100+ Githzerai Names For Your Characters

Githzerai names are mystical.

The Gith race in the 'Forgotten Realms' campaign setting of 'Dungeons And Dragons' is powerful and mystical.

When indulging in the goodness of Forgotten Realms, you might come across the concern of wanting to name a Githzerai well. Whether you are looking for a funny name or a mystical name, zeroing on the perfect one is important.

Githzerai names can be magical, ethereal, elegant, fierce, and what not. They mostly lived in the plane of Limbo. This humanoid race is strange and powerful, which is why finding a name for them that suits them the best is crucial. In this naming process, you might also want to consider looking at Githyanki names. Githyanki and Githzerai races were nearly identical, and one might confuse one for the other, but they are each a distinct race and must be given due credit. The Githzerai don’t place special importance on surnames but call each other using first names only. You can also look at Barbian names, or Fire Genasi names for further inspiration.

Awesome Names For A Female Githzerai

While the language of the Githezerai is unusual and strange, their names are still pretty mystical and magical. The females of this race are incredible women with great strength, and their names are often long and melodic. They're so strong it’s not a surprise they can defeat mind flayers so effectively. If you have a character belonging to the Gith race, you are in for a lot of amazing adventures while playing 'Dungeons And Dragons' in the 'Forgotten Realms' campaign setting. So, if you are looking for names for your female Gith or Githzerai common names, here is a comprehensive list for you to look at and choose from, we think they're all pretty cool.

1. Adaka (African origin) meaning “the lioness”. An amazing name for a female from the Githzerai race or Githyanki race who is capable and smart.

2. Adeya (Nigerian origin) meaning “the gift of God”. A great name for the highly skilled Githzerai monks.

3. Alohi (Hawaiian origin) meaning “brilliant”. A unique one for the smartest females of this race.

4. Amani (Arabic origin) meaning “calm” or “wish”.

5. Amity (English origin) meaning “friendship” or “calm harmony”. A good name for any Gith there is.

6. Arinya (Thai origin) meaning “a beautiful woman who is also knowledgeable”.

7. Athena (Greek origin) meaning “wisdom of warfare”. A fitting name for a female Githzerai or even as Githyanki.

8. Aqila (Arabic origin) meaning “wise” or “intelligent”. For the ever so smart Githzerai or Githyanki.

9. Bahira (Arabic origin) meaning “someone who has a dazzling brilliance”.

10. Barina (Urdu origin) meaning “the princess”. For a high-level Gith who is calm and calculating.

11. Belig (Mongolian origin) meaning “someone who is super wise”.

12. Berdy (Russian origin) meaning “wise” or “intelligent”.

13. Chalondra (African origin) meaning “an intelligent”.

14. Chessa (Slavic origin) meaning “at peace”. Another excellent name for a Githzerai or Githyanki.

15. Columba (Latin origin) meaning “dove”. Sound name for a Gith who is peaceful and smart.

16. Concordia (Latin origin) meaning “harmony”. For a Gith who wants to live without any trouble.

17. Dara (Hebrew origin) meaning “pearls of wisdom” or “someone who has wisdom and compassion”.

18. Ella (Hebrew origin) meaning “fairy maiden” or “beautiful”. A good name for a Gith of superior beauty.

19. Evania (Greek origin) meaning “peaceful”. Another nice name for either a Githzerai or Githyanki.

20. Ezhelya (Tamil origin) meaning “beautiful”. This name suits a smart female Githzerai or Githyanki very well.

21. Farzaneh (Persian origin) meaning “highly knowledgeable” or “extremely intelligent”.

22. Frederica (Old German origin) meaning “peaceful ruler”.  Perfect for a Githzerai leader.

23. Fritzi (German origin) meaning “peaceful ruler”. For a calm and pragmatic Githzerai that wants to rule the world of Dungeons and Dragons.

