104 Greek Last Names With Meanings And History

Greece, being an ancient culture, has a lot of unique names.

As Greek culture came to be a foundation for the western world, it has been an influence on many civilizations since ancient times.

The civilization of ancient Greece showed particular influence over arts, mythology, the educational systems, language, politics, philosophy, and science. This not only helped us form our daily values but also gave us loads of names of famous people and phenomenons.

People belonging to the civilization of ancient Greece followed a single or first name format. But with the increasing population, they started incorporating the last name in their documents just like any other culture. These Greek surnames varied according to the individual based on the patronymic (parent's given name), personal or physical descriptions (unique quality of the person or their appearance), occupations (based on their trade), foreign terms (person's foreign terms were switched with the Greek variations), or localities (based on their place of origin). In Greece, the most common surnames are considered to be with patronyms that have suffixes as per the area of their origin, for example, '-opoulos' from the Peleponnese area, '-ikis, -ikas, -akas' from Thessalia area, and so on. Here's a special list of 100 such Greek last names assorted in a thematic manner for you to choose from.

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Popular Greek Last Names

Popular Greek last names come from myths and legends. Here are a few Greek last names that are widely spotted in Greece society.

1.Agathangelou (Greek origin) meaning 'heirs from the historical figure called Agathangelos'.

2.Alexopoulos (Greek Origin) meaning 'defender' is the patronymic ending -poulos to the name Alexios.

3.Angelopoulos (Greek Origin) meaning 'angel' is the patronymic ending to the name Angelos.

4.Angelos(Greek Origin) meaning 'angel' is a commonly used Greek last name.

5.Artino (Greek Origin) referring to the 'local name giving to someone belonging to the city of Arta'.

6.Athanasiou (Greek Origin) meaning 'immortal' and is the suffix added to the name Athanasios.

7.Bakirtzis (Turkish Origin) meaning 'coppersmith'. This is a foreign occupational term used with Greek variation as the last name.

8.Chaconas (Greek Origin) meaning 'person from eastern Peloponnese area'. This is one of the names that is Americanized and based on the locality.

9.Chloros (Greek Origin) meaning 'green color', another commonly used Greek last name.

10.Danielopoulos (Greek Origin) meaning 'God is my judge'. It is the suffix added to the name Daniel also commonly meaning 'son of Daniel'.

11.Dougenis (Greek Origin) meaning 'being born', is a term used for the servants or slaves based on the occupational last name.

12.Economos (Greek Origin) meaning 'steward'. It is an occupational surname for property managers derived from the term, oikonomos.

13.Florakis (Greek Origin) meaning 'flower' with a suffix of -akis based on the locality of Crete.

14.Frangopoulos (German Origin) meaning 'free man' is a descendant of Frank.  

15.Franopoulos (German Origin) meaning 'free man' is a descendant of Frank.

16.Galatas (Greek Origin) meaning 'a milk seller or trader' - an example of occupational last names.

17.Ganas (Greek Origin) meaning 'coppersmith' is an occupational last name.

18.German meaning 'Germany' given to people based on their place of origin.  

19.Kallis (Greek Origin) meaning 'best' is one of the examples of patronymic last names.

20.Kalogeropoulos (Greek Origin) means 'son of a monk' is a patronymic Greek surname as the first name 'kalogeros' means monk.

21.Karagiannis (Greek Origin) meaning 'black John' is one of the personality type Greek surnames.

22.Karras (Greek Origin) meaning 'cart driver' is one of the occupational common Greek last names.

23.Katseros (Greek Origin) meaning 'curly' is a personality-based Greek last name given to someone with curly hair.

24.Kazan (Greek Origin), meaning 'people who make cauldrons', is one of the other occupation-based Greek last names.

25.Konstantinopolites (Greek Origin) meaning 'people from the Constantinople area'.

26.Kouris (Greek Origin) meaning 'forest dweller' is a Greek surname based on the locality.

