25+ Great River Puns That Won't Drive You Round The Bend

Funny river puns are quick-witted and should be enjoyed without any regrets.

Rivers are a significant source of water but are also an over flowing source of great puns.

Some like to hear puns while others like to be the ones who crack these one-liners. It is not easy for a pun or one-liner to flow out of your mouth as easily as a river flows.

It's river-ly exciting to row your boat and get on the river pun stream. One needs to have the wit and know the exact moment to strike the perfect puns on river and river jokes that can make people laugh out loud. These puns can be used to upstream the mood of the room and make your friends and family laugh. Understanding this word play is not everyone's cup of tea. Word play can be ex-stream-ly hilarious if you get it. You need to have the best of wit and intelligence to catch the joke. Those who cannot understand it may not know how to take it as a joke. But then again, word-play jokes are supposed to be fun and witty. Here we have a list of 25+ great puns. Look at these rivers and river-related puns that can help you to show-off in front of your friends and family and have a great laugh.

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Funny Puns On River

Puns on river can instantly catch anyone's attention. These can be intense word twists or funny river names puns.  Puns on river can seem quite unintentional but they hit right on the point that you can't help but end up laughing.  Here are some ex-stream-ly funny and river-lasting puns on the river.

1. I like the rivers very much. I was watching a live stream earlier.

2. There are so much beautiful sceneries near the river valleys. They are totally gorges.

3. The insane amount of rainfall in Poland did not lead the river to flood, all was in Oder.

4. The fisherman lost his new fishing hook in the river. He refused to accept it. He was in the Nile.

5. The river fish went to the library and asked if he can get a book. The librarian said: "You can start by-rowing it."

6. On our honeymoon, we went to Paris and my wife went in-seine on seeing the river.

7. One time, while visiting a river town, my brother was hungry and I fed him freshly made stream buns.

8. The people who live near the river banks were river-ent towards the river so that it won't stop flowing.

9. The man got shocked when he got down in the river because the river current was too strong.

10. Margaret wanted to see Somes river, so she booked a ticket to Romania.

11. When my friend and I visited Europe, he said he wanted to walk across a long river. I said it was not a good idea since it's a lot Dnieper than you think.

12. As I am walking towards my classroom, I get to know that my miss-is-sippi-ng my glass of water.

13. We were going on a boat trip to Greendale, but when we saw the channel did not look good, we reverted back to Riverdale.

14. The river has problems remembering things. It’s because she is going sea-nile.

15. The ocean cut off all ties with the river, because the river turned out to be too shallow

16. The scientists decided to clean up the Thames because it had a dirty mouth.

Funny Water Puns

How can we ever keep ourselves from water-related content when water accounts for 60% of the human body? Everyone enjoys a joke about water from time to time. A good splash of pun-intended water jokes can spray people with river-lasting freshness. Here are some crack-worthy water jokes to give you a good time.

17. The old man couldn't pay his water bill anymore. I mailed him a get well soon card.

18. One water bottle asked the next water bottle, 'Wat-er you having today?'

19. The lake did not like the river because it felt that the river was not very lake-able.

20. Gallon-ant efforts and proper liter-ship are required during a drought.

21. The river water was flowing down the plains happily when it hit a wall. It said, "Dam it!".

22. The dock keeps floating above the river because of the pier- pressure.

23. When the summers came, the signboard said to the beach: 'Tis the sea-son to get wet!'

River Puns for Instagram

People like to joke on Instagram all the time. Pun-intended carp-tions are a trend in the social media platform. So why don't you give a nice laugh to your online friends with these pun-intended river captions?

24. Last night the river was arrested. The river was accused of illegal streaming.

25. If you fall into a river in Paris, you are in Seine.

26. Don't get tide-up in sorrows, you will only cry a river.

27. Diving into shallow water could lead to jumping to wrong conclusions.

28. The river turned out to be a great party guy because he just went with the flow.

Swimming Puns

Swimming is a famous water sport. Many people enjoy swimming and therefore could crack up at the mere mention of swim puns. See if you can get a laugh out of your swimmer friend with these witty puns.

29. One time I went to a swimming competition with my friend in Brooke-lyn and she got the first prize. She was really swim-pressive.

30. I go to the pool because I want to know how to swim. I can never get balanced, but my sister says it’s so swim-ple.

31. I learned to swim within 6 months. My new swimming tutor is swim-ply awesome!

32. While walking down the plains of the river, I lost my footing and got hit on my head. Now my head is swimming.

33. The swimmer is on a swimming streak!

34. I love to swim in the summers. I have a splash-tastic time in the swimming pool.

Funny River Jokes

River jokes can hit you quite unexpectedly. They can put your brain at work for some time, but once you know them, you find yourself rolling down laughing on the river bed. Plus, rivers without fishes cannot be even imagined. So, shore-ly these river jokes cannot work without a few fish puns and jokes.  Check out these fin-tastic funny fishy jokes and one-liners on fish along with some river jokes that can make any man laugh. Let the joke flow through you and sit back, enjoy the day and have a good laugh with these ex-stream-ly funny river jokes.

35. What do you refer to the smaller rivers that run into the Nile? The juveniles.

36. Why did the river get arrested? Because it was accused of multiple banking.

37. Why did the river refuse to join the sea? Because the sea was salty.

38. What is the name of the car that passes through the narrow stream of the river? Fjord.

39. Where do fish sleep? In the river bed.

40. Where do fish keep their money? In river banks.

41. What is the most depressed river in Southern Europe? The Crimea River.

42. What did Sherlock Holmes say to Watson when he noticed sandstone deposits on the river bank? "It's sedimentary, my dear Watson."

43. Why did two fishes go to the riverbank? They wanted to withdraw their fins.

44. In what state is the Amazon River? It is in the liquid state.

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