100+ Gorgeous Giraffe Names From Around The World

All the baby giraffe names on the list are cute and adorable

Has the tallest mammal on the Earth always fascinated you?

Have you ever wondered what you would call one if you owned one as a pet? Or, perhaps you have a giraffe soft toy that you are looking for a name for!

If you do need a cute name for your pet, your soft toy, or even for your animal character for a book or story, then we have the perfect list for you. In this rundown of gorgeous giraffe names from around the world, we have compiled some cute and funny male and female giraffe names as well as some fantastic African names for your pet giraffe, honoring the animals home continent.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out this list for some great name ideas, and if you like our suggestions, then also check out these terrific tiger names for your cat and these excellent elephant names with meanings.

Cute Giraffe Names

Giraffe babies are undoubtedly cute so why their names need to be cute too!

Giraffes are cute, adorable and large. Well, we all know that. But did you know the giraffe has one heart, which is about two feet long and can weigh about 24 pounds? On top of this they have two further lesser hearts which pump blood to their gils. For creatures as majestic as these, you need to find giraffes' names that are equally adorable and cute. Which of these cute giraffe names will you choose?

1. Africa (U), one of the cute names for giraffes that is ideal for an African Nubian giraffe.

2. Alexa (F), you can always name your giraffe after the famous character from the TV show 'Summer Camp Island'.

3. Apollo (M) (Greek origin) means "destroyer".

4. Audrey (F), a cute female giraffe name inspired by the legendary actress Audrey Hepburn.

5. Baha (M) (Arabic origin) means "splendid".

6. Bao (M) (Vietnamese origin) means "treasure".

7. Billy (M), a human name for your pet.

8. Bridget (F), the famous giraffe from the Disney movie 'The Wild'.

9. Cedrick (M), one of the cute names for a West African Giraffe.

10. Chad (M) (Anglo Saxon origin) means "alpha male".

11. Desmond (M) such cute names like this are perfect for a South African Giraffe.

12. Elliott (E) (English origin) means "with strength and right".

13. Finn (M) (Irish origin) means "fair".

14. Fonzie (F) (German origin) means "noble, ready for battle".

15. Filbert (M) (German origin) means "very brilliant".

16. Forest (U), if you are looking for cute names for giraffes, this one is great for those who love the wilderness.

17. Gabby (F), the famous giraffe from the TV show 'Doc McStuffins'.

18. Georgina (F), the famous giraffe from the animated TV show '64 Zoo Lane'.

19. Gio (F) (Hebrew origin) means "God's gracious gift".

20. Grace (F), one of the cute names for giraffes who are slow yet graceful.

21. Harpur (M) (Scottish origin) means "harper".

22. Herbie (U), one of the cute names for giraffes inspired by the movie 'Herbie'.

23. Homer (M) (Greek origin) means "security, pledge".

24. Imara (F), a perfect name for a Kordofan Giraffe.

25. Ingrid (F), the famous giraffe from the TV show 'My Gym Partner’s A Monkey'.

26. Jake (M) (Hebrew origin) means "supplanter".

27. Jared (M), one of the cute names for giraffes inspired by actor Jared Padalecki.

28. Jeffrey (M) (Anglo Saxon origin) means "divinely peaceful".

29. Jengo (U) (American origin) means "building or growth".

30. Joey (M), after the famous character from the TV show 'Friends'.

31. Kazi (M), one of the cute names for giraffes from Uganda.

32. Kellan (M) (Irish origin) means "powerful".

33. Kylie (F) (Australian origin) means "graceful or beautiful".

34. Larry (M) (Italian origin) means "someone from Laurentum, Italy".

35. Lorenzo (M) (Spanish origin) means "from Laurentum".

36. Melvin (U), one of the best names suitable for a giraffe baby.

37. Maya (F) (Indian origin) means "illusion or magic".

38. Mosi (F) (Egyptian origin) means "firstborn".

39. Moyo (F) (African American origin) means "heart".

40. Melman (M), you can always name your pet giraffe after the character from the movie 'Madagascar'.

41. Nessa (F), you could name your pet giraffe after the character from the TV show 'My Big Big Friend'.

42. Nick (M), after the singer Nick Jonas.

43. Nina (F), you could name your pet giraffe after the character from the movie TV show 'Camp Lazlo'.