27.Lambros (Greek Origin) meaning 'brilliant, bright as a day'.

28.Laskaris (Greek Origin) meaning 'a soldier' considered as a personal name or occupational Greek surname.

29.Lekas (Albanian Origin) meaning 'Albanian person' the word in Albania means 'Alexander'.

30.Leventis (Latin Origin) meaning 'people from the East' in Greek ancestry as one of the last names, this surname in Greek means 'gallant or fearless'.

31.Levidis (Hebrew Origin) means 'son of Levi' is a first name that also means 'attached' in Hebrew.

32.Loukanis (Greek Origin) meaning 'sausage maker' is derived from the term 'loukanika' which means sausage.

33.Mallas (Turkish Origin) meaning 'trowel' in the Greek names. This surname is an occupational one for a 'bricklayer'.

34.Mandrapilias (Greek Origin) meaning 'made of stone'. It was also one of the last names commonly used in Sparta Greece.

35.Manikas (Greek Origin) meaning 'handle' is one of the occupational Greek last names for handle-makers.

36.Matthiou (Greek Origin) meaning 'son of Matthias'. As a first name, it means 'gift of god'.

37.Metaxas (Greek Origin) meaning 'person who deals in silk'. It an occupational last name derived from the term Metaxi meaning 'silk'.

38.Nanos (Italian Origin) meaning 'short, dwarf' is an example of personality names.

39.Nikolaou (Greek Origin) meaning 'son of Nikolaos' which means 'victory of people' in Greek.

40.Papamichael  (Greek Origin) meaning 'son of a priest named Michael'.

41.Papazoglou (Greek Origin) meaning 'son of a priest'.

42.Pappas (Greek Origin) meaning ‘Priest’ is a derivative of the word 'papas'.

43.Pavlides (Greek Origin) meaning 'son of Pavlos'. As the first name, it is a Greek variation of 'Paul' and means rare.

44.Persopoulos (Greek Origin) meaning 'heir of Persians' is another example of localities based Greek last names.

45.Raptis (Greek Origin) meaning 'a tailor' - another one of the occupational last names.

46.Rella/Rellakis (Greek Origin) meaning 'an embroiderer' is one of the occupational last names where the word 'reli' means 'border or hem'.

47.Rousopoulos (Greek Origin) meaning 'Russian heir' is one of the Greek last names based on locality.

48.Sagona (Greek Origin) meaning 'jaw'. This last name is given to someone with a protruding jaw and is one of the examples of personality-based last names.

49.Samaras (Greek Origin) meaning 'saddle maker'.  

50.Stefanopoulos (Greek Origin) meaning 'son of Stephan'.

51.Theodoropoulos(Greek Origin) meaning 'son of Theodoros' the name according to Greek mythology is god's gift.

52.Voulgaropoulos (Greek Origin) meaning 'Bulgarian heirs'.

53.Yiannopoulos (Greek Origin) meaning 'son of Yianni'. The first name means 'God is gracious'.

54.Zafeiriou (Greek Origin) meaning 'son of Zafeiris'. The first name means 'sapphire or gemstone'.

Unique Greek Last Names

(Many unique Greek last names define special aspects of a person.

There are many sophisticated but not-so-common names in Greece. Here's an assorted list of Greek surnames that are known for their uniqueness or special qualities:

55.Aetos (Greek Origin) meaning 'eagle'.

56.Andeno (Greek Origin) meaning 'manly'.

57.Ariti (Greek Origin) meaning 'someone who is friendly, or generous'.

58.Calimeris (Greek Origin) meaning 'good morning' originated from the term 'Kalimera'.

59.Cirillo (Italian Origin) meaning 'masterful or lordly'.

60.Diamandis (Greek Origin) meaning 'diamonds'.

61.Drakos (Greek Origin) meaning 'dragon'.

62.Drivas (Slavic Origin) meaning 'tree'.

63.Galanis (Greek Origin) meaning 'someone with blue eyes'.

