40 Griffin Names With Meanings For Your World Building

Griffins are a mythical creature that feature in many different cultures.

Building a fantasy world for your game can be easy, but requires precision and absolute attention to details like character names.

You will need the right character names to complete the experience. The perfect Griffin name requires a lot of research and thinking, but we are here to help you with that.

Griffins are legendary creatures having the body, tail, and back legs of a lion, with the head and wings of an eagle, and sometimes the talons of an eagle as its front feet. The name Gryphon is used in Greek mythology and the exact meaning of the name Griffin isn't clear. A baby Griffin is called a chick, gryphling, fledgeling, chicklet, and so on. These creatures are seen as the master of mythical creatures and gained some symbolism in Christianity as a sign of pride and had a divine representation. Now, you know some basic history about the gryphon, you will be wondering what names you can give them. Well, here is a list of gryphon names for your characters as you build your world.

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Griffin Names For Girls

The Celts were one culture that had their own version of the Griffin myth, they are differentiated by calling them a Celtic Griffin.

There are a few distinctive features of the female griffin. They are strong and fierce creatures and should be named as such. Your female characters need to have strong names that correspond with their nature. Here are some female names for a griffin to help inspire your name choices.

1. Bronzequill (English origin) a strong name for a flame gryphon.

2. Cheimon (Unkown origin) given to a gryphon of strength.

3. Cloudbeak (English origin) a combination of cloud and beak, and could mean soft beak.

4. Daphne (Greek origin) means “Laurel tree’.

5. Despoina (Greek origin) meaning “mistress”.

6. Ebonnail (Greek origin) means “dark wood” and often refers to a darker complexion.

7. Goldcrest (English origin) refers to a small passerine bird known as the king of the birds.

8. Hestia (Greek origin) means “hearth”.

9. LaMans (German origin) often used as a last name for women with suffix 'Kin'.

10. Lunartail (Roman origin) a combination of luna and tail, and can mean moon tail.

11. Meliae (Greek origin) meaning “work”.

12. Mudwings (English origin) could refer to dark or mud-colored wings.

13. Nowai (Latin origin) means “new".

14. Oreilly (Irish origin) often used as a family name.

15. Phaenna (Greek origin) means “the shining”.

Griffin Names For Boys

Male Gryphons are strong and possess features that distinguish them from females physically. These features make them a great addition to your world and character building. The ideal griffon names will complete the character you wish to build for each gryphon.  Here are some famous griffin names for male.

16. Ares (Greek origin) means “bane” or “ruin”.

17. Artzouig (Unknown origin) a great name for a happy Griffin.

18. Aquiline (Latine origin) means “eaglelike”.

19. Blackplume (Unkown origin) perfect for a Griffin with black hair.

20. Boreas (Greek origin) meaning “the north wind”.

21. Chariclo (Greek origin) means “graceful spinner”.

22. Comus (Greek origin) this is the god of festivity, nocturnal habits, and represents chaos and anarchy.

23. Dusktail (English origin) does not have a specific meaning.

24. Ethel (English origin) means “noble”.

25. Frownbeak (English origin) the combination of frown and beak, can refer to a gloomy gryphon.

26. Grimtail (English origin) refers to a gryphon that is grim.

27. Nessus (Greek origin) meaning “centaur”.

28. Softbreath (English origin) refers to a creature that is meek in attitude.

29. Thanatos (Greek origin) means “death” and refers to the god of death that resides with Hades in the underworld.

30. Thornspike (English origin) can refer to a creature that has sharp thorns.

Gender-Neutral Griffin Names

While building your characters, you might not be sure what gender role you want your character to assume just yet, or maybe you want them to be non binary. Here are mythical griffin names that will suit any role for your characters.

31. Attis (Greek origin) meaning “son of Manes”.

32. Brightwing (Englis origin) refers to brightly colored griffins.

33. Cricios (Unknown origin) the meaning is not clear.

34. Doomwings (English origin) a gryphon that brings doom.

35. Duskfeather (English origin) can refer to a bright-colored gryphon.

36. Enyalius (Greek origin) means “warlike”.

37. Fanteriso (English origin) unknown meaning.

38. Sunshynne (English origin) refers to a griffins that others want to be around.

39. Tango (Germanic origin) meaning “thought”.

40. Tasty (Sanskrit origin) means “having good taste”.

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