40 Great Aasimar Last Names

Aasimar names are power and commanding and celestial

Aasimar refers to angel characters who have distinct features and our name collection lists unique Aasimar names.

Aasimar is a supernatural character or baby of angels popularized by the 5e edition of 'Dungeons and Dragons.' These human celestial creatures have magical powers and distinct features.

The game showcases Aasimar in various races and types -- evil, good, good evil, and many more. In movies and religious superstitions, Aasimar has different names. They are worshipped by races who believe in supernatural celestial beings like Aasimar angels.  

Here is a curated list of Aasimar's last names based on races, meaning and use. There are no Aasimar-specific names, but all of them are inspired by angels, dragons, and mythologies. Here is the name generator for your ease with names you will like.

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Aasimars Last Names Inspired By Myths and Legends

Aasimars are from different races, and their names define them. Use this list to know about the good names of Aasimar inspired by myths, celestial legends, and angels.

1. Azariel in Judaism means 'Waters of the Earth.'

2. Archangel, in Christianity, is a love healing angel.

3. Camael, in Christianity, is the angel of the 'Leaders of Powers.'

4. Haniel is among the Christian angel names meaning 'Leader of Principalities.'

5. Jophiel is one of the female names means 'angel of wisdom.'

6. Jiao-Long in Hindusim refers to a child born with a star.

7. Pravuil, in Judaism, is God's record-keeper.

8. Raphael, in Christianity, is an Archangel and leader of the virtues.

9. Rubo one of the male names, meaning "unique red hair or red beard".

10. Scylla is a prominent dragon monster in Greek mythology.

11. Selaphiel, an Archangel in Christianity, which also means 'prayer' or 'worship.'

12. Tamiel, in Christianity, is popular among female names, meaning the fallen angel.

13. Oboth is inspired by Biblical references, means harmony.

14. Yarhibol in Ancient Canaanite Religion is the 'Angel of the God'.

15. Zaphkiel, an Archangel in Christianity, referring to God's knowledge.

Aasimar Surnames Inspired By Popular Media Like 'Dungeons and Dragons'

Aasimar last names can be very interesting and historical is you choose to make them as such

Gaining popularity from 'Dungeons and Dragons', Aasimar characters were considered to belong to different races. They are human-like races who worship Mulhorandi. Among these, they very much resonated with a dragon. These Aasimars have a maximum age of 35 years, are extremely powerful, and their famous appearance was in the book 'Vola's Guide to Monsters.'

Check out the most popular Aasimar last names below.

16.  Anguis is a dragon name for Aasimar denoting strength.

17.  Cadmus is a (Greek origin) male name meaning 'dragon's teeth.'

18.  Chumana is inspired by a serpent-like dragon.

19.  Chusi (Native American origin) means 'dragon flower'.

20. Daenerys is an American name that means the 'Lady of Light and Hope.'

21.  Doryu is derived from Buddhism meaning 'ways of a dragon.'

22.  Draco is a straightforward male dragon name and the most common one that means dragon.

23.  Druk refers to the 'thunder dragon'.

24.  Dracon is inspired by the dragon type 'drake.'

25.  George, in Christianity, is a knight who was riding the fire dragon.

26.  Hydra is the female 'multi-headed water dragon'.

27.  Irad, in Israel, is considered the 'empire dragon'.

28.  Kaida (Arabic origin) means 'baby dragon'.

29.  Kaliyah, in Indian mythology, is the 'killer of a thousand-headed dragon'.

30.  Khuzaimah (Arabic origin) denotes the Gabal Elba Dragon Tree.

31.  Long is used in Chinese and Vietnamese, meaning 'dragon'.

32.  Libelle (French origin) means dragonfly.

33.  Melly, a (Greek origin)meaning 'braveness of a dragon.'

34.  Nidhogg, a Norwegian name meaning a 'dragon who is a leader'.

35.  Ryu, inspired by Japanese mythology names, means dragon.

36.  Rhaenys is inspired by the ' The Game of Thrones' character who rides the dragon.

37.  Tatsuo means female dragon in Japanese.

38.  Tiamat means a dragon that gave birth to the first Gods.

39.  Yang, a Korean name meaning the 'braveness of a dragon.'

40.  Wyvern means the 'strength of a dragon.'

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