Stuck With Sticks? Here's 21 Great Lolly Stick Craft Ideas


Lolly sticks (or popsicle sticks, whatever you call them!) are so versatile and make the perfect crafting buddy- you'll be amazed at what you can make out of them!

Whether you save them up from all the kids' ice lollies or buy them from craft shops these little guys can keep you and the kids busy for days! From DIY phone holders to lolly stick jigsaw puzzles, we have something here for everyone. So, let’s get crafting!

1.Lolly Stick Ballerinas

One for all the girly girls! Transform your lolly sticks into super-cute mini ballerinas.

You'll need: lolly sticks, PVA glue, marker pens, cupcake cases, stick-on gems, bows and pipe cleaners.

How to make your lolly stick ballerinas: start by folding your cupcake case in half and glue it to the centre of your lolly stick to make your ballerinas tutu. Next, draw a little face, some hair and some ballet shoes using your marker pens. You can jazz it up by adding some sparkle with some stick-on gems and bows. Wrap a pipe cleaner around the middle of the lolly stick to make your ballerinas arms. Your ballerina lolly stick is complete!

2.Rainbow Popsicle Stick Craft

Have you got a rainbow window? Add this little rainbow to your collection to bring joy to passers-by!

You'll need: 1 sheet of white card, 2 googly eyes, rainbow coloured craft sticks, PVA glue and a black marker pen.

How to make your rainbow craft: start by cutting a cloud shape out of the white card.  Next, stick on your coloured crafts sticks in a line onto the cloud. Allow the glue to dry then turn your cloud over and stick on your googly eyes.  Use the marker pen to draw on a nose and a mouth and your rainbow craft is complete!

3.DIY Popsicle Stick Phone Holder

Older children will love making their own deck chair phone holder out of popsicle sticks!

You’ll need:  a ruler, pencil, 2 small sticks, scissors, popsicle sticks and 1 foam sheet.

4.Lolly Stick Activity Jar

You’ll need: a selection of lolly sticks, washi tape, stick-on gems and embellishments and marker pens.

We love this idea to make use of all of your used lolly sticks! Let the kids jazz up one side of each of the lolly sticks with washi tape, stick-on gems- whatever you have in your craft drawers.  On the reverse of your lolly sticks write out an activity for the kids to do like blowing bubbles, washing the car, baking, play a board game etc. Pop your decorated lolly sticks into a mason jar then next time you’re stuck on what to do, get the kids to pick a stick and choose your activity!

5.Lolly Stick Bird Feeder

Have a go at this brilliant bird feeder made out of lolly sticks. This is a great kids craft to encourage all the little birdies to come and visit your garden.

6.Mini Photo Frames

Kids will love creating these mini photo frames out of popsicle sticks.

You’ll need: 4 popsicle sticks, PVA glue, a paintbrush, stick-on gems, pom poms, embellishments, glitter glue, scissors, ribbon and marker pens

How to make your DIY popsicle stick photo frame:  using the PVA glue, stick the 4 lolly sticks together to make a little square. Let your little ones get creative making some glitter glue swirls, adding gems and pom-poms and embellishments to their frame. Cut a piece of ribbon and stick it to the top of your frame so that it can be hung on the wall.  Choose a special photo for your frame, glue this on and your mini photo frame is now complete!

7.Craft Stick Puppets

Spice up storytime with some lolly stick puppets. Print out some little characters or animals and get your little one to colour them in and then stick them onto your craft sticks.

8.Popsicle Stick Superheroes Craft

Save the world with these popsicle stick superheroes!

You’ll need: a selection of popsicle sticks, marker pens, coloured card, PVA glue, scissors and googly eyes

How to make your creative popsicle stick superheroes: you’ll need one stick for each superhero. Start by getting your little one to colour in 3/4 of the stick with a marker pen- leaving the top part for your superheroes face. Using a different colour pen write the letter ‘S’ in the middle for Superhero! Cut out a triangle shape out of the card for the superheroes cape and a little rectangle for their mask. Glue your cape onto the back of your popsicle stick and glue on their mask. Finish off by adding some googly eyes and drawing on a little mouth with a marker pen.  Let them dry then your superhero sticks are ready for action!

9.Lolly Stick Number Match

Help preschoolers learn numbers with this fun lolly stick number matching game. On one lollipop stick draw the number of dots and on another write the number and see if they can match them up!

10.Popsicle Stick Trinket Box

You’ll need: coloured popsicle sticks, PVA glue and some embellishments to decorate your box

Get creative and make a little trinket box to store away all of your little treasures.

11.Lolly Stick Jigsaw Puzzle

Lay out some lolly sticks in a line, stick a photo or picture on top and cut between the sticks to create your very own lolly stick puzzle!

12.Popsicle Stick Texture Match

This is a great sensory activity to do with preschoolers. Simply glue different textures to your lolly sticks in pairs, you could try sandpaper, foil, velcro and bubble wrap. Let your little ones explore and match them into the correct pairs.

13.Popsicle Stick Fan

With summer just around the corner and warmer days on the horizon have a go at making these craft stick fans to keep you cool! Simply concertina fold some paper and cut into an arch shape. Let your little ones decorate and colour it in and then glue each side to a popsicle stick. Fan away!

14.Colour Match Up

This is a super-simple activity to help toddlers learn their colours. Simply lay out one of each colour sticks in a row and ask your toddler to match the remaining sticks into the correct piles, saying the name of each colour as they go.

Want some more crafts with lolly sticks? Have a go at these:

Old McDonald had a farm.. fill your farm with farmyard animals made out of craft sticks.

Feeling extra creative? Have a go at building a popsicle stick house!

Older children will love making these wonderful mini lanterns.

Add a little bit of magic indoors or in the garden with a magical fairy door.

Sail the seas with this lolly stick raft.

Be careful these mini crocodiles like to bite!

Older children will love this lolly stick weaving activity.



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