100 Halo Ship Names In One Handy List

Halo is well loved around the world among gamers and sci fi aficionados

Finding the perfect name for your battleship is not an easy task whether in a fantasy story, a video game, or your own original sci-fi film script.

If you need the perfect names that will inspire your name creation for your starship, this is the right handy list for you. All the ship names are original names gotten from three of the Halo games.

We have curated the perfect list for you to complete your gaming experience. 'Star Trek' names and 'Star Wars' names for girls are some of the best sci-fi articles that our readers found inspiring and helpful.

Did you know: The halo ships were created during a time of war to help restore peace and order by the United Nations Space Command. The ships in the halo are covenant ships that were used to fight the human covenant war between those who believed in the prophet's wisdom against those who followed the teachings of the forced out Sangheili. The UNSC navy had capital ships and single-ship crafts used in fighting the war amongst others. Now, let's find out the elites from Halo below.

Ship Names In Halo 1

In this list, you will have most of the UNSC ship names from Halo 1 at your fingertips. Ships like Pillar of Autumn were used by the master chief and is one of the most popular ships. Protocols were put in place to prevent the Covenant from finding any more colonies to destroy, and this required superior technology and better vessels to help defeat them. Covenant ships were captured and their navigations systems destroyed by some of these elite ships from Halo. Here are the ship names from Halo 1 you have been waiting for.

Did you know There are dozens of Halo books

1. UNSC Basra: a powerful battleship.

2. Battle of the Great Bear: refers to the strength of the bear.

3. Beatrice: meaning "she who makes happy". A weird name for a ship, but we like it!

4. Behemoth-Class Tug: a tough battleship.

5. UNSC Belfast: inspired by the festival.

6. UNSC Brasidas: (Greek origin) meaning "boiling".

7. UNSC Clearidas: a warship used against the Covenant.

8. UNSC Commonwealth: inspired by the real commonwealth nations.

9. UNSC Constantinople: (Latin origin) meaning "constant".

10. Construction Platform 966A: a platform used to construct more battleships.

11. Contents Under Pressure: a ship that puts pressure on its contents.

12. UNSC Coral Sea: referring to the beautiful corals of the sea.

13. UNSC Cradle: a ship that can carry all the soldiers in the fleet.

14. Distancia: refers to putting distance.

15. UNSC Euphrates: (Hebrew origin) means "that makes fruitful".

16. UNSC Everest: refers to the mountain Everest, the tallest mountain on Earth.

17. UNSC Excellence: a warship of excellence.

18. UNSC Fair Weather: refers to a ship of fair weather.

19. UNSC Final Summit: the ship of the final summit.

20. Finnegan's Wake: means "son of Fair head".

21. UNSC Forward Unto Dawn: a ship that goes forward in the dawn.

22. Freighter: a ship that is a freight and terror to other ships.

23. GA-TL1 Longsword-Class Interceptor: a ship that intercepts other ships.

24. UNSC Gettysburg: refers to a town in Pennsylvania.

25. UNSC Glasgow: refers to the city of Glasgow.

26. Halcyon-Class Light Cruiser: a light and stealthy ship.

27. Han: (German origin) meaning "gift from God".

28. UNSC Hannibal: a battleship that consumes other ships.

29. UNSC The Heart of Midlothian: named after a former Tollbooth prison in Edinburgh.

30. CMA Heracles: (Latin origin) meaning "glory of Hera".

31. UNSC In Amber Clad: a very popular ship in the game series.

32. Laden: (German origin) meaning "shop".

33. Laden-class freighter: a combination of the ships Laden and Freighter, a superior ship.

Ship Names In Halo 2

Halo 2 was just as good as the first one, if not better. The ships were upgraded and the master chief had better plans in defeating the covenant. If you loved the ships in Halo 1 then you'll love this list with the names of the ships from the second instalment. These names are more badass along with some hilarious names. Not all vessels were used in combat, some were used as transport or cargo vessels to carry other smaller vessels. Others were used as research stations and assembly points. Every vessel had its unique qualities and capabilities, and all vessels were made to achieve a specific goal. These are the names of the vessels from the second instalment of Halo.

34. 6 Echo 2: a small but powerful ship.

35. 993-DD: one of the greatest ships in Halo 2.

