150+ Great Youth Group Names You'll Love

Christian youth groups around the world study the Bible.

Choosing youth groups names is harder than you can imagine.

As there are so many ideas for Christian group names, it can get quite difficult to pick one. However, this blog aims to make it easier for you to choose a group name.

Read on to pick the perfect name from this list of over 150 amazing names for high school youth ministries along with youth group names acronyms. For more incredible articles on Kidadl, check out cool nicknames for boys and group chat names.

Popular Youth Club Names

In our first section, we'll take a look at some popular names for youth groups.

Many Christian youth groups do helpful things in their community.

1. Always Steadfast, for a committed and devoted youth group.

2. Ambassadors For Christ, for the youth group that represents Jesus Christ.

3. Anointed, a simple but very powerful name.

4. A Faith Revelation, for the youth group whose members underwent life-changing experiences.

5. A Place Of Truth, for the youth group that values truth above all else.

6. Awaken Our Souls, for the youth group who want their souls to awaken.

7. Awaiting His Guidance, for the youth group that is searching for God's Message.

8. Be The Light, for the youth group that chooses love and light over hate and anger.

9. Bible Troupe, for the youth group that holds the Holy Bible above everything else.

10. Breakthrough Brigade, a youth group name that uses alliteration to drive home its mission.

11. Called To Greatness, for the youth group whose members feel as if God Himself is calling them.

12. Changed Forever, for the group that's been transformed by Christ.

13. Collective Devotion, for the youth group that's committed to Christ.

14. Collective Joy, a youth group name that encompasses the joy of togetherness.

15. Connected Through Christ, for the youth group with the mission of spreading Jesus' word.

16. Conquerors, for the youth group that will inspire others.

17. Cornerstone, a very crisp and concise youth group name.

18. CrossWay, a group name that employs wordplay at its best.

19. Delivering Hope, for the youth group that exudes positivity.

20. Desiring Truth, for the group that seeks the truth.

21. Disciples Of Truth, for the youth group whose members are devoted to the truth.

22. Echoes Of Mercy, whose members value the concept of mercy.

23. Endless Hallelujah, for the youth group that sings of God's glory.

24. Ever Near Him, for the group that always feels close to God.

25. Exuberant, the perfect name for a vibrant youth group.

26. Grace Found Us, for the group that's been touched by God's grace.

27. Group Of Grace, for the youth group that's found grace as a collective.

28. Heirs Of Salvation, for the group that believes in salvation.

29. Mended And Whole, for the youth group that feels repaired by the message of Jesus Christ.

30. Overcomers, for the group that overcomes every obstacle.

31. Peace Is Ours, for a pious youth group that's found the way of peace, love, and healing.

32. Propelled Towards Truth, for the youth group that's on the way to being one with the truth.

33. Redemption Squad, for the youth group that believes in redemption.

34. Rooted In Christ, for the group that firmly knows where it comes from.

35. Seeking Blessed Peace, one of the best name ideas for a high school youth group.

36. Soul Fuel, for the soul-oriented youth group.

37. Soul Refuge, for the youth group that acts as a refuge for the soul of each member.

38. Soul Squad, one of the best names for Christian groups that places great emphasis on the human soul.

39. Super Soul Sessions, a great name for a musical youth group.

40. True And Faithful, for the group that is to God what its name states.

41. Refuge For Our Souls, for the group that's found refuge in God.

42. Zealous For Jesus, a youth group name that is inspired by the enthusiasm for the teachings of Jesus Christ.

43. Unconditionally Free, for the group that's broken free from all its chains and shackles.

44. Unwavering Faith, for the youth group whose faith simply cannot be shaken.

45. Victorious, one of the simplest and most powerful youth group names.

46. Waiting On The Lord, for a group that's committed to the search for God.

47. We Found Hope, for groups that have found hope and optimism in the Bible.

48. We Stand In Awe, for the youth group that is simply awestruck by Christ's teachings.

49. We Are Transformed, for groups that have been transformed by Jesus' teachings.

50. We Will Thrive, for groups that are determined to thrive as a collective.

Inspirational Names For Youth Groups

Read about some of the best youth club names that never fail to inspire in this section.

