11 Great Inspirational Parents You Need To Follow On Instagram

inspirational instagram accounts for parents

Sometimes social media can have a wonderful influence - like these top eleven inspirational parent Instagrams to follow now.

With so many Instagram influencers out there, it can be difficult to figure out the right ones to follow. And more importantly, which of them are going to have a positive influence in your life!

Following the wrong parent influencers can have a negative influence on your happiness and mental health if you can't relate to them, or if they seem out of your reach financially or physically. In a world where we constantly compare ourselves to each other, it's easy to beat ourselves up about why our lives don't seem as perfect as someone else's. By cutting down on the accounts that you follow and making sure that those scrolling thumbs are only bringing us positive and uplifting content, you're bound to notice the difference.


Zoë de Pass is the woman behind the Dress Like a Mum Instagram account. It was set up to inspire women to embrace their bodies and clothing and to essentially change the bad image of 'dressing like a mum'. Her account, which has upwards of 100k followers, is a great place to find fashion inspiration for mums and mums-to-be. Her fashion is colourful and playful, but she encourages women to find their own styles; Zoë's mission is to prove that dressing like a mum is purely about feeling confident and wearing clothes that you love, regardless of what the media says.


Anna Whitehouse is one of many mummy bloggers who are making a full-time job out of social media. But this influencer certainly stands out, as rather than sharing perfectly pristine posts she likes to represent a more realistic image of being a parent. On her account, Anna does vlogging as well as taking photographs - which really makes you feel like you know her! Not only has her content earned her the loyal following of 263k followers, but also a blue tick.

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Papa Pukka has some amazingly real and hilarious content for parents. His Instagram is just full of witty captions about the funny and difficult journeys that parents go through whilst raising their children.


Many dads will be able to relate to this inspiring account run by a man who claims to be 'outnumbered' by his wife and four little girls. His content is funny and entertaining - sharing anything from selfies to homemade memes. His house is also featured quite a lot, as they appear to have a love for interiors as well as parenting - which is great to see.


Michelle Kennedy is the CEO of her own company: Peanut. It is an app geared towards helping mothers overcome isolation and loneliness by connecting local mothers and providing a place for asking questions. So, if there's one person who understands all of your parenting qualms it's likely to be Michelle! Her Instagram has a modest 10.5k but is blue-tick verified due to her business. What's great about her page is that she shows so much of her personal life with her kids, as well as how that fits in with her job. It can be tough seeing some parents make balancing work, family and everything in between look ridiculously easy on Instagram, but Michelle addresses all of those difficult parent jobs too - so she's definitely one to follow for inspiration.

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This dad's content is right there in the name. This modest and 'normal' dad is a breath of fresh air in the world of some Instagram influencers. Unfiltered and honest, his bio modestly states that he is 'winging it through parenthood'. Relatable, right?


This account is just so beautiful and inspiring. The page is run by the little boy's parents but written as though it is him. We absolutely love the way that their love as parents shine through in his bio: "I’m a boy, I’m a model, and I happen to have Down Syndrome and Autism". Life With Micah is definitely one to follow and especially if your child has Autism or Down's Syndrome. Instagram can be an amazing platform for sharing experiences and raising awareness; it is the perfect space for parents to talk to other families who have things in common.


This dad of four shares his incredible journey on his Instagram account with his wife who had triplets with IVF. The three little girls, one little boy and the mother all feature regularly but the account is from the perspective of a working dad. Just a normal dad who goes to work and then posts his amazing little family to almost 100k followers when he gets home! For anyone with twins or triplets this is a must-follow for you, as he shares some really relatable content that might just help you get through a difficult day.

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This incredible lady is the founder of Make Motherhood Diverse, an initiative that aims to "encourage a more accurately representative and diverse depiction of motherhood in the media", according to Podtail. A mum herself to Esmè and RJ, Candice never fails to present her followers with inspirational reads through her Instagram that always leave us thinking. She shares a mixture of selfies along with promos for her amazing books; this account really is one that everyone should follow.


If you follow this account you'll get two honest, open and hilarious mums for the price of one! Featuring frank captions about motherhood, realistic mum-bod snaps, wine drinking and chicken nuggets for dinner. They also have a podcast and have done live comedy shows where they discuss feminism, IVF, pelvic floors and breastfeeding. What's not to love about these two comedians?


Whether you're in a same-sex parenthood family, or if you're just looking to diversify your newsfeed, you should try following this account. They share stories and accounts of same-sex parenthood from all over the UK and organise regular meetups for anyone interested. Although this account doesn't have many followers yet, we're really rooting for it, as it has an amazing message to share. If you're looking for some Instagram accounts to follow about same-sex parents, try using hashtags such as #samesexmarriage #samesexparents and you'll find what you're looking for!



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