105 Best Girls' Names Ending In Y

Pregnant woman with girls names ending in y

Need some inspiration for choosing the perfect name for your baby girl?

Whether you're looking for something classic, contemporary, or a name that will have your little girl stand out from the crowd - we have something for everyone.

We've scoured the internet and found 105 adorable girls' names all ending in Y, along with their origins and meanings to help you choose the perfect name for your little princess.

Classic Baby Girl Names

Keep it classic with these adorable baby girl names.

1) Abby - Of Hebrew origin meaning “to give joy”.

2) Audrey - Of English origin meaning “noble strength”.

3) Bethany - Of Hebrew origin meaning “daughter of the lord”.

4) Betty - Of English origin meaning “God is my oath”.

5) Betsy - Of English Origin meaning “God is my oath”.

6) Debby - Of Hebrew origin meaning “bee”.

7) Dorothy - Of Greek origin meaning “a vision, gift of God”.

8) Emily - Of English origin meaning “to strive or excel”.

9) Hilary - Of Latin origin meaning “cheerful”.

10) Jenny - Of English origin meaning “fair one”.

11) Judy - Of Hebrew origin meaning “woman of Judah”.

12) Kay - Of English origin meaning “pure, keeper of the keys”.

13) Kimberly - Of English origin meaning “royal fortress meadow”.

14) Lyndsey - Of Scottish origin meaning “a lake”.

15) Mary - Of Hebrew origin meaning “bitter”.

16) May - Of English origin meaning “goddess Maia”

17) Nancy - Of Hebrew Origin meaning “grace”.

18) Peggy - Of Greek origin meaning “pearl”.

19) Penny - Of English origin meaning “weaver”.

20) Polly - Of Latin origin meaning “little or humble”.

21) Ruby - Of English origin meaning “red gemstone”.

22) Sally - Of Hebrew origin meaning “princess”.

23) Sophy - Of Greek origin meaning “Wisdom”.

24) Stacey - Of Greek origin meaning “resurrection”.

25) Wendy - Of English origin meaning “friend or blessed ring”.

Contemporary Baby Girl Names

Our pick of beautiful baby girl names with a modern twist.

26) Aubrey - Of English origin meaning “noble ruler”

27) Bailey - Of Norman-French Origin meaning “bailiff”.

28) Briony - Of Latin origin meaning “climbing plant”.

29) Cacey - Of Irish origin meaning “vigilant”.

30) Cassidy - Of Gaelic origin meaning “cleaver or curly-headed”.

31) Cindy - Of English origin meaning “woman of Mouth Kynthos”.

32) Cody - Of English origin meaning “pillow”.

33) Connelly - Of Irish origin meaning “love, friendship”.

34) Corey - Of Irish origin meaning “from the hollow”.

35) Courtney - Of French origin meaning “from the court or short nose”.

36) Crissy - Of Irish origin meaning “follower of Christ”.

37) Darcey - Of Irish origin meaning “dark”.

38) Elody - Of French origin meaning “foreign riches”.

39) Everly - Of English origin meaning “from the boar meadow”.

40) Hadley - Of English origin meaning “heather field”.

41) Haley - Of Scandinavian origin meaning “heroine, brave one”.

42) Harley - Of English origin meaning “wood clearing or field”.

43) Imani - Of Swahili origin meaning “faith”.

44) Ivory - Of English origin meaning “white as elephant tusks”.

45) Izzy - Of American origin meaning “God is my oath”.

46) Joy - Of English origin meaning “delight or great happiness”.

47) Karly- Of German origin meaning “womanly strength”.

48) Kary - Of Scandinavian origin meaning “Pure”.

49) Keely - Of Celtic origin meaning “beautiful”.

50) Kellsey - Of Irish Origin meaning “brave”.

51) Kirsty - Of Greek origin meaning “Christian”.

52) Lexy - Of Greek origin meaning “protector of mankind”.

53) Libby - Of English origin meaning “God is my oath”.

54) Liberty - Of English origin meaning “freedom”.

55) Macy - Of English origin meaning “hill”.

56) Marley - Of English origin meaning “pleasant side of the meadow”.

57) Molly  - Of Irish origin meaning “star of the sea”.

58) Remy - Of French origin meaning “oarsman”.

59) Romilly - Of Latin origin meaning “strength”.

60) Roxy - Of Persian origin meaning “dawn”.

61) Shelby - Of English origin meaning “from the village”.

62) Sissy - Of English origin meaning “Sister”.

63) Tammy - Of English origin meaning “a palm tree”.

64) Tiffany - Of Greek origin meaning “Gods appearance”.

65) Trudy - Of English origin meaning “spear strength”.

66) Verity - Of Latin origin meaning “truth”.

67) Zoey - Of Greek origin meaning “life”.

Flower Themed Baby Girl Names

These flower-themed names are pretty as a petal.

68) Bryony - Of English origin meaning “flowering perennial vine with heart-shaped leaves”.

69) Ivy - Of English origin meaning “faithfulness”.

70) Tansy - Of Greek origin meaning “eternal life”.

71) Posey - Of English origin meaning “a bunch of flowers”.

72) Daisy - Of English origin meaning “day’s eye”.

73) Lily - Of English origin meaning “lily flower”.

74) Holly - Of English origin meaning “the holly tree”.

75) Poppy - Of Latin origin meaning “red flower”.

76) Peony - Of Greek origin meaning “healing”.

77) Pansy - Of English origin meaning “thought”.

78) Rosemary - Of English origin meaning “herb”.

Unique Baby Girl Names

If you’re looking for something different then these unique baby girls names will definitely have your little one stand out from the crowd.

79) Alvy - Of Irish origin meaning “olive”.

80) Avery - Of English origin meaning “ruler of the elves”.

81) Blueberry - Of English origin meaning “gift of God”.

82) Bunny - Of American origin meaning “little rabbit”.

83) Denay - Of Greek origin meaning “the mother of Perseus by Zeus”.

84) Destiny - Of Latin origin meaning “one’s fate”.

85) Ebony - Of English origin meaning “deep black wood”.

86) Eternity - Of American origin meaning “everlasting”.

87) Eny - Of Irish origin meaning “ardent”.

88) Harmony - Of English origin meaning “unison and peace”.

89) Heavenly - Of English origin meaning “from the heavens”.

90) Hedy - Of Greek origin meaning “pleasant”.

91) Honey - Of English origin meaning “nectar”.

92) Indy - Of American origin meaning “land of the Indians”.

93) Journey - Of American origin meaning “a period of travel”.

94) Lovely - Of English origin meaning “attractive or beautiful”.

95) Melody - Of  Greek origin meaning “song”.

96) Monday - Of English origin meaning “day of the week”.

97) Pearly - Of English origin meaning “like a pearl”.

98) Quenby - Of Swedish origin meaning “womanly”.

99) Royalty - Of English origin meaning “of royal blood or status”.

100) Sidney - Of English origin meaning “island”.

101) Sky - Of English origin meaning “the sky”.

102) Sunday - Of American origin meaning “born on Sunday”.

103)  Sunny - Of English origin meaning “sunshine, happy or cheerful temperament”.

104) Waverly - Of English origin meaning “meadow of quivering aspens”.

105) Wednesday - Of English origin meaning “Woden’s day”.



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