64.Gataki (Greek Origin) meaning 'kitten'.

65.Hasapis (Greek Origin) meaning 'butcher'. It is an example of occupation, derived from the term 'chasapi' used as the last name.

66.Hatzi/Hatzis (Greek Origin) meaning 'the one who has completed pilgrimage' - a pilgrimage especially to Jerusalem.

67.Iordanou (Hebrew Origin) meaning 'flow down' is a connotation to the Jordan River.  

68.Katopodis (Greek Origin) meaning 'below' is the Greek last name used for someone who ran away.

69.Kokkinos (Greek Origin) meaning 'red color'.

70.Kalogeras (Greek Origin) meaning 'monk' is another example of the personality type Greek last name.  

71.Leos (Greek Origin) meaning 'lions'.

72.Lykaios (Greek Origin) meaning 'wolf'.

73.Matsouka (Greek Origin) meaning 'bats'.

74.Moralis (Spanish Origin) meaning 'mulberry tree' this is the Greek variation with the Spanish word 'morales' meaning 'mulberry tree'.

75.Nomikos (Greek Origin) meaning ‘legal or something related to law’.

76.Onasis (Greek Origin) meaning 'lover'.

77.Othonos (German Origin) means ’wealth or fortune' a last Greek name inspired by the name Otto.  

78.Pachis (Greek Origin) meaning ‘fat’ is one of the personality-based Greek last names.

79.Pantazis (Greek Origin) meaning ‘to live forever'.

80.Rosi (Greek Origin) meaning 'rose' derived from the name Rosa.

81.Sarris (Turkish Origin) meaning 'Blonde or fair-haired'.

82.Savas (Greek Origin) meaning 'sabbath or Saturday'.

83.Scala (Greek Origin) meaning 'stairway'.

84.Selenofoto (Greek Origin) meaning 'moonlight'.

85.Sideris (Greek Origin) meaning 'iron'.

86.Teresi (Greek Origin) meaning 'Goddess of Hunting - Artemis'. This is one of the very few matronymic or feminine last names.

87.Thanos (Greek Origin) meaning 'immortal' is also a short form for the name 'Athanasios'. This name is now popular due to Marvel's Avengers nemesis, Thanos.

88.Tsaoussis (Greek Origin) meaning 'peacock'.

89.Vasilakis (Greek Origin) meaning 'Basil' is derived from the Greek word Vasilikos.

90.Vitalis (English Origin) meaning 'vital'.

91.Vouvali (Greek Origin) meaning 'buffalo'.

92.Xiphias (Greek, Latin Origin) meaning 'swordfish'.

93.Zika (Greek Origin) meaning 'to live'.

Ancient Greek Last Names

Greek culture is popular because of its ancient roots and classical aspects. Here's a list of selective Ancient Greek names.

94.Christoyannopoulos (Greek Origin) meaning 'offsprings of John and Christ'.

95.Diakos (Greek Origin) meaning 'deacon or member of Diaconate'.

96.Doukas (Medieval Greek Origin) meaning ‘duke or lord'.

97.Georgiana (Greek Origin) meaning 'wife of Georgios'. It is a married women's surname in ancient times, especially with her husband's name suggested by the  ‘-aina' suffix.

98.Iraklidis (Greek Origin) meaning 'glory', is associated with the son of Hercules.

99.Kyriaku (Greek Origin) meaning 'the lord'.

100.Markopoulos (Greek Origin) means 'son of Mark' is one of the patronymic Greek ancestry based last names.

101.Cephus (Greek Origin) meaning ‘God’s son who'll become a God'.

102.Panagos (Greek Origin), meaning 'holy', is an ancient Greek family name.

103.Remis (Greek Origin) meaning 'remedy' is derived from the medieval name 'Remigius'.

104.Tavoularis (Greek Origin) meaning 'assistant or secretary' is one of the ancient, medical names passed from generations for generations.

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