100+ Great Badass Last Names You'll Love

Finding badass last names is easy with this list.

Giving your characters a cool name, whether that be in novels, gaming or more, is an excellent way of showcasing their personality.

Finding the right badass last names can be difficult. Whilst there are thousands of badass last names to choose from that sound awesome, there are only a few that will accurately reflect your character's personality.

When you’re looking to add fierceness and power to your life, making use of a badass name or nickname is the best way to go. These badass last names listed below carry deep meaning and are perfect for you to use in numerous scenarios. Whether you’re trying out a new nickname  or trying to find the right surname for a character in your book, these badass names will be the perfect way to get started.

To help with your search, we have put together a list of more than 100 cool and unique badass last names. These interesting last names are provided with context, origins and meanings, which we hope will make your decision easier. Let’s dive in!

For more naming ideas for your characters take a look at these badass nicknames or perhaps these interesting last names.

Badass Greek Last Names

Take inspiration from the multitude of Greek badass last names that have persevered through time.

Ancient Greece has a fascinating cultural history, and as such many of their surnames have always been mysterious, powerful and badass. Below is a list of some of the most badass Greek last names for boys and girls.

1. Adamos, meaning “son of Adam.” Adam was the first man created by God.

2. Aetos, meaning “eagle.” This last name signifies victory, pride, longevity, and power. An eagle is also often called the “bird of God.”

3. Andino, meaning “manly.” It signifies masculinity, power, strength, and valor.

4. Angelopoulos, meaning “son of the angel.” This last name signifies heavenly power, magic, and devotion.

5. Argyros, meaning “silver.” This last name was the surname of a powerful Byzantine noble clan in eleventh century Greece.

6. Athanasiou, meaning “immortal.” Derived from Athanasios, this last name is symbolic of deathlessness and long-lasting fame.

7. Baros, meaning “lucky” or “happy.” It can also signify someone who has authority.

8. Cirillo, meaning “lord.” This last name is immensely popular in Greece and is used for someone who is masterful.

9. Demetriou, meaning “Goddess of fertility,” signifies continuity and longevity.

10. Diamandis, meaning “diamonds,” signifies power, brilliance, and commitment.

11. Drakos, meaning “dragon,” signifies hidden knowledge and supernatural strength.

12. Fotos, meaning “light.” This last name is a short form of the patronymic surname Fotopoulos.

13. Hasapis, meaning “butcher.” You can also use the other version of this last name, which is Hasapi.

14. Lykaios, meaning “wolf.” This last name signifies loyalty and courage.

15. Markopoulos, meaning “God of war” or “God of Mars.”

Badass Russian Last Names

Russian last names are among the most fascinating and badass in the world. Take a look at some of our favorites below.

Many Russian last names have a certain grandeur which is badass and cool.

16. Alexeyev, meaning “defender,” signifies strength, resistance, resilience, and courage.

17. Antonov, meaning “son of Anton,” signifies pricelessness.

18. Aslanov, meaning “son of Aslan.” This patronymic Russian last name is derived from the name Aslan which means "lion".

19. Balabanov, meaning “son of Balaban,” signifies victory, pride, longevity, and power.

20. Borisyuk, meaning “snow leopard” or “wolf.”

21. Bortsov, meaning “wrestler.” This is a Russian occupational last name.

22. Bugrov, meaning “hill,” signifies stillness, eternity, and firmness.

23. Bychkov, meaning “bull.” This last name signifies strength, capability, and power.

24. Drozdov, meaning “blackbird.” This last name is one of the most edgy nicknames.

25. Elin, meaning “light.” This cool last name is perfect for girls.

26. Garin, meaning “guardian.” One of the most unique last names, Garin signifies a protector and a defender.

27. Kovalyov, meaning “blacksmith.” Kovalyov is another edgy and unique last name.

28. Lenkov, meaning “son of Alexander” or “defender of all mankind.”

29. Molotov, meaning “hammer.”

30. Petrov, meaning “stone.”

Badass Japanese Last Names

The Japanese are world famous for their culture and history of badass, ferocious fighting clans such as Samurais. Why not take inspiration from their most badass last names listed below?

31. Abe, meaning “peace many times.” One of the coolest last names, Abe is also one of the oldest Japanese surnames.

32. Bushida, meaning “Samurai” or “warrior,” signifies someone who is courageous.

33. Chisaka, meaning “one thousand hills.” One of the most unique last names, Chisaka is excellent for a hardy and powerful girl character.

34. Eguchi, meaning “source of the river.”

35. Furukawa, meaning “old river.” This is another of the most unique last names.

36. Genji, meaning “dual beginnings” or “source.”

37. Gushiken, meaning “strong willed.” This badass last name is perfect to signify courage and resilience and makes for one of the most cool last names.

