50 Handpicked Female Drow Names

The Drow are a powerful and interesting race with an amazing mythology.

From the world of Dungeons and Dragons, the drow is one creature definitely not to be messed with.

This elf variation are usually evil little creatures with white hair, large eyes, and pointed ears. They are described as a 'chaotic evil,' quick on their feet with an ability to resist magic.

Interestingly, females are stronger than their male drow counterparts and can become clerics or fighters. Armed with magic boots and black attire, these evil drow elves are malicious and feisty, able to destroy most elves who come in their way. All drow dnd players require influential names for their characters. There are many options for these dark elves, from strong sounding titles to soft ones. Perfect for Dungeon Masters, authors, or scriptwriters looking to create a new mythical saga, the list of names given below will undoubtedly have some winning options.

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Powerful Drow Names

This section includes strong and dominant names that are ideal for any Drow priestess. The 5E Drow has a cool advantage of being able to resist magic and charms. They are names with sharp sounds and syllables that roll off the tongue easily, appropriate for the night elves' fearless persona. For the combat queens and malicious monsters, the following name options will be an apt choice.

These names are perfect for Drow characters but could be used for lots of powerful Dungeons and Dragons characters.

1. Adira (Hebrew Origin) means "the strong one."

2. Aimilios (Greek Origin) means "strength."

3. Asuilo (Greek Origin) means "to seek asylum."

4. Beatrix (Latin Origin) is a strong name meaning "traveller or voyager."

5. Edrei (Hebrew Origin) means "a woman of great strength."

6. Kaimana (Sumerian Origin) is one of the powerful female names meaning "the power of the ocean."

7. Lenna (German Origin) means "a lionheart."

8. Minerva (Etruscan Origin) means "one with superior intellect."

9. Xena (Multiple Origins) means "warrior princess."

10. Zayada (Arabic Origin) means "one who is made of too much power."

Evil Drow Elf Names

Evil characters can be the most fun to play.

Most male Drow wizards are evil and powerful beings. It only makes sense to choose names that represent this persona. From gothic names, to ones with evil meanings, or that represent demonic forces, the following options are ideal for any Drow character.

11. Arachne (Greek Origin) is the name of a young woman who was cursed by Athena and turned into a spider. It's a great Drow name as these creatures worship a spider deity.

12. Daeva (Indian Origin) means "evil spirit."

13. Diti (Indian Origin) means "mother of demons."

14. Dolores (Spanish Origin) means "sorrow."

15. Draven (Latin Origin) means "child of sorrows."

16. Golgotha (Hebrew Origin) means "skulls."

17. Mara (Scandinavian Origin) means "nightmares."

18. Namah (Hebrew Origin) means "female devil or seductress."

19. Perdita (Spanish Origin) means "lost."

20. Tohopka (Native American Origin) means "wild beast."

Drow Names From Folklore And Mythology

The way of life of the typical Drow is filled with violence and scheming. Even the Drow language of signs is very expressive, and the more aggressive the demeanor, the better. Names from folklore and mythology are great options to use for the outgoing Drow. There are many male names like those of the mythological heroes, but there are just as many heroines' names. The following are some of the naming options taken from old folklore.

21. Anath (Ancient Semitic Origin) was the name of an ancient warrior and Goddess, meaning "the answer."

22. Antigone (Greek Origin) is a strong warrior from Greek mythology, and it means "worthy of one's parents."

23. Artemis (Greek Origin) is the Greek Goddess of the wild, and the name means "to butcher."

24. Draupadi (Indian Origin) was the name of the fierce Goddess Kali's reincarnate in the Hindu epic, and it means "emerged daughter."

25. Hel (Norse Origin) means "the netherworld or infernal region" and refers to the priestess of the underworld in Norse Mythology. This is a perfect Drow name.

26. Hidimba (Indian Origin) was a demon from an Indian epic, and the name means "powerful devil."

27. Kundalakesi (Indian Origin) means "woman with curly hair" and is derived from an epic about a powerful woman. We love the sound of this name.

28. Louhi (Finnish Origin)means "state of trance" and is the name of a Finnish Goddess who created nine deadly diseases like the plague and cancer.

29. Morrigan (Irish Origin) refers to 3 supernatural and powerful women representing death, war, and sovereignty. It means "Great Queen." Perfect for powerful and dark characters.

30. Tefnut (Egyptian Origin) means "the water or to spit" and refers to an Egyptian Goddess.

Soft Drow Names

Sometimes it's exciting to against the grain and play a gentle character.

On rare occasions, Drow characters can even be good-natured or at least not too quick to solve issues with violence. The following are soft names that sound pleasing to the ears, perfect for the elf with a calmer temperament.

31. Althea (Greek Origin) means "healing powers."

32. Briana (English Origin) means "virtuous."

33. Ebba (German Origin) means "strength of an animal."

34. Elfrida (English Origin) is a perfect name that means "elf power."

35. Freya (Norse Origin) means "last of the travelers."

36. Gesa (Dutch Origin) means "strength of a spear."

37. Isa (German Origin) means "strong-willed."

38. Junko (Japanese Origin) is a good soft name meaning "purity."

39. Kendra (English Origin) means " enthusiastic power."

40. Zora (Slavic Origin) means "dawn."

Popular Drow Names

This section includes some popular names used by in Dungeons and Dragons, sometimes things are popular for a reason! We think these names are great.

41. Amalika (Arabic Origin) means "peerless or Queen."

42. Briza (Spanish Origin) means "a small gust of wind."

43. Chandara (Sanskrit Origin) means "one part of the moon."

44. Imrae (Hungarian Origin) means "strength."

45. Jalal (Arabic Origin) means "majesty or loftiness and greatness."

46. Kinleigh (English Origin) means "fair-haired warrior."

47. Phyrra (Greek Origin) means "red hot flames."

48. Shimyra (Hebrew Origin) means "light of God."

49. Wynonna (Native American Origin) means "first-born."

50. Zinead (French Origin) means "mercy or forgiveness."

We hope this list of names helped you, hopefully more than a generator! If you need more inspiration why not look at these Eladrin names or Halfling names.



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