42 Grung Names With Meanings For Your DND Characters

D&D is a highly popular role-playing game

Grungs are dart frogs, poisoned amphibious frog-shaped creatures in the game Dungeons and Dragons.

They are small and display anthropomorphic features. Grungs have natural poison in their body.

These colorful creatures secrete a substance from their body which is harmless to them, but poisonous to others. These aggressive frogs are usually found in Darias or swamp-like places. These superior creatures who are always on the lookout for a slave, have some very impressive names.

Generally, Grung names are based on class and are a combination of short names with one-syllable sounds. Grungs add their tribal names before their own for identification purposes. Based on their skin color, there are six castes - gold is the higher caste, followed by orange, red, purple, blue, and green.

For role-playing games, you can choose a Grung name that represents the meaning and purpose of your character’s personality. Use the ‘saving throw’ in the DND game for a ‘poisonous skin’ or ‘secrete poison’ features to get activated, or increase your’ ability score’ to increase by 2 in the role. Embark on a magical journey full of fantasy and players. Here is a list of characters along with the meaning so that you can choose a great new name that suits your character’s temperament.

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Top Grung Names For Girls

From the rainforests of Argyll, here are some amazing collection of girl character names.

1.Aah: The poisoned creature who is always tired of work and wants to rest.

2.Ake: She is the craftswoman of the village and is blue in color.

3.Bae: This Grung loves baking and is purple in color.

4.Bebb: Love to sleep all day long? This one loves to immerse in water to get strength.

5.Cred: She who will always be in debt.

6.Crel: If your character has a never-ending satiating appetite, this one is for you.

7.Dec: The funniest of the group, always cracking jokes.

8.Doh: The Potterhead of high caste.

9.Dop: Loves wearing funky clothes and make her own accessories.

10.Drobe: Loves driving and roaming around in the car belonging to the high caste.

Top Grung Names For Boys

Grungs are a frog species in Dungeons and Dragons

Here are few name options with the characteristic traits for boys.

11.Eggo: This Grung loves to have eggs for breakfast.

12.Ent: The Otorhinolaryngist of the Grung who can score.

13.Erh: Someone who is always irritated and is a part of the original gang.

14.Fred: The Grung who’s on good terms with everyone because of his innocent nature.

15.Freg: The Grung who is very short-tempered with extremely high poisonous skin.

16.Fren: Most friendly of the Grung group and enjoys playable race.

17.Glen: The father-figure of their group leading the way forward.

18.Geo: The buddy who is always running late for everything and uses damage as an excuse.

Gender-Neutral Naming Options

The following names can be assigned to males or females, irrespective of the gender.

19.Gon: The two-faced liar who possesses magical powers and evil traits.

20.Gran: The oldie who is always giving life-lessons for free and who can score.

21.Grom: The grumpy long Grung who is like a green poison frog using saving throw.

22.Grot: The one from the group who is always dirty and never has a bath.

23.Imop: Cleanliness is his name, and he is obsessed with tidy surroundings and gets his way always.

24.Inla: He’s a fitness freak who must exercise to get in shape.

25.Inta: The social nerd of the community chatting with everyone.

26.Iplo: One Grung who must have Irish coffee with his meals.

27.Jag: A grung name that exudes honor as it means "the universe".

28.Jef: The great one Grung who is rich and doing loads of charitable work.

29.Jeg: He knows how to fix all the machines in the factory in the neighborhood.

30.Jes: The innocent pal who always gets into trouble without doing anything wrong.

31.Jlop: This Grung Loves to groove to Italian music and dances his way through with content.

32.Jod: The Grung who has an answer to every problem.

33.Jrof: Tallest Grung of the group whose job is to pass information.

34.Kre: The creative head doing all the aesthetic work.

35.Laj: The Grung who is always lagging behind the others.

36.Mon: Money is on his mind always.

37.Nied: Arrogant one, getting into trouble with everyone.

38.Opeg: The Grung with the purest heart and good intention for all.

39.Pags: The writer who makes use of thought-provoking ideas.

40.Vopa: The most excited and happy-go-lucky Grung.

41.Erg: For a water Grung.

42.Greeg: For a green Grung to combine the species (frog) and color (green).

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