146 Greek Girl Names For Your Mini-Goddess

Baby girl wearing a flower hairband sleeping on a pink blanket.

Just imagine the things your daughter could go on to achieve if you name your baby girl after a heroine from Greek mythology.

Opt for one of the popular Greek names for girls and you can do just that, with choices coming straight out of the Greek history books. Or if you are of Greek heritage you may wish to select a traditional Greek name for a girl, perhaps one that has been handed down through the family.

The world has come to know and treasure Greek baby names through great works of literature coming out of the country. If Aphrodite is too far-out there but you fancy a sea-inspired name, take a look at these ocean inspired names for girls. If you love the meaning behind the name Celene (moon) but not the name itself check out our moon-related baby name list for some more inspiration. Opting for Greek baby names doesn't have to mean naming them after a Greek goddess, though names which honour Greek heroines are having something of a moment right now. Greek-inspired girls' names embrace the traditional (Aikaterini), the mythical (Olympia) as well as the more well known (Zoe).

Newborn baby girl lying on her front sleeping with her mouth open.

Why Choose Greek Girl Names?

Greek baby names aren't just for those sunning themselves on a Greek isle, many will be right at home here in the UK as well giving a unique baby name for a touch of individuality. Popular Greek names like Sofia, Chloe and Penelope regularly top lists of baby names, and have the added benefit of being easy to pronounce. Other Greek names are less straight forward to read and say out loud; plump for one of these and your child may well find themselves having to spell their name out to every new person they meet.

The Iliad and the Odyssey book, inspiration for Greek names.

Once you've hit upon a few Greek girls' names you like, play around with them. Does your Greek baby name pair well with a middle name you've set your heart on? And how do they sound when you add your surname to your girl names? Greek inspired or otherwise it's still something to consider. Think about what other children may shorten the name to (accept that this will happen) and any and all possible variations of how it could be pronounced. If other people mispronouncing your daughter's name is likely to make you cringe, keep your search to those names which have a similar pronunciation in the UK but still take their roots from Greece and the Greek language.

Ready to start your search for baby names for girls with a Greek flavour? Read on for our round-up of the best Greek baby girl names and be inspired.

Dad sitting on bed smiling at his baby girl who is sat in his arms smiling.

A-G Greek Girl Names

The Greek language can be a tricky one to get your head around. Often a 'd' can have a 'th' sound and an 'x' a 'zan' or 'zee' sound. But that can only serve to make your girls' names list more exciting. It's safe to say that choosing a traditional Greek name will make it more likely that your daughter is the only one in their class with that name. And don't forget you can always shorten or adapt your Greek-inspired names for girls for a nickname that is easier to pronounce. For example, the Greek name Ekaterini can be used in its diminutive form; Katie. Eulalia could become Layla and Calliope made easier by using Calli.

Whether you want to honour your newborn with a Greek girl name that means 'innocent' or make a wish for her future with a Greek name that literally means 'Goddess of Earth', we have lots of Greek baby names to explore, starting with the early letters of the alphabet. From popular Greek girl names you already recognise, to some new Greek baby names to consider, you'll find them here.

Girl smiling and wearing a crown like a Greek goddess.

Acacia (Ah-key-shuh) means "thorny" or "naive".

Adamandia (Ah-dam-andia) means "diamond".

Adoni means "she who fights dragons".

Adriani (ah-dree-ah-nee) means "wealthy".

Aikaterini (e-ka-te-ree-ni) means "always pure" or "innocent".

Alethea (al-ee-thia) means "truthful one".

Alexa means "defending men".

Aliki (al-lee-kee) means "noble" or "truth".

Amara means "grace".

Anastasia means "resurrection" or "eternal".

Andromeda (ann-drom-eh-da) means "ruler of men".

Angelina means "angel" or "heavenly".

Aphrodite (af-ruh-deye-tee) means "born from sea foam".

Aretha means "moral and virtuous" or "excellent".

Arianna means "most holy".

Athena means "Greek goddess of wisdom and war".

Berenice means "victorious".

Callia (cal-ee-uh) means "beautiful".

Calliope (ca-lee-oh-pee) means "beautiful voiced".

Callista means "most beautiful".

Cassandra means "she who surpasses" or "a seer".

Celene means "moon".

Charis (kare-iss) means "charity".

Chloe means "young, green shoot" or "blooming".

Cleo means "praise" or "glorious", diminutive of Cleopatra.

Cora means "maiden".

Cyebele (sib-ah-le)  means "loan".

Damaris (day-ma-ris) means "wife".

Danai (da-na-ee) means "happy".

Daphne means "honour" or "victory".

Delphine means "from Delphi, Greece".

Demeter (th-mee-ter) means "earth mother".

Demi means "follower of Demeter".

Diana means "luminous" or "perfect".

Dianthe (diy-ae-n-dhiy) means "divine flower".

Dorothea means "gift of God" or "talent".

Efimia (ef-im-ia) means "good reputation".

Efterpi (ef-ter-pee) means "muse" or "pretty in face".

Eleanora means "light" or "mercy".

Eleftheria (el-ef-theh-ree-ah) means "liberator".

Elpida (elp-ida) means "hope".

Erasmia (e-ra-smee-a) means "loveable" or "beloved".

Eris (eer-is) means "goddess of jealousy".

Euphrosyne (yoo-fros-uh-nee) means "joy".

Evadne (eh-vaa-dneh or iy-vaedniy) means "pleasing one".

Evangeline means "bearer of good news".

Fanouria (fan-ur-ea) means "he illuminates".

Fedra (fed-ra) means "bright" or "shining from grace".

Gaia (guy-ya) means "Goddess of the Earth".