38. Hasegawa, meaning “long valley river.” If you want a nature inspired badass last name, this is the one to go for.

39. Ito, meaning “the one,” signifies uniqueness.

40. Ishikawa, meaning “stone river,” signifies strength and fluidity.

41. Kamiyama, meaning “God.”

42. Kido, meaning “wooden door.” This unique last name signifies resilience and strength, perfect for your character.

43. Matsumura, meaning “pine tree village.” Another unique last name, Matsumura is a nature inspired badass last name.

44. Otake, meaning “large bamboo.” This surname sounds cool and signifies resilience and growth.

45. Sone, meaning “root.”

Badass Last Names For Guys

If you’re looking for some cool last names for your male character, that are badass, ferocious and powerful, see our list of favorites below.

46. Abbott (Hebrew origin) meaning “the superior one.”

47. Alexander (Greek origin) meaning “one who protects his own.”

48. Beckett (English origin) meaning “beehive.”

49. Bryant (Irish origin) meaning “son of Brian.”

50. Connor (Irish origin) meaning “lover of wolves.”

51. Curran (Irish origin) meaning “hero.”

52. Davis (English origin) meaning “son of David.”

53. Donovan (Irish origin) meaning “Princeling.”

54. Evans (Irish origin) meaning “son of Evan.”

55. Ford (English origin) meaning “dweller of the ford.”

56. Gibbs (Scottish origin) meaning “bright pledge.”

57. Griffin (Celtic origin) meaning “strong Lord.”

58. Hayes (Gaelic origin) meaning “fire” or “God.”

59. Marshall (Scottish origin) meaning “lover of horses.”

60. Mason (English origin) meaning “someone who is a stone expert.”

61. Nash (Middle English origin) meaning “at the ash tree.”

62. Sawyer (English origin) meaning “to saw.” One of the cool boy names that can also be a badass last name.

Badass Last Names For Girls

There are numerous cool last names for girls that are badass and will stand out from the crowd if you use them for your characters.

63. Alexus (Greek origin) meaning “mankind’s defender.”

64. Arya (Indo-Iranian origin) meaning “honorable.” One of the most amazing last names for girls.

65. Arden (English origin) meaning “valley of the eagle.”

66. Athena (Greek origin) meaning “courage and justice.”

67. Bailey (English origin) meaning “law enforcer.”

68. Bellatrix (Latin origin) meaning “warrior.”

69. Delaney (Irish origin) meaning “challenger.”

70. Garcia (Spanish origin) meaning “bear.”

71. Harlow (English origin) meaning “army.”

72. McKenna (Irish origin) meaning “child of the handsome one.”

73. Quinn (Irish origin) meaning “the wise one.”

Badass Last Names From Around The World

Cool last names make for amazing and badass names for characters. Why not try last names from across the globe for inspiration?

74. Abawi (Arabic origin) meaning “strong.”

75. Abner (Hebrew origin) meaning “God is my light.”

76. Alvarez (Spanish origin) meaning “knight.”

77. Archer (English origin) meaning “bowman.”

78. Argento (Italian origin) meaning “silver.”

79. Armstrong (Scottish origin) meaning “son of the strong man.”

80. Bensen (Old English origin) meaning “blessing.”

81. Bragg (Middle English origin) meaning “brave.”

82. Briggs (English origin) meaning “bridge.”

83. Cutler (English origin) meaning “knife maker.”

84. Cullen (Gaelic origin) meaning “handsome.”

85. Decker (English origin) meaning “roofer” or “thatcher.”

86. Dominguez (Spanish origin) meaning “son of Dominic.”

87. Everhart (Russian origin) meaning “boar’s bravery.”

88. Fawzi (Arabic origin) meaning “triumph” or “victory.”

89. Fletcher (Scottish origin) meaning “arrow.”

90. Griffith (Welsh origin) meaning “strong grip.”

91. Grimes (English origin) meaning “shape changer” or “masked person.”

92. Hightower (Old English origin) meaning “high” or “height.”

93. Irons (Anglo-Saxon origin) meaning “iron” or “strong.” A good last name for a strong character.

94. Jagger (English origin) meaning “carter.”

95. Keating (Old English origin) meaning “kite.” Surely a good last name.

96. Murray (Celtic origin) meaning “Lord of the sea.”

Badass Last Names For Characters From Popular Culture

Drawing inspiration for a badass names from movies, anime, or TV shows is an excellent option. These can be used as both last names or first names.

97. Alistair, a powerful fighter and professor in the 'Harry Potter' series.

98. Baggins, the protagonist in the 'Lord Of The Rings' series.

99. Crimson, the fictional character in the TV series 'Powerless'.

100. Forrest, the title character in the movie 'Forrest Gump' played by Tom Hanks. Surely one of the cool last names.

101. Fox, the special agent in 'X-Files'. One of the most badass nicknames.

102. Minerva, the powerful witch and professor in the 'Harry Potter' series.

103. Mustang, the powerful alchemist in the anime series 'Fullmetal Alchemist'.

104. Robin, the loyal partner of the superhero 'Batman'.

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