meaning "garden" and "orchard."

7. Carnation (of Latin origin) meaning flesh.

8. Celandine (of Greek origin) meaning yellow flower.

9. Ceren (of Gaelic origin) meaning young girl gazelle or star.

10. Chandra (of Hindi origin) meaning "of the moon."

11. Chloe (of Greek origin) meaning "a young green shoot."

12. Coraline (of Latin origin) meaning coral

13. Cosma (of Greek origin) meaning "universal"

Unique Names That Start With C For Girls

1. Cabalina (of Spanish origin) meaning "working with horses."

2. Cabarnet (of French origin) meaning "varietal of wine"

3. Calliope (of Greek origin) meaning "beautiful voice"

4. Calypso (of Greek origin) from the name of the mythological daughter of Atlas.

5. Cambria (of Welsh origin) meaning "the people"

6. Chabah (of Hebrew origin) meaning life.

7. Chaka (of Persian origin) meaning lark.

8. Charlize (of German origin) meaning "a free man"

9. Chaya (of Hebrew origin) meaning life

10. Cleo (of Greek origin) meaning "glorious"

Baby Girl Names Beginning With C

Short Baby Names Beginning With C

1. Cait (of Irish origin) meaning "pure"

2. Calla (of Greek origin) meaning beautiful

3. Cari (of Gaelic origin) meaning love.

4. Caris (of Welsh origin) meaning beloved.

5. Cas (of Greek origin) meaning warrior.

6. Cela (of Welsh origin) meaning "the moon."

7. Chana (of Hebrew origin) meaning "God has favoured me"

8. Cora (of Greek and English origin) from the Greek sea maiden.

Vintage Baby Girl Names That Start With C

1. Carissa (of Latin origin) meaning "beloved" and "grace"

2. Carole (of German origin) meaning "freedom"

3. Casilda (of Latin origin) this rare baby name means "dwelling place."

4. Catalina (of Spanish origin) this name is the Spanish version of the English name Catherine, which means "pure"

5. Chastity (of Latin origin) meaning "purity"

6. Christabel (of Latin origin) meaning "beautiful Christian girl"

7. Clarissa (of German origin) from the name Clarice meaning "bright," "clear" or "famous"

8. Claudia (of Latin origin) meaning "lame"

9. Clementine (of Latin origin) meaning "merciful"

10. Corinne (of French origin) meaning "maiden"

Long Baby Girl Names Starting With C

1. Cadelaria (of Spanish origin) meaning "born at Candlemas"

2. Cadenza (of Latin origin) meaning "she who has rhythm."

3. Calandra (of Greek origin) meaning "beautiful one"

4. Caledonia (of Latin origin) meaning a girl from Scotland

5. Calligenia (of Greek origin) meaning "born of beauty."

6. Carniella (of Latin origin) meaning "horn"

7. Cavanagh (of Irish origin) meaning "chubby"

8. Cayleigh (of Irish origin) meaning "a gathering together of people for a dance"

9. Champagne (of French origin) meaning the bubbly grape drink, and also the region it is made in France.

10. Charlaine (of German origin) meaning "freeholder"

11. Cherilynn (of American origin) a combination of the names Cheryl and Lynne

12. Christiana (of Latin origin) meaning "follower of Christ"

Popular Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter C

1. Cara (of Latin and Irish origin) in Irish the name means "friend"

2. Carmen (of Latin and Spanish origin) in Latin meaning "poem" or "ode"

3. Cassandra (of Greek origin) meaning "unheeded prophetess"

4. Chelsea (of English origin) meaning "Chalk Walk," often referencing the area of London

5. Claire (of Viking and Latin origin) meaning "bright" and "clear"

6. Carly (of English origin) the feminine form of the name Charles, meaning "free man" or "peasant"

Boho Baby Names That Start With The Letter C

1. Cacia (of Greek and Irish origin) meaning "vigilant"

2. Caela (of Gaelic origin) meaning slender girl.

3. Carella (of Latin origin) meaning "beloved baby"

4. Carisma (of Greek origin) meaning blessing.

5. Cassie (of English origin) meaning "the purified one"

6. Cassidy (of Gaelic origin) meaning "curly-haired" or "clever"

7. Celeste (of Latin origin) meaning Heavenly

8. Celine (of Latin origin) meaning Heaven

9. Chenille (of American origin) this baby girl name means "soft"

10. Clover (of Ancient Anglo-Saxon origin) meaning "meadow flower"

11. Crystal (of Greek origin) meaning "ice"

Unisex Baby Names That Start With C

1. Cactus (of American origin) meaning "from the cactus plant"

2. Cade (of Greek origin) meaning pure.

3. Cairo (of Arabic origin) meaning "victorious one"

4. Calais (of Greek origin) meaning "changing colour"

5. Cameryn (of Scottish origin) meaning "crooked nose"

6. Campbell (of Scottish origin) meaning "crooked mouth" or "wry mouthed"

7. Carter (of Irish and Scottish origin) meaning "who transports goods by cart or wagon"

8. Cecily (of Welsh origin) meaning "blind"

9. Connie (of English origin) meaning "steadfastness" and "constancy"

Strong Baby Girl Names That Begin With C

1. Calynn (of Gaelic origin) meaning "powerful in battle."

2. Camarin (of Native American origin) this girl names meaning is "the protector."

3. Carina (of Scandinavian origin) meaning the keel of a ship, which suggests this girl is a steady guide.

4. Carla (of German origin) meaning "strong"

5. Casia (of Greek origin) meaning "thorny tree."

6. Colette (of French origin) meaning "people of victory"

7. Conney (of Latin origin) meaning "constancy" and "steadfastness" and a shorter version of Constance.

Feminine Baby Girls Names That Start With C

1. Caiomhe (of Irish origin) meaning "she who is gentle and graceful"

2. Calixte (of Greek origin) meaning "very beautiful"

3. Calla (of Greek origin) meaning "she who is very beautiful"

4. Careen (of Greek origin) meaning "pure"

5. Carwen (of Welsh origin) meaning "love"

6. Caylee (of Irish origin) meaning "she who is slim and fair"

7. Chelentha (of American origin) meaning "a girl who smiles"

8. Cleone (of Greek origin) the name of the mythological daughter of the river



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