50 Half Orc Names With Meanings

Half orc names are quite unique and come from several origins.

With bonuses from their orc ancestry, the 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons half orc ranks among the best races for the barbarian and druid class.

Half orcs are physiologically similar to humans, but bear certain traits of the orc races. Notable examples are their commonly slanted foreheads and greenish or greyish pigmentation of the skin.

Unlike orcs, half orcs do not have a predisposition towards orcish names. Often, homeless half orcs will blend into the society of humans and don a human name. But other than that, they can retain some features of an orc name, most notably a prominence of guttural sounds. Their last names can be either human or orcish.  

Read on for half orcs names. For more D&D names, check out Dragonborn Names and Halfling Names.

Half Orc Names For Girls

A list of brave half orc names for a female character.

1. Adda (Finnish origin) meaning "noble" and "graceful".

2. Birgitta (Irish origin) meaning "strong". Another variation is Brigida.

3. Blumma (Yiddish origin) meaning "floral".

4. Dagmar (Old Norse origin) meaning "maid of the day".

5. Davidda (Hebrew origin) meaning "adored".

6. Goldda (Yiddish origin) meaning "Golden woman".

7. Gormlaith (Scottish origin) meaning "renowned princess".

8. Lawanda (English origin) meaning "of the Vandal tribe".

9. Mathilde (Germanic/Norwegian origin) meaning "mighty in battle".

10. Ruddee (Thai origin) meaning "pleasure".

11. Shayna (Yiddish origin) meaning "gorgeous".

12. Suska (Egyptian/Hebrew origin) meaning "lily".

13. Thedda (Greek origin) meaning "gift of God".

14. Yenna (Gaelic origin) meaning "gift of healing".

15. Zibba (Persian origin) meaning "gorgeous".

Half Orc Names For Boys

A collection of intense-sounding names for brave male half-orcs.

Half orcs have gained extra proficiency in the intimidation skill.

16. Balder (Old Norse origin) meaning "bearer of the light".

17. Basheer (Urdu origin) meaning "bringer of good news".

18. Chadrick (English origin) meaning "warrior".

19. Egemen (Turkish origin) meaning "superior".

20. Gabbor (Hebrew/Hungarian origin) meaning "God's bravest man".

21. Garuda (Sanskrit origin) meaning "king of birds".

22. Goddard (Germanic origin) meaning "as strong as God".

23. Jurrgen (Greek origin) meaning "farmhand".

24. Khaddim (Arabic origin) meaning "one who serves".

25. Maddox (Welsh origin) meaning "son of Madoc".

26. Reggie (Latin origin) meaning "king".

27. Shardul (Sanskrit origin) meaning "tiger".

28. Vaughan (Welsh origin) meaning "small".

29. Yaeger (Germanic origin) meaning "hunter".

30. Zaviyar (Spanish/Arabic origin) meaning "lionheart" and "brave".

Gender Neutral Half Orc Names

Unisex names that fit all half orcs irrespective of gender preference.

31. Abbel (Hebrew/Low German origin) meaning "breath".

32. Binnh (Vietnamese origin) meaning "peaceful".

33. Claude (Latin origin) meaning "feeble one", an ironic name for burly fighter half orcs.

34. Fergie (Gaelic origin) meaning "vigorous" and "rock".

35. Frodde (Old Norse origin) meaning "clever" and "wise".

36. Gyeong (Korean origin) meaning "respected".

37. Rattnum (Hindi origin) meaning "jewel".

38. Robbin (Old German origin) meaning "bright fame", also refers to an English bird.

Half Orc Names Inspired By Popular Media

Orcs and brutish characters are a staple of fantasy media, be it novels or video games - here are some you can use as a name for your own half orcs.

39. Arkail the Butcher of Bay Harbor is a gigantic orcish warrior from the Bloodjaws legion. He is the player character in the video game 'Of Orcs And Men'.

40. Atusa (Persian origin) meaning "skilled". Atusa is a lizard woman who is executed by the magisters for helping sorcerers in the game 'Divinity: Original Sin 2'.

41. Balanar, better known as the Night Stalker, is a strength-based hero in the popular MOBA 'Dota 2'.

42. Bolg is an orc chieftain of the Misty Mountains in J.R.R. Tolkien's 'The Hobbit'.

43. Burz gro-Khash is the leader of the Cheydinhal fighter's guild as encountered in 'The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion'.

44. Drek'thar the orc warlock is a seer in the Froswolf clan, as found in the World of Warcraft universe.

45. Garona Halforcen is a major historical figure in the Warcraft universe. A half-orc half-dranei spy, she is the killer of king Wrynn and a general of the Horde in the first invasion of Azeroth.

46. Mogul Khan the Axe is an ogoldi general of the Red Mist army, a hero in the MOBA 'Dota 2'.

47. Nutt is an orcish character from Terry Pratchett's Discworld saga.

48. Orgnar is a human Nord bartender found in the Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood from 'The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim'.

49. Rehgar (Sanskrit/Hindi origin) meaning "swift". Rehgar Earthfury is an orcish healer hero from the MOBA 'Heros of The Storm'.

50. Shagrat is an uruk-hai captain in Tolkien's legendarium, controlling the tower of Cirith Ungol in a mountain pass that grants entry into Mordor.

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