85+ Guitar Names From Fiction And Real Life, Plus Ideas To Inspire You

Playing guitar is not an easy task and neither is naming your instrument.

When a guitarist plays, they play with their heart just like any other musician. Any musician that cares so much about their music might want to pick a special name for the instrument they play.

We have created a list of guitar name ideas, names of famous guitar players and names for different types of guitars, all to help you select the best name for your instrument.

A guitar is a fretted musical instrument with plucked strings that is also sometimes known as an Axe(this is a popular slang term used to describe a guitar). Most guitars have six strings. Popular guitar brands have suggested that guitar players often like to name their instruments based on the different types of guitars, their guitar's color or be inspired by a genre of music they love.

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Famous Guitar Names  

Names of guitars should depend on the guitar types.

There are three types of guitars: Classical, Acoustic and Electric. Ibanez is widely considered among the best guitar brands in the world, perhaps this brand name inspired Jimi Hendrix's guitar name, which was Izabella. Here are some more names of famous guitars that belonged to a famous guitarist.

1. Albert King’s “Lucy”, the guitarist named his Gibson Flying V guitar Lucy.  

2. BB King’s “Lucille”, singer songwriter BB King named his guitar Lucille.  

3. Billy Gibbons' “Muddywood”, musician Billy Gibbon named his guitar Muddywood as tribute singer Muddy Waters.  

4. Brian May’s “Red Special”, the first guitar that musician Brian May ever made with his father was called the “Red Special”.  

5. David Gilmore’s “0001”, the English musician named his guitar 0001.  

6. Eddie Van Halen’s “FrankenStrat”, musician Eddie Van Halen named his guitar FrankenStrat.

7. Eric Clapton’s “Blackie”, English guitarist Eric Clapton named his black Stratocaster Blackie.

8. George Harrison’s “Lucy”, this English musician also named his guitar Lucy.

9. Keith Richards' “Micawber”, English musician Keith Richard named his iconic Telecaster guitar Micawber .

10. Neil Young’s “Old Black”, American-Canadian guitarist Neil Young named his 1953 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top Old Black.  

11. Stevie Ray Vaughan’s “Lenny” and “Number One”, musician Stevie Ray Vaughan named his two guitars Lenny, which he built between 1963 and 1965, and Number One which was a Stratocaster.

12. Tony Iommi’s “Old Boy”, English guitarist Tony Iommi named his Jaydee Custom SG guitar Old Boy. Iommi built the guitar between 1975 and 1978.

13. Willie Nelson’s "Trigger", musician Willie Nelson named his Martin N-20 guitar Trigger.

14. Yngwie Malmsteen’s “The Duck”, Swedish guitarist  Yngwie Malmsteen named his cream colored Stratocaster The Duck.

Famous Guitarists Names

Be it a classical guitar or an acoustic guitar, you should name them.

Different guitarists play instruments of different types. Some like a double neck guitar, while others choose a six string guitar. No matter what type of instrument you choose, a perfect name is a must for your guitar, why not be inspired by the names of musical greats?

15. Alex Lifeson, a Canadian musician who played Gibson Les Paul guitar.  

16. Andy Powell, an English guitarist who played Gibson Flying V guitar.

17. Andy Summers, an English guitarist who played EHX Electric guitar.

18. Angus & Malcolm Young, the famous classic rock brothers used to play Gretsch Jet Firebird guitars.

19. Billy Gibbons, an American guitarist who played Gibson Les Paul guitar.

20. Brian May, an English guitarist who played Fender Esquire, a Fender Telecaster, and an Ovation Pacemaker 1615 guitar.

