80+ Goose Puns And Jokes That Will Make You Honk With Laughter

A goose can be a great source of humor.

Goose is a term that is used to refer to a large group of waterfowl birds.

Interestingly, over 3000 years ago in Egypt, geese were probably the first and foremost type of poultry animal to be domesticated by people! Over time, scientists have discovered different species of the goose all over the world.

Perhaps the most famous species of geese is the Canadian goose. This is the most common goose found in North America. These birds mostly migrate from Canada to the warmer climates of Continental US before the onset of winter. They return back to their native country when the season of spring arrives. A goose can travel up to 1000+ miles during a day, and they usually fly with a V formation.

Being a larger bird, a goose is protective of the smaller waterfowl, like ducks. These birds are infamous for their distinct call sounds called honks, which are very loud and, at times, very irritating. They have become famous on the internet because of their antics, and it is very common to come across quite a few Canada goose jokes and goose one liners. Here we have compiled the best puns and jokes on geese that will surely make your friends honk in laughter if you play the goose game of puns!

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Funny Goose Puns

Geese and their puns have the ability to travel large distances.

Here is a list of some gander puns, and geese puns. You could also turn many of these puns into geese jokes, they're so versatile!

1. There was once a goose evaded all the attempts that the hunters made to catch it. This was because it was the perfect duck goose!

2. The goose was very upset with her tax returns. She had got a massive tax bill because of the fact that his tax returns had been de-duck-table!

3. There was a goose who had turned into a magician. During her magic set, she would always use the spell 'Honkus Ponkus'!

4. Once a gander had decided to become an actor. He made action movies and was known to his fans as Goose Willis.

5. I knew a gander who was very good at martial arts and moved very fast. Guess he was true to his name of Goose Lee!

6. The cost-effective interior designer made an innovative design in his client's living room. He put a few geese eggs near his ceiling and attached a few candles with them. Well, he was trying for the effects of a goose egg ceiling light at an affordable rate!

7. There was a weird man in our village who would always set his geese upon us. He really was a bit of a goose cannon!

8. I was dead scared when I saw my goose being attacked by a snake. But, surprisingly, my goose killed the snake. I think I have got a mon-goose!

9. There is a movie that all my goose friends love to watch, it's called 'Goose Pointe Blank'.

10. In the park, the goose playfully attacked another animal who had no chance to get out of the way and got hurt. This surprised the goose, who said, "Why didn't it duck?"

11. The family of geese got so scared when they saw a horror movie. They all got goose-bumps!

12. To my amazement, I have discovered that geese have an aversion to writing pens. This is because they have the pen-nae!

13. When a goose saw that there was a garment lying just in front of her house, she asked her neighbor, "Do you know goose shirt this is?"

14. The Japanese have a special delicacy that they cook with the goose. They fry the goose with panko breadcrumbs and call the dish the 'Honk-atso'!

15. There was once a goose actress who would only eat her food with her own special spoon. Guess that is why she was called Geese Witherspoon!

16. A foreign exchange goose student had joined from Africa. One of the other geese wanted to know which country it belonged to, so it asked the new student, "Uganda?"

17. We ought to be very cautious and careful if we are ever playing the game Duck, Duck, Goose with a goose, because even if we call it duck, it will still keep on chasing you!

18. On my recent trip to Canada, I actually had to take a ride on a goose. It was a very turbulent ride, and I felt many goose bumps on the road!

19. I was really sad when my friends doubted that I could keep a gander as a pet. Goose what, I have two pet ganders!

20. I went to this dance class last summer where all the dancers would make the shape of a goose while dancing. This was because they were told to goosen up their body while dancing!

21. I recently went to Hawaii and was astounded to see a goose sing a rap song. It was singing, 'Now watch me whip, Now watch me NENE!'

22. The single goose who just got out of her relationship didn't lose her job because she had one of the best ex-gooses!

23. The two gander would not talk with each other as both of them had inflated egoose!

24. There was a huge conference for all the geese in the capital city of the Goose Kingdom. The name of the city was Lagoose.

25. The grandmother goose told her grandchildren geese that in her youth, all the other geese were huge fans of the rockstar, Goose Springsteen!

26. When I told my friend of the rumors that a virus was making geese turn into zombies, he laughed at me and said these were all bogoose rumors!

27. My father recently lost his pet gander. He could find it nowhere, and where it is now is anybody's goose!

28. The entire goose family was shocked by the behavior of their young gander! His ill manners had disgooseted everyone in the family!

29. The evil goose queen was defeated by all the other gander and geese. Well, the old and wise goose was right when it said, "No bad deed goose unpunished!"

30. When the small duck defeated the goose in a battle, every other geese watching was flabbergooseted!

31. The hunter goose was out in the forest tracking down the animal he wanted to hunt. He had been tracking it for days but to no avail. Guess this is what happens in a wild goose chase!

32. When the father gander died due to old age, everyone consoled the young gander by saying, "You have to move on from this because life goose on!"

33. The news that King Gander was marrying a goose spread throughout the Goose Kingdom. Well, you can never stop the citizens from goose-iping!

