40+ Githyanki Names With Meanings For Your Characters

Githyanki names signify the characteristics of the Githyanki's warrior ship, ambition, and skills

From the game 'Dungeons And Dragons', Githyanki and Githzerai are tall and thin humanoids with harsh, rugged yellow skin and dark eyes.

The scandalous Githyanki are a humanoid race of warriors and fighters who hail from the Astral Plane. The Githyanki (also known as the Gith) are found in the hugely popular 'Dungeons And Dragons' fantasy tabletop role playing game.

Githyanki from the Astral Plane are known for being particularly good at following orders. They are innately able to reproduce the effects of the mage hand and make great barbarians in the game.

We hope you enjoy this list of great ideas for Githyanki names, for more you can also see our articles on the Githzerai names or Aasimar last names, for more inspiration.

Githyanki Names For Girls

Githyanki have an agreement with red-winged dragons. As a species, they frequently haggle to utilize the mythical dragons as mounts.

Some good Githyanki names include Dhenirigan, Gerzenit, Izzussan and Nezethet. Here's a list of some of the top Githyanki names for girls.

1 Almeta (Latin origin) means "ambitious".  

2. Althea (Greek origin) means “with healing power”.

3. Alexa (Greek origin) means “protector of mankind”

4. Barbara (Greek Origin) means "traveler from a foreign land".

5. Calliope (Greek Origin) means “beautiful voice”.

6. Cassandra (Greek Origin) means “prophetess”.

7. Celestia (Latin Origin) means “heavenly.”

8. Charizard, a cute name after the character from Pokémon.  

9. Faer (English Origin) means "traveler or wanderer".  

10. Farrah (Middle Eastern Origin) means "travel".

11. Marcela (Spanish origin) means “Mars” “war” or “warring.”

12. Millicent (Greek origin) means "ambitious". A perfect name for a female githyanki knight.

13. Mushu, the cute sidekick from the animated movie 'Mulan'.

14. Nocona (Native American Origin) means "wanderer" or "camper".  

15. Puff, inspired by the character in the TV show 'Puff The Magic Dragon', who lived by the sea.

16. Ranulph (Norse Origin) means 'shield wolf'.

17. Rosetta (German origin) means “noted protector”.

18. Saira (Hebrew Origin) means "traveler".

19. Saphira, after the main dragon from the book series 'Eragon'.  

20. Serafina (Hebrew origin) means “fiery ones”. A perfect name for a githyanki with telekinesis power.

Githyanki Names For Boys

The Githzerai names and Githzerai  last names signify their valor and physical power.

Notwithstanding their hatred of the mind flayers, the githyanki have a profound split with their cousins, the githzerai, and the two races just constantly send threats despite a mind flayer.  Telekinesis was one of the psychic abilities of the giths.

21. Aelfdene (English origin) means “from the Elfin valley".

22. Alvin (English origin) means “noble friend” or “friend of the elves”.

23. Argus (Greek origin) means “watchful guardian”.

24. Blackbeard, after the most famous and feared wanderer ever to sail the seven seas.

25. Brice (Welsh origin) means "ambitious". You can also use this for githyanki last names.

26. Cleon (Greek origin) means “renowned” or “glorious”.

27. Rhulis, a character from 'Dungeons And Dragons'.

28. Draco (Greek origin) means “dragon”.

29. Grimlock, after the T-Rex dinobot from the 'Transformers' series.  

30. Herbert, after the main character from 'Herbert The Timid Dragon' by Mercer Mayer.

31. Jabberwock, inspired by Lewis Carroll's poem of the same name.

32. Kilgharrah, a great dragon from the show 'Merlin' is the perfect name choice for your character.

33. Nakoa (Hawaiian origin) means “warrior”.

34. Norbert, a cute human name for your character inspired by the 'Harry Potter' book series.  

35.  Oberon (English origin) means “noble” or “bearlike”.

36. Pascal, after the chameleon best friend of Rapunzel from Disney’s 'Tangled' movie.  

37. Pendragon (Middle Welsh origin) means "dragon, warrior". It is also the family name of the legendary King Arthur.

38. Rango, a perfect name inspired by the main humanoid chameleon protagonist in the movie 'Rango'.  

39. Reptar, after the most famous character from the '90s TV show 'The Rugrats'.

40. Rex, a perfect name for your character after the T-Rex toy from movie 'Toy Story'.  

Gender Neutral Githyanki Names

Githyanki warriors, now and then, are alluded to as 'gith warriors'. They have the capacity to naturally duplicate the impacts of the mage hand, bounce, dim advance and carry out non-detection spells, while the more impressive knights were additionally fit for plane moving and had supernatural powers.

41. Dino (Greek origin) means "little sword". The name is a perfect example of the best Githzerai names.

42. Remi (French origin) means "remedy".

43. Razor (Medieval Latin origin) means "to scrape".

44. Smaug, after the dragon from 'The Hobbit'.

45. Somerild (Scandinavian origin) meaning "summer traveler".

46. Spartacus (Latin origin) means "from the city of Sparta".

47. Stian (Norse Origin) means "wanderer".

48. Tiberius (Latin origin) means "one who lives near Tiber river".

49. Wendell (German origin) means "traveler" or "seeker".

50. Yoshi, after the computer game character Mario's little friend.

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