21. Buddy Guy, an American blues guitarist who played Fender Stratocaster guitar.

22. Carlos Santana, an American-Mexican guitarist who played Paul Reed Smith.

23. Chuck Berry, an American singer songwriter who played Gibson guitar.

24. David Gilmour, an English guitarist who played Fender Stratocaster guitar.

25. Dick Wagner, an American rock music guitarist who played classical guitars.  

26. Eddie Van Halen, an American guitarist who played Gibson Les Paul guitar.

27. Eric Clapton, an English rock and blues guitarist who played Fender Stratocaster electric guitar.  

28. Gary Moore, a Northern Irish musician who played the 1959 Gibson Les Paul guitar.

29. Hank Marvin, an English multi-instrumentalist who played Fender Stratocaster.

30. Jeff Baxter, an American guitarist who played Fender Jazzmaster Electric Guitar.

31. Jeff Beck, an English rock guitarist who played 1958 Fender Telecaster guitar.

32. Jerry Garcia, an American guitarist who played Fender Stratocasters and Gibson SGs.

33. Jimi Hendrix, an American musician who played a white Stratocaster.

34. Jimmy Page, isan English musician who played 1959 Les Paul.

35. JJ Cale, an American guitarist who played a modified Stratocaster and a Gibson.

36. Joe Bonamassa, an American blues rock guitarist who played the 1959 Les Paul "Spot" guitar.  

37. Mark Knopfler, a British singer songwriter who played Fender Stratocaster guitar.

38. Maybelle Carter, an American country musician who played Gibson L-5 acoustic guitar.

39. Mick Ronson, an English guitarist who played Gibson Les Paul Custom guitar.

40. Mick Taylor, an English musician who played Gibson Les Paul guitar.

41. Neal Schon, an American rock guitarist who played Gibsons and Kramers guitars.

42. Paul Kossoff, an English blues rock guitarist who played 1955 Les Paul Custom guitars.

43. Ritchie Blackmore, an English guitarist who played Fender Strat guitars.

44. Robert Fripp, an English musician who played Fernandes Goldtop Custom guitars.

45. Ry Cooder, an American musician who played '60s Fender Stratocaster and Gibson Roy Smeck guitars.

46. Robert Johnson, an American blues guitarist who played Kalamazoo KG-14 and Gibson L-1 guitars.

47. Rory Gallagher, an Irish blues and rock multi-instrumentalist who played 1961 Fender Stratocaster guitars.

48. Scotty Moore, an American guitarist who played Gibson ES-295 guitars.

49. Scott Gorham, an American guitarist who played Gibson Les Paul guitars.

50. Slash, an English–American musician who played Gibson Les Paul guitars.

51. Steve Hackett, an English musician who played Gibson Les Paul Custom guitars.

52. Steve Lukather, an American guitarist who played electric guitars manufactured by Ernie Ball Music Man.

53. Tom Scholz, an American rock musician who played Gibson Les Paul guitars.

54. Wayne Kramer, an American guitarist who played Kramer and Fender guitars.

Cool Ideas For Guitar Names

You could name your guitar based on the type of guitar that you have chose.. The best acoustic guitar brands are Fender, Taylor and Epiphone but there are many more out there. Which of these guitar names is your favorite?

55. Blue Ovation, a perfect name for a classical guitar.

56. Bride Of Frankentele, a perfect name for the Telecaster guitar.  

57. Brownie Tex-Mex Tele Special, a name for the Stratocaster guitar.  

58. Cherie Les Paul Studio DC, a name for the Gibson Les Paul guitar.

59. Chrissie Hamer USA Special, a name for Hamer guitars.

60. Dano, a name for the Danelectro DC3 guitar

61. Frankentele, a perfect name for a brand new Telecaster guitar.  

62. Greeny, a perfect name for a Redondo guitar.

63. Gretsch Paul, a perfect name for an Eleca Les Paul custom guitar.

64. Jeff, a name suitable for a Henderson guitar.

65. Joan, a name for a Gretsch Electromatic Special Jet guitar.

66. Nell Fender, a name for a Standard Jazz Bass MIM guitar.

67. Pipeline, a name for a Dillion Mosrite guitar.

68. Rangemonster, a name for a Warmoth Strat-o-Ranger guitar,

69. Ruby, ideal for a Washburn guitar.

70. Seven, perfect name for a Squier MIJ P-Bass guitar.

71. Sonia, perfect name for the 60 Duo-Sonic guitar.

72. Son Of Frankentele, perfect name for another Telecaster build guitar.

73. Stevie Ray Vaughanabie, perfect name for a Squier Bullet strat guitar.

74. Surf Monster, perfect name for a Frankenstrat Surf guitar.

75.  Tubular, perfect name for a '50s strat guitar.

76. Violet, a perfect name for acoustic guitars.

Guitar Names From Fiction And Mythology

Fiction and mythology can also provide inspiration for names for your guitar or any other musical instrument. Why not name a guitar after one of these mythological names?

77. Amphion, naming your Taylor guitar Amphion is a great idea.

78. Apollo, you chould name your guitar after the Greek God of music.  

79. Arion, you can name your guitar after the famous musician, Arion.  

80. Athena, a perfect name for a guitar after the Greek goddess Athena.  

81. Hermes, the perfect name for Ibanez, Yamaha or Seagull guitars.

82. Linus, a perfect name for Vintera guitars.

83. Kithara, a perfect name for Epiphone guitars.

84. Mount Olympus, a perfect name for a Fender Player Stratocaster.

85. Orpheus, a perfect name for a classical guitar.

86. Thamyris, name your guitar after the Greek singer Thamyris.

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