34. To show camaraderie between each other, one goose will never shake the hands of the other goose, and they don't give each other a high five! They will always prefer goose bumps!

35. A gander had suddenly started laughing without stopping at all. When he was taken to the doctor, he confirmed that the gander was suffering from an acute infection caused by fungoose!

36. There was a once a gander who was always doubtful of his own abilities. Well, he had a major problem of always second-goosing himself!

37. There was a goose at the airport who would take care of all the luggage. He was officially in charge of the cargoose!

38. There was a gander who wasn't being able to eat properly! So, he went to the specialist doctor who told him that he had some major problems with his esophagoose!

39. Paleontologists have recently discovered a new fossil of a prehistoric goose dinosaur. They have given it the name of stegoose-auras!

40. I had gone on vacation when I met a goose that was bilingual and could speak both English and French. Well, now I know it was because it was a Canadian goose!

Funny Goose Jokes

Gander jokes can be very funny.

Look at some of these funniest goose jokes. You may just find the right goose joke to make people take a gander at you while you tell them!

41. What did the family of goose order as the appetizer when they went to the restaurant for lunch? They told the waiter to bring them the cream of asparagoose soup!

42. What is the name of the city that a goose likes to visit the most? She visits the city of Honk Konk!

43. What is the name of the language that a goose likes to speak? She prefers to speak the language of Portugeese!

44. What is the name of the famous Irish goose actor whose dialogues have become famous all across the world? His name is Liam Geesen!

45. How does one German goose wish the other German goose in the morning? They greet each other by saying, 'Goosen Morgen!'

46. What did the geese parents name the young gander so that he would grow up to be handsome and loved by all? They gave him the name Ryan Goosling!

47. What is the name of the famous goose mixed martial artist who is also considered one of the most dangerous fighters ever? Her name is Rhonda Goosey!

48. What is the movie which all the geese like to watch because a goose becomes a God in this movie? The movie is 'Goose Almighty'.

49. What does a goose do when she gets late to work due to traffic? She honks!

50. What is the name given to a goose who is always wandering around and taking a look at everything? He is called the 'Gander who Ganders'!

51. What did the goose say when she liked the Spanish food at the restaurant she visited? She exclaimed, "Mi Goose-ta!"

52. Why did the goose always move her face and jaw while listening to jazz music? This was because she had a mandible groove!

53. What is the name of the mobile goose game that a goose likes to play? The name of the game is Rectrix!

54. Why do people often label a goose as a lazy animal? Because a goose will walk across a road despite having the ability to fly over 1000 miles in a single day!

55. What is the name of the fruit that a silly goose loves to eat? It loves to eat mangoose!

56. Why did the goose kept on shooting the gun at the rifle range despite being told to stop? Guess it was just inspired by the film 'Djan-goose Unchained!'

57. Why did the baby goose start screaming in the middle of the night? Because it was reading a book from the 'Goose-Bumps' series.

58. What is the name of the goose that can survive in the coldest of weather conditions? None other than the snow goose!

59. What is the name of the American state where the most number of geese are found? It is the state of Duck-ota!

60. What did the military band perform in honor of the goose that was killed in battle? The band performed the goose-step!

61. What do you call a goose that is enormous in size? You call that a humongoose!

62. What do you call a goose journalist that is very biased in its opinion? You call it a propa-gander.

63. What did one goose say to the other geese to reveal his travel plans? The goose said, "Do you wanna listen to migrate plan?"

64. What is the name of the musical instrument that a gander and goose loves to play? They love to play the bongoose!

65. What did the goose reply when she heard that his human friend was a people person? She replied, "If you are a people person, then that makes me a geese goose."

66. What is the name of the comedy where all the geese perform impromptu sketches? 'Goose Line Is It Anyway?'

67. What does a Spanish goose say when it gets to meet its friends on the street? It says, "Hola, amigoose"!

68. What did the designer goose say when he saw the emblem that he had designed on the goose team jersey! He proudly exclaimed, "These logoose were designed by me!"

69. What is the particular type of dance that a goose loves to do when it is happy? It loves to tangoose!

70. When two goose sister couldn't play outside because of the rain, what indoor goose game did they play? They played a game of bingoose.

71. What was the name of the greatest ruler of the Goose Kingdom? The name of the greatest emperor was Gengeese Khan!

72. How does one goose say well done to the other goose? It salutes the other goose by saying, "Congoose-ulations!"

73. What is the name of the fuel that a goose will get for its car? It will get a can of gooseline!

74. Why did the goose fall down on the ground when it started to fly in the air? It was merely because what goose up will always come down!

75. What is the religious book that all geese follow in their spiritual practices? They follow 'The Goosepel'!

76. What did the goose call the other goose who saved her from a burning building? Migrate Hero.

77. What is the favorite month of the year for a goose? It is the month of Au-goose-t!

78. What is the type of food that a goose prefers to eat? They like to eat gooseberries!

79. What do you call a goose that is on fire? You call it a flamingoose!

80. Why are all the gander in my town so well behaved? It is because they all stick to their code of con-duck-t!

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