40 Grammar Puns That Will Make English Teachers Crack-Up

Did you say English is a funny language? This language's grammar humor is something that you will love.

It is funny when people miss the apostrophe or misplace it in a sentence, right?

When someone types 'you're mess' instead of 'your mess', it will get the grammar police in you to stand to attention right away! Your English teacher is likely someone who'd be the one to laugh at great grammar mistakes as English puns.

If you are looking to make a few English teacher puns in your class, this is the right place that you've come to for some hilarious grammar jokes. But before that, here's a little insight into what grammar actually means. According to English, grammar consists of the eight major parts of speech: noun, pronoun, adjective, verb, adverb, preposition, conjunction, and interjection. In simple words, grammar is the knowledge or usage of any preferred or prescribed forms while speaking or writing.

With this knowledge about the term, there is a huge possibility of word puns and wordplay jokes that can make any conversation laugh-worthy. If you want to laugh at puns about reading, do not miss these 15+ Reading Puns For Little Bookworms or for something related to writing, check these 50+ Writing Puns And Jokes For Budding Authors.

Funny Pun On Words

Love a great pun or wordplay? This list is a fun catch for all language lovers. You may find a great pun in here that has no comeback. There are also some popular punctuation puns and funny English class puns!

1. There's a dinosaur that knows the most synonyms. It's called a thesaurus.

2. A man in the confession box said, "Forgive me, pastor, father, padre, priest, vicar, for I have sinned."

3. A man was severely hurt as a pile of books fell on him in the library. Apparently, he only has his shelf to blame.

4. As I struggled in the class with a half pencil, my teacher looked at me and said, "Writing with a broken pencil is pointless, my child."

5. Comma said, "I think we should slow down for a while." Full stop replied, "We'd rather just stop right now!"

6. Did you know, seven days without a pun can make one weak?

7. My friend said he is terrific friends with 25 letters of the alphabet, but he doesn't know Y.

8. My sister said, "I stayed up the whole night to see where the sun went, then it finally dawned on me." She's great with her grammar for sure.

9. My teacher always says, "Double negatives are a big no-no."

10. My teacher loves avoiding cliches because of the plague.

11. When in class, my teacher called me and said, "Name 2 pronouns." Alarmed, I said, "Who, me?"

12. When my teacher asked what I want to do during the vacation, I said, "Go to Italy, Rome around and pasta time." I am one of her favorite students now.

Classy Grammar Puns About Words

Your English professor will always laugh and be surprised at the classy wordplay in a class.

Check this list with words that can make all the language police giggle.

13. 11 consonants, 8 vowels, a comma, and an exclamation mark will appear in the court to be sentenced next week.

14. At night, an owl said, "Whom" instead of who, and my father exclaimed, "Now, that's a classy owl right there."

15. Cats and commas have so much in common and are yet different. Cats have claws at the end of their paws, and commas have pause at the end of their clause.

16. Dating apostrophes won't get you anywhere. They are too possessive.

17. English teachers are always write!

18. I want to be a great lyricist. So I wrote a song for tortilla; it is actually just a wrap.

19. Lady Cactus said, "You need to be less selfish. Don't forget it is Cact-US". Man Cactus replied, "But sweetie, the plural is a Cact-I."

20. My classmate was late for the class, and he said, "It was raining cats and dogs." To which our teacher smiled and asked him, "Did you step in a poodle, then?" He was truly startled.

21. My sister is reading a book on anti-gravity. Boy, she cannot keep the book down.

22. Thank you for explaining the meaning of 'many'; it means a lot.

23. Past, Present, and Future entered a shop together. It was all quite tense.

24. When English majors get married, the pastor says, "I now pronouns you, he and she."

Great Funny Pun Jokes

Here is a list of grammar jokes and puns that are punny enough to bring out a laugh or two.

25. Santa's elves are known as the subordinate clauses.

26. One punctuation saw the other at a restaurant and asked, "Do you comma here often?"

27. The English teacher wished the class before the poetry test. She said, "Metaphors be with you!"

28. The thesaurus ate a synonym roll for breakfast!

29. One should never mess with the apostrophe. It is either 'your dinner', or 'you're dinner'.

30. There is a tax suitable for people who destroy the English language. It is called Syntax.

31. The criminal's great asset will be his lie ability.

32. You can't ever ran through campgrounds. You can only run because it is past tents.

33. The teacher did not promote the Braille language as it was too touchy.

Crazy Grammatic Humor

Grammar-filled humor will crack the whole English class up.

All languages and subjects have humor that can immediately brighten up a class.

34. Hyphenated and Non-Hyphenated. Ah, the ironies of English!

35. I don't know how to react when someone sends me a note that says, "Your an idiot."

36. "Let's eat Grandma. Sorry, let's eat, Grandma".

37. We were a bit alarmed when the young girl said, "I like cooking my family and pets." Who has she come 'with'?

38. The Doctor laughed at the patient's message: "Unable to eat diarrhea!"

39. I am not sure if she wanted to 'ask' me or 'ax' me because one would be murder.

40. My brother gave his teacher a thank you note that said, "Your a good teacher." I think she's not.

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