36. UNSC Brilliant Shores: has a brilliant intelligence system.

37. Bulk Discount: a funny name referring to discounts on multiple items.

38. UNSC Buenos Aires: the name of a city and the capital of Argentina meaning "God airs".

39. UNSC Campo Grande: (Latin origin) meaning "big field," and is the capital of a city in Brazil.

40. Calypso-Class Exfiltration Craft: used to exfiltrate other fleets.

41. UNSC Chalons: (English origin) meaning "blanket".

42. UNSC Chares: (Greek origin) meaning "kindness" or "grace".

43. UNSC Circumference: refers to the entire perimeter of a circle.

44. UNSC Do You Feel Lucky?: A simple but tricky question to enemies.

45. UNSC Dusk: (English origin) refers to the hour between day and night.

46. UNSC Edge Of Umbra: meaning the edge of a shade.

47. Emergency Thruster: used as a backup when all else fails.

48. UNSC Glasgow Kiss: a kiss from the city.

49. UNSC Gorgon (frigate): (Greek origin) meaning "dreadful".

50. UNSC Gorgon (destroyer): a dreadful destroyer.

51. UNSC Herald: (English origin) means "army commander".

52. UNSC Hermes II: (Greek origin) means "interpreter".

53. UNSC Herodotus: (Latin origin) means "granted" or "given" from the name of the goddess Hera.

54. UNSC Infinity: (English origin) meaning "without an end".

55. UNSC Iroquois: (French origin) meaning "I have said" derived from the term hero.

56. UNSC Jericho: (Greek origin) means "moon city".

57. Kestrel: refers to a bird of prey.

58. UNSC Lance Held High: remaining undefeated still willing to fight.

59. UNSC Lancelot: (French origin) means "land".

60. UNSC Lark: (English origin) means "songbird".

61. UNSC Las Vegas: referring to the city in the US.

62. UNSC Last Gleaming: referring to a flash of light.

63. UNSC Leviathan: a sea monster mentioned in the Bible.

64. UNSC Maelstrom: a powerful and violent whirlpool.

65. UNSC Magellan: referring to a sensitive, idealistic dreamer, with a great imagination.

66. UNSC Majestic: a regal and great vessel.

67. Mako-Class Corvette: referring to a species of shark.

68. Odyssey: (Greek origin) means "hate" or "anger".

Ship Names In Halo 3

The Covenant is yet to be fully defeated and the ships only get better. Halo 3 saw more action and firepower, and this can be seen through the caliber of the ships. Do not be surprised when you see some of these names appearing in Halo 4 as some of the ships were reused. These vessels continued the battle against the Covenant to restore order and balance back to the human race left. There were modifications and improvements made to the original models to make them faster and stronger. For more thrills from this gaming series, find out the best ships used to carry on the battle against the covenant in this list below.

69. UNSC Bum Rush: a hilarious name.

70. UNSC Bunker Hill: interference to a bunker.

71. CMA Season of Plenty: refers to a bountiful season.

72. UNSC Calcutta: (English origin) means "dug canal".

73. UNSC Callisto: (Greek origin) means "most beautiful".

74. UNSC Dawn Under Heaven: referring to a beautiful place.

75. Echo 419: an interesting name.

76. UNSC Grafton: (English origin) means "grove settlement".

77. UNSC Hilbert: (English origin) meaning "famous battle".

78. UNSC Hopeful: signifying hope.

79. Horn of Plenty: referring to a bounty.

80. UNSC Iwo Jima: refers to the sulfur island.

81. Kelvin Research Station: named after a famous research center.

82. Long Time Coming: signifying something that had been long overdue.

83. UNSC Lowrentz: a nice nickname.

84. UNSC Matador: (Spanish origin) means "killer".

85. UNSC Meriwether Lewis: (English origin) a name used to refer to a cheerful person.

86. UNSC Midsummer Night: a famous book by Shakespeare.

87. National Holiday: referring to a national holiday for celebration.

88. ONI PRO-49776: a code name with an encrypted meaning.

89. UNSC Pillar of Autumn: reminds you of autumn.

90. UNSC Pioneer: the first of its kind.

91. UNSC Point of No Return: there is no coming back from this vessel.

92. UNSC Redoubtable: (French origin) meaning wordy of respect".

93. UNSC Resolute: to be resolved or determined in choices or actions.

94. UNSC Saratoga: refers to red Indian hunting grounds along the Hudson River.

95. UNSC Savannah: refers to a wide grassy plain and can mean a safe beautiful place for people.

96. UNSC Say My Name: a comical name for a vessel.

97. UNSC Tannenberg: the name could have Polish origin, but the meaning is not certain.

98. UNSC Texas: named after the Lone Star state in the United States of America.

99. CMA Vostok: (Russian origin) means "east", and it is a very large vessel.

100. UNSC Waterloo: refers to a final defeat or set back of enemy vessels, and could also refer to the place in the United Kingdom.

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