Christian youth groups rely on Jesus' teachings to spur them on to great things

51. All Chains Will Break, a name that symbolizes true freedom.

52. All Eyes On Jesus, for the youth group that's all about Jesus.

53. Belonging To God, for the group that pledges its allegiance to God.

54. Believers Of The Bible, for God's true believers.

55. Carried By His Love, for a group that feels God's love day in and day out.

56. Collective Faith, symbolizing faith that simply can't be shaken.

57. Collective Truth Seekers, for those who seek the truth.

58. Drawing Close To Christ, for the group that always has Jesus on its collective mind.

59. Exalted Forever, for a youth ministry that has been uplifted by God.

60. Fields Of Grace, a beautiful youth ministry name.

61. Free By God's Grace, for the youth ministry that credits God for its freedom.

62. Gathered Close To Christ, for the youth ministry that holds Jesus dear.

63. Gathered In Mercy, for a compassionate youth ministry.

64. Glory Bound, for a youth ministry destined for great things.

65. Glory Unspeakable, for a youth ministry that can't express God's glory in words.

66. God's Beloved, for a youth group that believes that it's loved by God.

67. God's Family, for the group that believes that it's a part of the divine family.

68. God's Flock, for the meek shall inherit the Earth.

69. Good God Lovers, for the group whose members love God unconditionally.

70. God's Huddle, for the youth club that's united by God.

71. Greater Are His Ways, for the youth club that acknowledges God's divine power.

72. He Reigns Supreme, for the youth club that sees God as the ultimate power.

73. Hearts Overflowing, one of the Christian team names that express devotion to God.

74. Holiness Calling, one of the youth group names that recognize the call of God.

75. Honoring The Savior, one of the youth group names that honor Jesus Christ.

76. Illuminated, for groups that have come in contact with God's divine light.

77. Nothing Is Impossible, for groups that believe they can achieve anything.

78. Inspiring Devotion, for groups who can inspire others.

79. Jesus Eclipses All, one of the group names that is inspired by Jesus Christ.

80. Jesus Leads The Way, for groups that are willing to walk in Jesus' path.

81. Joyful Congregation, for groups that are content to follow God and Jesus Christ.

82. Leading To The Cross, for groups that want to walk in Jesus' footsteps.

83. Leaning On Jesus, for groups that rely on Jesus.

84. Let The Light Shine, for groups that have seen God's light.

85. Movers And Seekers, for groups that take action and seek the truth.

86. No Exclusions, for groups that are inclusive.

87. Our Everything Is Jesus, for groups that hold Jesus dearest.

88. One Truth, for groups who believe that God's truth is supreme.

89. Our Oasis, for groups who find shelter in Jesus.

90. Pathfinders, for groups that find oneness with God.

91. Personal With God, for groups who break every barrier between them and God.

92. Power In Prayer, for groups who find strength through prayers.

93. Reconciled, for groups that accept God as their leader.

94. Refreshing Grace, for groups that are forever grateful for God's grace.

95. Rooted In Christ, for groups guided by Christ.

96. Sanctified, for pious groups that abide by Jesus' teachings.

97. Standing In Awe, for groups that have felt in awe of God.

98. Seeing The Light, for groups that have seen God's light.

99. Spiritual Lifeline, for groups that are spiritual.

100. Unrelenting Worship, for groups that worship despite struggles.

Powerful Youth Club Names

In this final section, we'll take a look at some really powerful youth group names.

101. 3:16 Youth, a reference to John 3:16.

102. 4 12 Army, a reference to Timothy 4: 12.

103. Believers' Collective, one of the most powerful youth group names.

104. Believers' Flock, for the flock of the most loyal believers.

105. Born Of Jesus' Spirit, for a group that stays true to the Lord.

106. Christ's Crowd, for groups dedicated to Christ.

107. Consuming Fire, one of the Christianity group names to consider.

109. Devoted To Him, one of the creative Bible study group names.

110. Disciples' Union, a great name for the followers of Christ.

111. Fellowship Of Souls, for souls gathered to worship the Lord.

112. Following The Savior, for groups that follow Jesus no matter what.

113. Forever His Followers, for groups forever loyal to Jesus.

114. God's Hand Leads, for the groups prepared to follow.

115. Hold Us Jesus, for groups looking for Jesus' guidance.

116. Hope Disciples, for groups who turn to Jesus for hope.

117. Holy Gathering, for gatherings of pious souls.

118. Lighthearted, for groups full of love and light.

119. Looking Above, for groups who look to God for solutions.

120. Mercy Streams, for groups who are compassionate and merciful.

121. Our Comfort Is Christ, for groups who seek solace in the Lord.

122. Our Strength Is Christ, for groups who draw strength from Jesus.

123. Proclaiming Our Salvation, for groups that believe salvation lies in following Jesus.

124. Proclaim His Name, for groups forever willing to proclaim Jesus' name.

125. Professing Our Faith, for groups who are Christian through and through.

126. Pure Devotion, for the most devoted groups.

127. Quenched, for groups with a thirst for spirituality.

128. Revered Truth, for groups who hold truth as something sacred.

129. Revive Us, for groups who need the Lord to help them.

130. Set Us Free, for the groups who seek freedom through Christ.

131. Shelter During The Storm, for groups who look to Christ.

132. Soul Testament, for groups with souls aligned with the message of Jesus.

133. Team Good News, for groups that are positive and optimistic.

134. Team Redemption, for groups that seek redemption through Christ.

135. The Company Of Christ, for groups that are committed to Christ's teachings.

136. The Holy Spirit's Guidance, for groups guided by the Lord.

137. The Hope Collective, for groups that believe in faith and hope.

138. The King's Following, for groups that follow in the footsteps of the Lord.

139. The Redeemer's Followers, for groups that follow Jesus without a second thought.

140. The Spiritual Voyage, for groups on a spiritual journey.

141. Together In Christ, for groups who identify with the spirit of the Lord.

142. To Jesus We Cry, for groups that pray to the Lord.

143. To Jesus We Turn, for groups that look to Jesus for answers.

144. Truth Seekers, for groups that are forever in pursuit of the truth.

145. United In Truth, for groups that find unity in the truth.

146. Walking With Jesus, for groups that want to walk on Jesus' path.

147. We Are One, for groups that believe in unity.

148. We Are Redeemed, for groups that have been saved by Jesus' teachings.

149. We Stand Revived, for groups that feel revived by the Lord.

150. We Will Rise, for groups that want to reach out to the world with Jesus' message.

151. Worthy Warriors, for groups that are worthy of following Jesus.

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