25+ Halloween Dad Jokes That Are Sure To Get A Groan

Halloween dad jokes will surely lift your spirits.

A good Halloween dad joke is the perfect way to start a spooky party.

Dad jokes will surely make you cringe and groan a little. But they are equally hilarious and silly that will make your kids laugh uncontrollably.

Well, candies and costumes are indeed the best part of Halloween, but Halloween is certainly incomplete without a silly and corny dad joke. Here we present some of the best Halloween dad jokes for kids that will make them laugh out loud.

Halloween jokes are of many kinds, starting from spooky Halloween jokes, funny Halloween jokes, Halloween corny jokes, cheesy Halloween jokes, kids Halloween jokes, best Halloween jokes, to bad Halloween jokes. But the most hilarious of all is the lame jokes for kids by dad, which, along with being funny, make you groan out loud. So have a look at these dad jokes for Halloween, and have a great time!

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Funny Halloween Dad Jokes

It is difficult to judge what's more spooky, dad jokes or Halloween.

Dad jokes bring out the best laughs and keep your mood light despite being cringy. Here, we present to you a list of funny Halloween jokes for kids that will make your kids grin:

1. What made the skeleton not go trick or treating? He didn't have the guts.

2. What did one ghost tell the other? To get a life!

3. What does a ghost normally do when he enters the car? He puts on his sheet belt.

4. What did the ghost wear to improve his eyesight? Spook-tacles.

5. Why do all the ghosts mostly dislike rainy Halloweens? Because it wets their spirits.

6. Which blood was not liked by the vampire? 'Bad blood' by Taylor Swift.

7. Which sport is the pumpkin's favorite? Squash.

8. Why couldn't a Dracula make a pancake? Because he messed up the bat-ter every time.

9. In what way do monsters prefer their eggs? Terror-fried.

10. Why was the cemetery chosen to be the perfect location to write a movie? Because it had great plots.

11. Why was the ghost found to be in a cheerful mood? Because he had a generous spirit.

12. Which hair product is mostly used by all the witches? Scare spray.

Spooky Halloween Dad Jokes

Spooky jokes get the best attention on Halloween.

A vampire, a ghost, a witch, and some skeletons and werewolves all have a fair share of spookiness in them. Here, we present the spookiest Halloween jokes for your kids, which are spooky and funny at the same time:

13. Which boats are mostly used by vampires for traveling? Blood vessels.

14. What genre of music do mummies love? Wrap music.

15. Why was the skeleton found to be so sad? Because he had no-body to talk to.

16. What did the vampire find on a haunted beach? G-rave party!

17. Why is baseball an all-time favorite sport of the vampires? Because it features lots of bats.

18. What makeup product was used by most of the ghost females? Vanishing cream!

19. What food was the witch found to be eating for breakfast? A sand-witch.

20. What kind of fruit is most loved by all the vampires? Neck-tarines.

21. When do the werewolves usually go trick or treating? Howl-o-ween!

22. What was the chicken's ghost name? Poultrygeist.

23. Which holiday destination is crowded by all ghosts? Boohamas.

Best Halloween Special Dad Jokes

Halloween is a great time to earn candies with all of your funny jokes. So here, we present to you a list of the best dad corny Halloween jokes that will tickle your funny bones:

24. Why did the coffee bean not go to the Halloween party while all of his other friends were there? Because it was grounded.

25. Which type of ice-cream does a ghost eat? I scream!

26. What was constant in the letters of all vampires? "To-mb it may concern."

27. Why did the vampire stink when he opened his mouth? Because he had bat breath.

28. Why were the mummies found to be very happy? Because it was time for their coffin break!

29. How did the door usually open during a Halloween night? With a spoo-key!

30. Which food gets the best and maximum orders by skeletons? Spare ribs.

31. Why is Taylor Swift not scared by a ghost? Because she is 'Fearless.'

32. Why can't ghosts have babies? Because they have no-body to marry.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of jokes that are family and kid-friendly, as well as lots of puns and riddles to enjoy together! If you liked our suggestions for Halloween Dad Jokes That Are Sure To Get A Groan, then why not take a look at our list of witch puns, or for something different, take a look at 110+ Best Candy Puns That Are Super Sweet.



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