24. Galina (Greek origin) meaning “calm”. A fitting name for a Githzerai or Githyanki.

25. Ganya (Hebrew or Russian origin) meaning “clever”. Another name that fits a Githzerai or Githyanki very well.

26. Imala (Native American origin) meaning “someone who is strong-minded or very determined”.

27. Irene (Greek origin) meaning “peace”. A modern name for a calm and serene Githzerai.

28. Izera (American origin) meaning “full of joy”. A rare name for a Githzerai who is delighted to be alive.

29. Karinya (Aboriginal Australian origin) meaning “peaceful home”. An excellent name for the peaceful people of Gith.

30. Labibah (Arabic origin) meaning “wise” or “intelligent”. For the shrewd and calculative Githzerai.

31. Lana (Hawaiian origin) meaning “as calm as still waters”. A rare and unique name for the people of Githzerai.

32. Lulu (Swahili origin) meaning “peaceful” or “calm”. A good name for the Githzerai who hates chaos and wants order.

33. Mariya (Arabic origin) meaning “sharp” or “elevated”.  This is perfect for the clever Githzerai, they never miss a trick.

34. Minerva (Etruscan origin) meaning “goddess of war and wisdom”. For that powerful Githzerai who wants to rage against the enemies and win their freedom.

35. Peale (Latin origin) meaning “peace”. A good name for the calm and serene Githzerai female.

36. Ramona (Spanish origin) meaning “the wise protector of the land”.

37. Rena (Hebrew or Greek origin) meaning “joy”.

38. Salome (Hebrew origin) meaning “peace”. Another perfect name for a Githzerai.

39. Selima (Arabic origin) meaning “peace”. A joyful and serene name for the Githzerai who doesn’t want chaos.

40. Winifred (Welsh or Old English origin) meaning “peaceful joy”.

Githzerai names are mysterious and magical.

Awesome Names For A Male Githzerai

When you need to defeat mind flayers, you need someone who is strong and determined. Looking for a name as powerful and masterful as the Gith, Menyar Ag? A male Githzerai name should be capable and bring out the chief characteristics of this peculiar race - calculating, secretive, disciplined, cynical, pragmatic, and calm. They do not like chaos and just want to be the serene and secretive people that they are. If you are looking for amazing names for a Dungeons and Dragons character that is the male half of the Githzerai race, here are the best names for you to choose from.

41. Aakil (Hindi origin) meaning “intelligent”. What better name to describe the smart and learned Githzerai?

42. Aldo (German origin) meaning “wise or old” or “old world wisdom”.

43. Alger (English origin) meaning “the clever and skilled warrior”, perfect for a Githzerai fighter.

44. Apollo (Greek origin) meaning “knowledge” or “wisdom”. A greek inspired name for the mighty Githzerai is quite a fitting name.