44. Obi (M) (Nigerian origin) means "heart".

45. Oliver (M) (Latin origin) means "olive tree planter".

46. Ollie (M), is perfect for those looking for boy giraffe names.

47. Penzi (F) (African origin) means "dear or shield".

48.  Quincy (U), is perfect for those looking for girl giraffe names.

49. Rahna (F) (South African origin) means "beautiful", "lady", "graceful" and "delicate".

50. Raymond (M) (German origin) means "counsel".

51. Rose (F) (Latin origin) means "rose, a flower".

52. Richard (M), a name inspired by English sculptor Richard Long.

53. Robert (M) (Hebrew origin) means "glory" and "bright".

54. Rocket (M), after the character from the Marvel movie 'Guardians Of The Galaxy'.

55. Rosie (F) (Latin origin) means "rose".

56. Rowan (M), a name inspired by actor Rowan Atkinson.

57.  Sally (F) (Hebrew origin) means "princess".

58. Sapphire (F) (Hebrew origin) means "blue".

59. Shaba (F) (Arabic origin) means "young lady".

60. Shingo (U), you could even name your pet giraffe after the character from the TV show 'The Lion Guard: Return Of The Roar'.

61. Sophie (F), is a perfect female giraffe name.

62. Tallia (F) (Hebrew origin) means "by the water".

63. Theo (M) (Ancient Greek origin) means "God".

Funny Giraffe Names

Finding a funny and cute giraffe name can be difficult.

If you are looking for funny and good names for a giraffe, then we have a perfect list of funny giraffe names for this mammal with long legs to help you! All names on this list could suit both boy and girl giraffes. If you are wondering what a female giraffe is called, it is actually known as a cow!

64. Camelopard, a cute and funny name for this long necked animal.

65. Cool Neck Luke, a play of words about the very prominent feature of the giraffe.

66. Daddy Long Legs, a cute and funny for a Masai giraffe.

67. Kimba, a play of words on the name Simba from the movie 'The Lion King'.

68. Lawrence Longneck, a play of words about the very prominent feature of the giraffe.

69. Lem, one of the famous giraffes names, from the movie 'Summer Camp Island'.

70. Longfellow The Giraffe, one of the famous giraffe names, from the TV show 'Mickey Mouse Clubhouse'.

71. Little Foot, a cute baby giraffe name.

72. Long Reach, a cute name for a giraffe defining their fine features.

73. Numbolelo, a cute name for a powerful giraffe.

74. Patches, a funny name for your spotted baby.

75. Slim, a funny name inspired by a giraffe's slim long legs.

76. Spot, a cute name inspired by the spots on this animal.

77. Neckzilla, a play on words about the most famous feature of the giraffe.

78. Shorty, a funny name for a large and tall animal.

79. Sky, a cute and funny name for your giraffe who always sees the sky first.

80. Stretch, a cute name for a tall mammal that is not a stretch.

81. Too Tall, a play on words about the very prominent feature of the giraffe.

82. Tree, a cute name for a tall mammal who can reach the top of the trees.

83. Tafari, a perfect name for your giraffe baby.

84. Tiny, a play on words about the height of the giraffe.

85. Twiga, you could name your pet giraffe after the character from the TV show 'The Lion Guard'.

86. Unity, a cute name for your pet or soft toy giraffe.

87. Ziggy, a funky name for your pet giraffe.

African Giraffe Names

Giraffes are native to sub-Saharan Africa, so it may seem fitting to give them one of these great African names. Below is a list of cute and good giraffe names of African origin. These names come from all over the African continent and all the names for giraffes on our list are suited to both male and female giraffes. So, any giraffe calves can be named using one of the names on this list!

88. Aza (African origin) means "strong or powerful".

89. Bheka (African origin) means "to watch".

90. Duma (African origin) means "lighting".

91. Enyi (African origin) means "friend".

92. Jambo (African origin) means "a greeting".

93. Lebo (African origin) means "thankful".

94. Mhambi (African origin) means "traveler".

95. Nandi (African origin) means "sweet".

96. Oseye (African origin) means "happy ".

97. Safari (African origin) means "journey".

98. Sengo (African origin) means "joy".

99. Tandi (African origin) means "fire".

100. Zuri (African origin) means "beautiful".

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