150+ Handpicked Hermit Crab Names That Are Cute And Cool

A pet is always there to keep you company and make you feel less alone.

Hermit crabs are the perfect pet if you are looking for something low maintenance.

These crabs are different to standard crabs. Unlike most other crabs, they are unlikely to snap off your fingers, meaning they are a safer pet to own!

Unlike other sea pets, hermit crabs can survive outside of water, meaning they don't need to be submerged all the time. Land hermit crabs do need water every now and then, though, so make sure to always have a bowl nearby that it can crawl into and out of when it likes. Hermit crabs can live for quite a long time (about 30 years in their natural habitat,  given they don't get eaten). However, they have a shorter lifespan in captivity (which can be anything between less than a year and 20 years).

Did you know that a hermit crab is edible just like a regular crab? But don't worry, you won't want to eat these cute pets! You can't easily tell the gender of a hermit crab from its appearance unless you're an animal expert, that's why most of the names on this list are gender neutral for your hermit crab.

Hermit crabs are called hermit crabs thanks to their need to find a shell to live in in order to survive. Living without a shell which is very dangerous for them as, without the shell, you can see their fragile exoskeletons which are exposed. These cool creatures have a total of 10 legs, and most hermit crabs are nocturnal.

After all those facts about hermit crabs it is finally time for some names! If you would love to get a hermit crab as a pet, here are some hermit crab name ideas to inspire you when naming your pet hermit crabs. For more pet name ideas, check out these funny fish names or these fresh fish names.

Cute Hermit Crab Names

All your pet hermit crab needs is a nice space and lots of love.

Hermit crabs are cute and deserve cute crab names too. There are cute names for your female hermit crab or male hermit crab on this list that you will love. Here are some cute hermit crabs names for your new crawling pet.

1. Abby

2. Bob

3. Bruce, can also refer to Bruce Wayne from 'Batman'.

4. Bubbles

5. Captain Hook, from the cartoon 'Peter Pan'.

6. Clawdia

7. Coral

8. Coconut

9. Dwebble

10. Groucho

11. Henry

12. Homer, from the cartoon 'The Simpsons'.

13. Horace

14. Jabby

15. Jacques

16. Jams

17. Kraken, referring to a huge giant sea monster.

18. Mr Krabs

19. Little Creep, for your little creeper.

20. Moe

21. Molly

22. Mouthful

23. Oscar

24. Pearl

25. Pincer

26. Pinchy, for your pinchy little pet.

27. Pokemon, after the famous cartoon and game.

28. Poops

29. Puddle

30. Rover

31. Sashimi

32. Scuttle

33. Seychelles

34. Sideways

35. Snippy

36. Squeezy

37. Squirt

38. Stabby, for a crab that likes to poke at things.

39. Starboy

Funny Hermit Crab Names

A cute baby hermit crab makes a great addition to your home. They don't take up much space and are just absolutely adorable creatures. If you are bored of the usual Captain Hook and Mr Krabs suggestions, here are some funny hermit crab names that will crack you up.

40. Anemone

41. Cantankerous, for a crab that destroys stuff.

42. Churl

43. Claws, when your pet uses his or her little pincers a lot.

44. Crabby, for a moody crab.

45. Fish-ish.

46. Gill

47. Gordon Ramsea, hilarious for an ill-tempered crab.

48. Groucho

49. Grumpy, for a crab that is always grumpy.

50. Huffy

51. Jaws, from the movie 'Jaws'.

52. Kvetch

53. Mumpish

54. Peeves, if your misbehaving hermit crab is your pet peeve.

55. Prickle

56. Rocky, for your little champ.

57. Salty, you know, because they are from the sea!

58. Sandy

59. Scrab, a cute and funny name for your pet.

60. Sea-more

61. Shell-by

62. Shell-don, the name of a character from 'The Big Bang Theory'.

63. Shelly

64. Snappy

65. Starla

66. Sushi, a funny name from a type of seafood.

67. Sulky, for a crab that sulks a lot.

68. Surly

69. Tetchy

70. Wave

Big Hermit Crab Names

Hermit crabs are not so dangerous which is why they make for cute pets.

Hermit crabs in the wild can grow very big. When walking along the shore, you might spot some hermit crabs without shells, this might be because they have either grown out of their shell or it may have been damaged in an attack. These hermit crabs will be on the lookout for new shells to make their home! Here are some big hermit crab names for the largest pet crabs.

71. Arnold

72. Batman

73. Backspace

74. Bashful, a name for a crab that likes to bash stuff.

75. Big Mac

76. Biggie, for the biggest crab.

77. Billy

78. Billy Bob

79. Bobby

80. Brucie

81. Brutus, for a pet that uses brute force.

82. Bubba Gump

83. Buddy, for your best bud.

84. Burt

85. Carl

86. Chucky

87. Claudio

88. Corky

89. Crusty

90. Derek

91. Elmore

92. Freddie, a common male name that would also suit big hermit crabs.

93. George

94. Henry

95. Herbert

96. Hermie, a classical name for giant hermit crabs.

97. Jamie

98. Jimmy

99. Maxie, for big and strong pets.

100. Niko

101. Ollie

102. Oreo, for your biscuit lookalike pet.

103. Pip

104. Recluse, a name for a shy crab.

105. Ronnie

106. Sammie

107. Scribbles

108. Surf

109. Teal

110. Timmy

111. Tony, this name is usually given to someone of strength.

112. Tobey

113. Vince

Tiny Hermit Crab Names

Good hermit crab names aren't that hard to come by, all you need is a little creativity. You can choose names based on the physical features of your pet hermit crab, such as its size. If you have baby hermit crabs you should choose the right names that suit them. Here are some tiny names for your pet hermit crab or your hermit crab babies.

114. Apollo

115. Captain crab

116. Charmander

117. Cherry, for your little cherry.

118. Chuck

119. Claude

120. Claudia

121. Copper, referring to the both material and the color.

122. Crabette

123. Crabina

124. Crabmeister

125. Digger, for a pet crab that likes to dig.

126. Dory, after the cartoon character fish called Dory.

127. Dudley

128. Edward Scissorhands, for crabs with sharp pincers.

129. Elmo

130. Elvis, the name of the famous and iconic musician.

131. Groucho

132. Harold

133. Heidi

134. Hydra

135. Jack Sparrow, from the movie 'Pirates Of The Caribbean'.

136. Jade

137. Kermit, after the cartoon character Kermit the frog.

138. Leonardo DaPinchy, a funny twist to the actor's original name.

139. Marina

140. Nemo, from the cartoon 'Finding Nemo'.

141. Nigel

142. Nipper, for a crab who likes to nip stuff.

143. Penny Pincher

144. Poopsie

145. Poseidon, after the Greek God.

146. Prickle

147. Quasimodo, another name from a cartoon character.

148. Seabiscuit, perfect for a tiny crab.

149. Seamore

150. Sebastian, named after the crab in 'The Little Mermaid'.

151. SpongeBob, from the famous cartoon series 'SpongeBob Squarepants'.

152. Squirtle

153. Tamatoa

154. Zoe, perfect for a smallish pet.

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