Grub's Up, Fun's Up! 5 Ways That The Kids’ Table Make Eating Out With Kids A Dream

Kid's table

Grub's up, fun’s up!

Going out to eat as a family is a great way to spend quality family time together, to encourage little ones to try new foods and to explore new and different areas of London! It really does seem as though eating out can’t get much better. But that’s where you’d be wrong…

Introducing The Kids’ Table - the free children's entertainment service that provides supervised fun for kids from 3-10 years old at restaurants, pubs and even fitness studios! Forget iPads and tablets at the table, how about glitter, paint and felt-tips galore? With The Kids’ Table, your mini artists are free to experiment with their creativity and go craft crazy under the watchful eye of the Kids' Table entertainers. We can guarantee that they’ll be popping up near you pretty soon, so keep an eye out on the Kidadl app! Plus, if you don't believe us, check out our five ways these guys make eating out with young kids a literal dream down below!

1. They pop up literally everywhere

No matter where you are, The Kids’ Table is bound to find you soon. Popping up in - get ready for this - Earlsfield, Surrey, Hornsey, Clapham, Charing Cross, Essex, Croydon, The O2 and Wembley, there’s endless opportunities to come on down and experience the magic that is The Kids’ Table. Whether it’s at your local pub, pop-up food market or high-end, boutique restaurant, encourage your children to don their creative caps and let their imagination run wild as they go craft crazy at the many, and ever-growing Kids’ Table locations!

2. It’s completely free

Yes, you read that right! The Kids’ Table service is completely free for customers of the restaurant; you don’t have to spend a penny - all of the arts and crafts materials are provided and all your youngsters have to do is unleash their inner Picasso! However, it is first come, first served so you’d best get in there quick! Depending on the type of restaurant, make sure you register your interest, either by dropping by at the venue or when making a booking, reference The Kids’ Table - that way, you’ll be more likely to snag some of those all-important spots!

kids arts and crafts entertainment service for free

3. It’s run by certified and super fun professionals!

There’s no need to worry about leaving your mini artists in the hands of the folks at The Kids’ Table - all entertainers are fully-qualified and CRB-checked childcare professionals who are passionate about providing brilliant arts and crafts and games galore! There’s never a dull moment and your kids are bound to leave with smiles on their faces.

4. It’s always so much fun

Whether your mini artists bare an uncanny resemblance to the likes of Monet and Picasso or have never so much as held a paintbrush, it really doesn’t matter. The Kids’ Table is perfect for all abilities and kids are truly encouraged just to unleash their creative side. With everything from face-paint and arts and crafts to games galore and heaps of child-friendly fun - they’ll wish their food was taking a little longer to arrive just so they can continue playing!

kids playing with fake food at a pop up entertainment service

5. You’ll get some all-important ‘me-time’

One of the best things about The Kids’ Table is the sole fact that adults can enjoy some proper me-time, safe in the knowledge that their little ones are being entertained to the max. Whether it be at a fitness studio, local pub or pop-up food market, sit back and relax, catch up with friends and enjoy some adult time. Your little ones will never be too far away, with most of The Kids’ Tables situated in the restaurant themselves, and parents having the opportunity to, of course, join the crafty fun as well, it's a perfect match.

parents and children doing arts and crafts together at the free entertainment service kids table


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