Georgia means "agriculture".

Grigoria means "fast and alert".

H-O Greek Girl Names

The Greek have a strong naming tradition which sees baby names being passed down the generations, in turn creating a string of Greek baby names which have stood the test of time and remain popular.  Centuries ago Christian Greeks would have been named after orthodox saints, though since the 18th century Greek girl and boy names have been strongly influenced by the Bible, as well as looking to their own history, culture and mythology.

Here we have plenty more Greek baby girl names to pick for your baby. From short and sweet Greek girl names to a Greek name for a girl that is both elaborate and beautiful. This collection of Greek names for girls – drawn from the middle of the alphabet – has some really unusual names for girls. Now you just need to decide which Greek baby girl name to bestow upon your daughter.

Baby girl smiling sitting on the grass next to a big teddy bear.

Hebe (hee-bee) means "youth".

Helaine (huh-lane) means "bright one".

Helen means "light".

Hera (hair-uh) means "heroine" or "protectress".

Hermione means "messenger of the Gods".

Hestia means "Goddess of hearth and home".

Hyacinth means "beautiful".

Ianthe (eye-an-thi) means "violet".

Ida (eye-duh) means "hard-working".

Iliana (ee-lee-ahn-ah) means "bright" or "sun".

Iola (eye-oh-lah) means "violet".

Iona (eye-oh-nuh) means "violet".

Irene means "peace" or "friend of silence".

Iris means "rainbow" or "God's messenger".

Ismena (ee-smee-nah) means "wise".

Ismini (ee-smee-neeh) means "knowledge".

Isodora means "gift of the moon".

Jacinda means "beautiful".

Jocasta means "shining moon".

Karissa means "beloved".

Katia means "pure".

Katherine means "pure".

Kolette means "people's victory".

Korinna means "maiden".

Kriti (kree-teeh) means "Greek island of Crete".

Kyriaki (kee-ree-ah-kee) means "Sunday".

Larissa means "mythical woman".

Lea means "woman".

Leda (lee-duh) means "forgetful" or "oblivion".

Lida (li-duh) means "beautifully dressed".

Lois means "superior".

Lydia means "woman from Lydia".

Magda means "high tower".

Maia means "mother".

Mairi (mah-ree) means "bitterness" or "beloved".

Margaret means "pearl".

Margarita means "pearl".

Maria means "shining".

Marieta means "bitterness" or "shining".

Marina means "comes from the sea".

Martha means "lady" or "mistress".

Medea (me-dea) means "cunning".

Melba means "soft and slender".

Melina means "gentle one".

Melodi means "music" or "song".

Meropi (mer-opi) means "myrrh".

Myra means "sweet-smelling oil".

Naida (ney-dah) means "water nymph".

Natalia means "Christmas day".

Nereida (nair-ree-duh) means "sea nymph" or "mermaid".

Nerin (ne-rin) means "one from the sea".

Nicola means "people's victory".

Nicole means "triumphant".

Nike (nee-kee) means "victory".

Nyssa (nee-sah) means "goal".

Odessa means "journey".

Olympia means "heavenly".

Ophelia (off-ee-lia) means "helpful and wise".

P-Z Greek Girl Names

Once you've settled on your favourite Greek girl names you may like to do a little research into it. While Pandora is a beautiful name with a lovely meaning behind it, dig a little deeper and you'll learn that according to ancient Greek myths she was also the first mortal woman to release her evil upon the world. Does that mean you should discount it? Of course not, but for every Aphrodite, there is a less-than heavenly counterpart. So let that be a lesson to choose your Greek baby girl names wisely.

Our final list of Greek baby girl names uses letters from the end of the alphabet. Greek baby girl names don't have to have an unusual feel to them as our list proves. You can also opt for authentic Greek baby names to celebrate your roots. You'll find popular Greek girl names alongside less familiar options here in our final round-up of Greek names for girls.

Baby girl wearing a red dress and white headband lying down looking at parents.

Pamela means "honeyed".

Pandora means "gifted" or "talented woman".

Penelope means "weaver".

Persephone (per-sef-o-nee) means "bringer of destruction".

Petra means "rock".

Petrina means "rock".

Phoebe means "One who shines bright and pure".

Rania (rah-nee-uh) means "delightful" or "contented".

Rena (re-nah) means "to connect".

Rhea (ree-uh) means "stream" or "mother of Gods".

Selena means "the moon".

Sophia means "wisdom".

Stella means "star".

Stephanie means "wearer of the crown".

Thalassa (tha-las-uh) means "sea".

Thalia (tha-lee-uh) means "muse" or "joyous".

Thea means "healer" or "wholesome".

Thelma means "ambitious" or "willful".

Theodora means "gift of God".

Theone (thee-o-nee) means "near God".

Theresa means "fertility" or "harvester".

Thimothea (tim-oh-thea) means "one who honours God".

Tiffany means "manifestation of God".

Titania means "giant".

Unice (you-niss) means "victorious".

Urania means "heavenly".

Ursula means "little bear".

Vasilia (va-see-lee-uh) means "royal".

Vasiliki (va-silly-key) means "regal".

Voleta (vo-let-ah) means "veiled".

Xanthe (zan-thee) means "fair hair".

Xenia (zee-nee-uh) means "hospitable".

Zafiria (zaf-ear-uh) means "precious" or "sapphire".

Zina means "hospitable".

Zoe means "life".

Zosime (zos-eem) means "survivor".

If you enjoyed this list of Greek girl names, then be sure to check out our 111 Greek boy names to match for sibling to match, or our list of top 74 mythical, mysterious and mystical names for your baby, many of which are inspired by Greek names, plus Middle Eastern, Asian and European.



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