45. Axel (Scandinavian origin) meaning “father is peace”. For a disciplined and calm Gith.

46. Aydin (Turkish origin) meaning “wise and intelligent”.

47. Benjiro (Japanese origin) meaning “enjoyable peace”.

48. Beowulf (English origin) meaning “a wolf that is intelligent and smart”.

49. Cato (Greek origin) meaning “wise”. A fitting name for a Githzerai who is cunning and calculative.

50. Concord (Middle English origin) meaning “peace”.

51. Dak (Latin origin) meaning “the chosen one”.

52. Eldridge (Old English origin) meaning “leader of the people who is very wise”.

53. Ethelind (German origin) meaning “someone who is very intelligent”.

54. Farzan (Islamic origin) meaning “intelligence”.

55. Favian (Latin origin) meaning “the man of wisdom”.

56. Ferzth (Greek origin) meaning “the first”. An excellent name for a Githzerai who wants to succeed as a leader.

57. Fitzhugh (English origin) meaning “the great son of intelligence”.

58. Galen (Greek origin)  “calm”.

59. Gareth (Welsh origin) meaning “someone who is very gentle”.

60. Garvey (Gaelic or Irish origin) meaning “rough peace”.

61. Geoffrey (Old German origin) meaning “peace”.

62. Heller (German origin) meaning “bright” or “brilliant”.

63. Hermes (Greek origin) meaning “good luck” or “speed”.

64. Hutchings (Scottish origin) meaning “mind” or “intellect”.

65. Ingram (Scandinavian origin) meaning “raven of peace”.

66. Jonah (Hebrew origin) meaning “peace”.

67. Kalla (Greek origin) meaning “beloved” or “the most beautiful person”.

68. Manfred (Old German origin) meaning “man of peace”.

69. Mendel (Yiddish origin) meaning “intelligence”.

70. Pax (Latin origin) meaning “peace”.

71. Quinn (Irish origin) meaning “wisdom and intelligence”.

72. Raghnall (Latin origin) meaning “someone who is both wise and powerful”.

73. Rainier (Old Welsh origin) meaning “the powerful and wise army”.

74. Reizo (Japanese origin) meaning “calm” or “cool”.

75. Renfrew (Welsh origin) meaning “calm river”.

76. Rinji (Japanese origin) meaning “a very peaceful forest”.

77. Salem (Hebrew origin) meaning “peace”. A fitting name for the calm Githzerai people.

78. Senan (Old Irish origin)

79. Solon (Greek origin) meaning “the wise one”. A wise  Githzerai race.

80. Tallis (Persian origin) meaning “wisdom”. A perfect Githyanki or Githzerai name.

Githzerai names are powerful.

Names For A Githzerai Monk

In this race of Gith or Githzerais where alignment, intelligence, and calmness are the main traits of the people, finding a name for a Githzerai monk is important as well. A monk from the Githzerai race is essentially a medium humanoid, and they aren’t the same as a Githyanki. They wish for peace but, if required, will fight for their people. If you are looking for an amazing name for a Githzerai who is now a monk, here is the best list of names for you to choose from. These names come from scientists and monks from around the world and we think they're perfect for the clever and capable Githzerai.

81. Anselm Hurt, another popular name one can use for a Githzerai, Anselm originally wrote the ‘Brother Anselm's Glenstal Cookbook’.

82. Attilio Ariosti, was not exactly a monk but was an Italian composer, and his name is perfect to use for someone from the Githzerai race or Githyanki.

83. Buddhadasa, more famously known by the name of Phra Dharmakosacarya, was a  Thai ascetic-philosopher.

84. Ferréol of Uzès, a famous monk and bishop who was born in France, his name is perfect for giving to any humanoid from the Githzerai race.

85. Gregor Mendel, the founder of modern genetics and the first scientist amongst the monks.

86. Huangbo Xiyun, lived during the reign of the Tang Dynasty and was a powerful and widely known Chinese master of Zen Buddhism.

87. Ji Gong, a Chan Buddhist monk who was born in China and is more famously known around the world by the name of Chan Master Daoji.

88. Losang Samten, the former Buddhist monk as well as the popular Tibetan-American scholar.

89. Luang Phor Suk, a famous Thai monk whose name is fitting to be given to the people of the GIthzerai race.

90. Palden Gyatso, was a Tibetan Buddhist monk who actively protested against the Chinese invasion of Tibet.

91. Quang Duc, the popular Vietnamese Mahayana Buddhist monk from the 60s who protested against the South Vietnamese Roman Catholic government who were actively prosecuting the Buddhists.

92. Sarvajna, an Indian poet from the land of Karnataka who was also a philosopher as well as a pragmatist.

93. Shinran, the Buddhist-Japanese monk who is also most popularly known as the founder of Jōdo Shinshū.

94. Shi Yan Ming, the popular Shaolin warrior monk of the 34th generation who is superbly popular and known worldwide for his skills, wisdom, and cunning nature.

95. Somdej Toh, lived during Thailand's Rattanakosin Period and was one of the most famous Buddhist monks.

96. Tenzin Zopa, an immensely popular and well known Nepalese Tibetan Buddhist monk who largely followed the Mahayana tradition.

97. Thich Nhat Hanh, the Buddhist monk who founded plum peace village traditions.

98. Thích Quảng Độ, one of the most popular and well known Vietnamese Buddhist monks and scholars the world has ever known.

99. Thomas à Kempis, a German-Dutch member of the clergy who wrote  ‘The Imitation of Christ’.

100. Tseng-Tsiang, a Roman Catholic monk known famously by the name Lu Zhengxiang.

101. U Gambira, the Buddhist monk and activist who was also the founder of All-Burma Monks' Alliance that protested against the military government of Burma.

102. Yuttadhammo Bhikkhu, the first and one of the most famous Canadian Buddhist monks.

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