80 Great Dog Names That Mean Friend Or Loyal

Dogs are great friends and they need a friendly name to define their personality.

It is popularly said that a dog is a man's best friend.

It is important to give your dog names meaning hope or dog names meaning loyal. This not only makes you feel more confident about your dog's loyalty but also gives the dog a personality of its own.

A dog's name is the first and the most important thing he will learn. So a dog parent should be particularly careful of the name being chosen. Names that mean compassion or names that mean friendly are perfect for dog friend. It brings out their loyal personalities. Names meaning friend best describe dogs. If you agree your dog friend is your best friend, you should choose a name meaning friend, noble friend, or best friend. Dog friends have proven that a friend in need is a friend indeed. The list below has some hand-picked names for you to gift your dog and to tell him how much he means to you.

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Boy Dog Names Meaning Friend

Here are some boy names meaning friend are perfect for your male dog, who is also your best friend.

1. Alcuin (French origin) name meaning "friend".

2. Alvin (Old English origin) meaning "noble friend". The name Alvin might remind you of Alvin and the Chipmunks, a popular animated virtual band.

3. Alvy (Latin origin) name meaning "friend".

4. Arwin (Old German origin) meaning "people's friend".

5. Buddy (English origin) name meaning "friend".

6. Darwin (Old English origin) meaning "gifted friend". Darwin could instantly remind you of Charles Darwin, the English naturalist who came up with the concept of evolution.

7. Edwin (Old English origin) name meaning "rich friend".

8. Elwin (Old German origin) meaning "noble friend".

9. Emre (Turkish origin) meaning "friend".

10. Irvin (Scottish origin) meaning "friend".

11. Lauge (Nordic origin) name meaning "partner". This would be a great name for a noble friend dog.

12. Levin (Old German origin) meaning "dear friend".

13. Nadim (Arabic origin) meaning "companion".

14. Pal (English origin) name meaning "noble friend".

15. Sadik (Arabic origin) meaning "friend".

16. Sahir (Arabic origin) name meaning "friend".

17. Samir (Indian origin) meaning "noble friend".

18. Tomoya (Japanese origin) meaning "wise friend".

19. Winthrop (English origin) name meaning "friend's village".

20. Winton (Old English origin) meaning "noble friend".

Girl Dog Names Meaning Friend

Here are girl names that mean friendship and friend. Many of these names are very popular in Old English.

A dog is considered a man's best friend and deserves a friendly name.

21. Alvina (English origin) meaning "noble friend".

22. Amica (Latin origin) meaning "female friend".

23. Amity (Latin origin) meaning "friendship".

24. Amy (Old French or Latin origin) meaning "beloved". The name is often associated with Amy Winehouse, an award-winning British singer.

25. Anissa (Arabic origin) meaning "loving friend".

26. Bly (English origin) meaning "a happy friend". Bly is an appropriate name for your furry friend.

27. Cara (Irish and English origin) meaning "beloved friend".

28. Damica (French origin) meaning "friendly".

29. Edwina (Old English origin) meaning "rich friend". Edwina is a well-known name in many English speaking countries.

30. Elvina (English origin) meaning "female friend of the elves".

31. Faunia (Latin origin) meaning "friend".

32. Herophile (Latin origin) meaning "friend of the heroes".

33. Ludivine (French origin) meaning "friend of the people".

34. Mitra (Indian origin) meaning "friend".

35. Nita (Indian origin) meaning "wise friend". Names that mean wise friends are perfect for your smart dogs.

36. Raya (Arabic origin) meaning "friend".

37. Rowena (Welsh origin) meaning "famous friend".

38. Ruta (Polish origin) meaning "noble friend".

39. Ruth (Hebrew origin) meaning "friend".

40. Sakhi (Indian origin) meaning "wise friend".

41. Sameria (Arabic origin) meaning "friend or companion".

42. Alden (Old English origin) meaning "old friend". There are several old English originated names that mean noble friend.

43. Taffy (Welsh origin) meaning "friend". This name also has English origin.

44. Connolly (Irish origin) meaning "friend".

45. Winslow (English origin) meaning "noble friend".

Gender-Neutral Names That Mean Friend

If you are considering giving your dog friend a gender-neutral name, this list made will come in handy to you.

46. Ames (French origin) meaning "friend".

47. Auden (Danish origin) meaning "friend".

48. Bellamy (Norman origin) meaning "friend".

49. Dakota (American origin) meaning "wise friend".

50. Edin (Scottish origin) meaning "noble friend". Names that mean noble friends are particularly common for dogs.

51. Lakota (American origin) meaning "friendly".

Dog Names That Mean Loyal

Here is a list of names with English meanings for your wise friend.

A name meaning faithfulness reflects a dog's loyal nature.

51. Aladdin (M) (Arabic origin) meaning "faithful friend". The name meaning faithful friend or wise friend is also the name of the protagonist of Disney's Aladdin. It is a popular name in Arabic countries and a well-known movie.

52. Amista (F) (Spanish origin) meaning "loyal".

53. Amnon (M) (Hebrew origin) meaning "loyal".

54. Besnick (M) (Albanian origin) meaning "loyal".

55. Cal (M or F) (Latin origin) meaning "loyal".

56. Caleb (M) (Hebrew origin) meaning "faithful". Caleb is a very common Christian family name too.

57. Constance (M or F) (Latin origin) meaning "constantly loyal". It is an ideal name for your loyal friend.

58. Damon (M) (Greek origin) meaning "loyal and old friend". The name might remind you of Matt Damon, the popular American actor.

59. Dillon (M or F) (English origin) meaning "faithful". Dillon is a popular English name for a noble friend.

60. Enid (F) (Welsh origin) meaning "faithful spirit". The name is a reminder of Enid Blyton, one of the most popular authors for children's short stories.

61. Fidel (M) (Latin origin) meaning "faithful". Fidel is one of the more popular friend names for dogs.

62. Fido (M) (Latin origin) meaning "faithful and old friend".

63. Hachiko (M) (Japanese origin) was the name of an Akita dog, who was particularly known for his loyalty to his master.

64. Iman (M) (Persian origin) meaning "faith".

65. Ivy (F) (English origin) meaning "faithfulness". It is also a common family name.

66. Jeong (M) (Korean origin) meaning "faithful friend".

67. Kalil (M) (Arabic origin) meaning "loyal friend". This name meaning loyal friend is a popular name in Arabic countries.

68. Kelept (M) (Arabic origin) meaning "loyal companion".

69. Leal (M or F) (French origin) meaning "faithful". Faithful is the perfect adjective for your furry best friend.

70. Mimi (F) (French origin) meaning "beloved friend". Mimi is a common nickname.

71. Misao (M/F) (Old Japanese origin) meaning "fidelity".

72. Sadiki (M/F) (African origin) meaning "faithful".

73. Shelbie (M/F) (Hebrew origin) meaning "God is faithful". It is a great name for your best friend.

74. Shield (M) (English origin) meaning "protective and old friend".

75. Shylah (F) (Indian origin) meaning "loyalty".

76. Tadashi (M) (Japanese origin) meaning "faithful or old friend". Names that mean old friend can describe your dog perfectly.

77. Thuy (F) (Arabic origin) meaning "faithful friend".

78. Truman (M) (English origin) meaning "faithful man". Harry Truman was also the name of one of the more popular Presidents of the United States.

79. Wafi (M) (Arabic origin) meaning "faithful" or "reliable" or "old friend".

80. Warren (M) (English origin) meaning "guard". Warren is often linked to the American investor, Warren Buffet, who is the CEO of Berkshire Hathway and one of the wealthiest people in the world.

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