50 Great Robot Puns

Robot puns are funny because they use wordplay to make us laugh.

We bet you didn't know that robots have actually existed since ancient times.

They didn't look like the ones we have now, of course, but our ancient ancestors had engineers that created things like artificial servants and moving statues. The Greek inventor Philon of Byzantium who was around in 220 BC created a metal robot who could mix water and wine to make a drink if a cup was placed into its hand.

Today, robots are a lot more common, with cool things like robot vacuum cleaners, webcams and lawn mowers in lots of people's homes. Robots totally won our hearts in films like 'Wall-E' and 'Robots', and silly robot jokes like talking in a robot voice when you're asked to do chores or doing the robot dance at a party are never going to get rusty. There's something just so cool about the possibilities of what robots can do, not to mention the fun you can have with robot jokes and puns!

If you are on the look out for some new robot jokes, some good robot puns to impress your friends, or you just want to take it back to basics with one of the classic robotics jokes to call your own, we've got one or two you're going to like a lot. If this robot pun article gets you in the mood for more robot jokes, our jokes about robots article is a rust-read. And if you prefer your pals to have more bark than byte, you might like to take a look at our pug puns.

Funny Robot Puns

Robot puns make you think creatively and also make you giggle.

These robot puns and robot jokes are guaranteed to draw some laughs from family and friends.

1. The droid was excited by the meal I cooked him, until he took a byte.

2. Mommy robot was so proud when baby robot learnt it's first word. Da-ta.

3. The robot had no choice to to go back to Earth as a ghost when he passed away. He just wasn't able to rust in peace.

4. The robot baby was crying so I gave him his robottle.

5. The robot needed to drive his car to get to school, so he turned into a roadbot.

6. I've started to make a robot who can write 500 robot jokes per minute. He's a pro-to-type.

7. "Rust in peace," the robots sobbed, when they went to the robot funeral.

8. In robot school, they like to take learning seriously. Every year they read, "All about Robots," by Cy Borg.

9. The robot was getting extremely angry. Everyone was really pushing his buttons.

10. The robot decided to call into the shoe shop. He needed to be rebooted.

11. If you like your music with a side of theatre, I'd recommend you check out the music of Android Lloyd Webber.

12. I got a new wireless robot in the post the other day. Our friendship has no strings attached.

13. If you cross one robot with one tractor, you end up with a metal trans-farmer.

14. I went to a Mexican robot restaurant. Dell Taco is nothing on Taco Bell.

15. The robot fell out with all of his school friends. I had to call him up and have a word, he's got a real chip in his shoulder.

16. The policeman was mad when he caught the low powered robot for the third time that week. He had to charge him with battery.

17. Robots hate listening to pop music. They're heavy metal fans.

18. I didn't realise that 'I Robot' had a Middle Eastern sequel. They called it 'I Ran'.

19. If you have a friend who's a robot, they'll never cross you. They're loyal because their love can't be bot.

20. Robots don't like to go to the UK on holiday, they prefer to take a trip to Wireland.

21. If you take a robot to the arcade, you'll have to go back to the Sparkanoid machine again and again.

22. The doctor said he hadn't seen anything like it. It appeared that the robot had a deadly virus.

23. I found an android in the North Pole. I didn't know there were snowbots there.

More Robot Puns

Laugh your head off at these robot jokes and robot one liners.

24. Robots don't like apples. It's because they are androids.

25. The robot was embarrassed to get changed. He had software and hardware, but he didn't have any underware.

26. I went to a robot book club. They were reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Wire.

27. Robots always like to order the same thing from the take out place, they never try anything new. The order is always computer chips, and raspberry pi for dessert.

28. Robots like to read, their favourite author is Anne Droid.

29. I was impressed when the robot ate an entire sandwich in one gulp. I decided to call him MegaByte.

30. The robot was in a lot of pain while she was giving birth. It was all the contraptions.

31. If you ever have to choose a movie for a pirate robot, the best choice is Aye Robot.

32. I went to a robot concert the other day. It's the first time I've heard someone play a cyborgan.

33. When I was teaching a group of robots, one asked me where he should sit. I said, "on your robottom."

34. I bought an egg timer in the shape of a dalek. After four minutes, it says, "eggs terminate!"

35. I invited some robots over to eat guacamole. They brought their own bag of microchips.

36. The robots wore their roboots when it snowed.

37. I met a robot pirate the other day. He greeted me with an, "arrr2D2."

38. My girlfriend told me that robots don't wash themselves. So I put one in the bath, and said, "that will shower."

39. A robot needs a holiday twice a year. It's vital for them to recharge their batteries.

40. The robot fell in love straight away when he saw his girlfriend. He just couldn't resistor.

41. The music lover robot was sad that his instrument collection could never be truly complete.  As much as he tried,  he just couldn't get any organs.

42. There's a certain type of robot that is amazing at watersports. Rowbots.

43. The robot mechanic was never going to be lonely. If he felt sad, he could just make himself some new friends.

44. The robot ended up bankrupt when he used up all his cache.

45. R2D2 was struggling to open a PDF file on his computer. It was much easier when he installed Adobe Wan Kenobi.

46. If you want to cook for a robot, it's best to make Mexican food. They love silicon carne.

47. The robot crossed the road. He was programmed to do it.

48. The robot decided to go back to school. He felt like he was getting a little bit rusty.

49. The robot dog was a big softie. His bark was worse than his byte.

50. I got myself a new puppy that's a robot. Dogmatic.



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