Halloween On A Boo-dget! Top 5 Free Things To Do With Kids For Halloween 2019

Kids dressed up on Halloween

Grab your broomsticks and scare yourself silly but leave your wallets at home this Halloween! Tis’ almost the season to eat (heaps of sweets), drink (plenty of witches’ potions) and be spooky and we couldn’t be more excited. Dig out your most ghoulish garb, whack on your spookiest masks and unleash your inner ghost, ready for the best Halloween yet. We know there are some terror-loving trick-or-treaters out there but here at Kidadl, we boo-lieve that the best spooks are the ones that the whole family can enjoy, big or small. So just for you, we’ve rounded up the top 5 free Halloween events that are great for all ages and won’t burn a devilish hole in your pocket. Check them out down below, if you dare…

1. Delve into some fiendish fun at the Horniman Museum

Creep your way down to the incredible Horniman Museum on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th October for some seriously spooky Halloween fun. Aside from the usual unusual artefacts and magnificent gardens oozing with wildlife, little ghosts and ghouls will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with some creepy crawlies (watch out for the sinister spiders!), hear some seriously spooky story-telling and become immersed in the eerie side of the Pied Piper tale, and even be painted as a pumpkin with the face-painting on offer! Plus, there will be plenty of opportunity to browse for treats at the arts and crafts and food market stalls dotted about the fair!

face painting at the horniman museum free for halloween 2019

2. Gho(ul) and discover the antics at the Hair-Raising Hyde Park

Now you might know Hyde Park for its glorious, picturesque scenery and vast greenery, perfect for picnics and a kick-a-bout. However this Halloween, on 24th October, things are about to get a whole lot spookier. Head on down to the Discovery Centre between the ghostly hours of 11am-3pm to take part in a whole host of free creepy crawly Halloween themed activities! From the hair-raising nature trail and spooky stories to creating your own witches potions, making use of herbs and plants from the garden, and even investigating the ‘Feely Boxes’ in the witches den, if you dare…

free halloween fun at hyde park

3. Get stuck into some serious pumpkin carving at Lloyd Park

Now, it wouldn’t truly be Halloween without pumpkins, would it? Lucky for you Lloyd Park has all your pumpkin needs covered. On 22nd October, escape the hustle and boo-stle of London and head to Lloyd Park where you and your little ones can get prepared for Halloween by carving your own pumpkins. Put your creepy, creative caps on and see what sorts of designs you can conjure up! Plus, prepare to take notes as you learn all sorts of spooky crafts and recipes for pumpkin leftovers. Can anyone else smell pumpkin pie?

free halloween carving at lloyd park 2019

4. Be bewitched by the annual Halloween dog walk in Hampstead

Not only do we have Halloween fun for the whole family but also for pooches! Who’s to say that pups can’t get into the spooky spirit? The annual dog walk is taking place on 27th October this year and it costs £5 to enter your furry friend into the walk with all proceeds going to All Dogs Matter - but that it’s free to watch from the sidelines! Based at the Spaniards Inn in Hampstead, see if you can spot any hot-dogs, Yorkshire Terrors or German Wizards as they parade by in the spookiest and (let’s not lie) adorable costumes. Don’t forget to don your most ghoulish garb as well because they’ll be plenty of tricks and treats on offer at the spooky stalls nearby!

halloween dog walk for charity in hampstead london

5. History, horror and Halloween all in one at Benjamin Franklin House

There’s nothing wrong with a lil’ bit of history to accompany your spook! On 22nd October, head to Benjamin Franklin House in Trafalgar Square for some ghoulish family fun. You’ll be greeted by Polly Hewson, daughter of Franklin’s landlady, and hear some ghoulishly good Halloween stories followed by gruesome games and crafts! Some even say that the ghost of Benjamin Franklin still roams the house around Halloween time so look out for anything suspicious...

halloween fun at benjamin franklin house for free 2019


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