40 Gnome Puns That Kids Will Love

Gnomes are half-human, half fantasy garden ornaments that stand between one and two feet high.

Gnomes are half-human, half fantasy garden ornaments that stand between one and two feet high, with pointy hats and are often pictured with fishing rods or gardening tools.

These garden ornaments may seem like a recent garden ornament trend, but gnomes were actually first mass-produced in 1872 in Germany. They were called Gartenzwerge or garden dwarfs.

They have divided opinion ever since and even been banned from designs at Chelsea Flower Show, but there are places they are celebrated.

Take a trip to West Putford in North Devon, UK, and you will find the whimsical Gnome Reserve and Wild Flower Trail, which at last count is home to 2,042 gnomes. This broke a Guinness world record, but it's not the only gnome related record breaker in the UK. In November 2011 BBC Hereford and Worcester hit the record books for the largest gathering of people dressed as gnomes.

That day 478 people celebrated gnome culture, and we're celebrating these quirky little friends as well with a list of puns that all the family will enjoy. It's gnome joke, we've got 40 gnome puns to choose from!

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Gnome Related Puns From TV And Movies

Even the big screen can't escape some cheeky gnome references, take a look at these gnome puns.

1. If a gnome wanted to seek revenge on a trouble maker, where would he get his ideas from? Gnome Alone.

2. What soap opera do gnomes love? Aussie favorite Gnome and Away.

3. If gnomes want some ideas to revamp the garden they just watch Extreme Makeover: Gnome Edition.

4. Garden gnomes don't always get on, just look at Gnomeo and Juliet.

5. Take a trip back to 1982 to find a gnomes favorite movie quote: E.T Phone Gnome!

6. It's movie night, time to watch A League of Their Gnome.

Funny Gnome Puns

Need a laugh on a gloomy day? A funny gnome saying or two should do the trick.

7. Did you hear a gnome's favorite sport is baseball? They love to score gnome runs.

8. What do gnomes love to sing while gardening? Gnome Worry, Bee Happy.

9. Why are gnomes rubbish rappers? They have gnome rhyme and gnome reason?

10. Gnomes can be quite annoying when they're indecisive, all they say is yes, gnome, maybe.

11. What do spiritual gnomes say when doing yoga? Gnom-aste.

12. If they all say they didn't eat the sweets, then trust gnome one.

13. We learned about the Gno-man conquest in school today.

14. Gnomes love to show off because there's "Gnome business like show business, gnome business like show."

15. What do gnomes love to sing at Christmas? We're driving gnome for Christmas.'

16. My parents always moan I've eaten them out of house and gnome.

17. If you have a mystery that needs to be solved, just go to Sherlock Gnomes.

18. If you see a grumpy gnome, chances are they are unhappy about the new rules. There's gnome fishing allowed in the river.

19. Where do gnomes first go when they log on to the internet? The gnome page of course!

20. Gnomes love country music, their favorite lyric is "country roads take me gnome".

21. I've just bought some more supplies, they had a great selection at gnome depot.

Gnomes divide opinions from being banned at Chelsea Flower Show, to elsewhere being  celebrated.

Short And Snappy Gnome Puns

Some of the funniest moments are when an epic pun is just slipped into conversation, so how many of these puns can you use?

22. This is a gnome away from gnome.

23. Oh gnome you didn't.

24. Just hangin with my gnomies.

25. I'm gnome for the holidays.

26. Ahh gnome sweet gnome.

27. Blow your gnome trumpet, why not!

28. That's gnome-sense.

29. He's very funny, once you get to gnome him.

30. Excuse me, do I gnome you?

31. It's a little gnome fact.

32. Good things come to gnomes who wait.

33. You don't gno-me

34. There's gnome body like you.

35. Go big or go gnome.

36. Gnome pun intended.

37. In my gnome words.

38. Choose your gnome adventure.

39. If only I'd gnome.

40. Do you gnome who I am?



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