100+ Handpicked Rock Gnome Names That Are Cute, Funny, & Badass

Gnomes are funny and cute dwarf creatures.

The gnomes are fictitious mythical and legendary creatures who are small in stature, but big at heart!

Gnomes consist of many different races which include the surface gnomes and the deep gnomes. The surface genomes are sub-raced as rock genome and forest genome. The gnome races live on the land, in forests, or in the garden.

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Cute Rock Gnome Names  

The gnomes are very creative and are full of strength.

The Gnomes are believed to be the guardians of treasures and are lovers of gems and nature. Some of the gnome names that are good are Adan, Aiko, Bink, Carlin, and Charlene. We have listed some of the cutest names for rock gnomes that will suit your character down to the ground.

1. Adan, is a cute name for a gnome that means "earth".

2. Adva, a name that fully describes the size of a gnome.

3. Aiko, can be an adorable male gnome name.

4. Armida, is one of the lovable gnome nicknames.  

5. Banli, is a short and sweet name for your garden gnome.

6. Banxi, is one of the good gnome names.

7. Belita, the name means"little beauty" and will be one of the best rock gnome names.  

8. Bellpepper, is a cute name for the little and dwarf gnomes.  

9. Bingles, is one of the awesome rock gnome names.

10. Bink, is a short and lovely name for your little gnome.

11. Bitsy, can be a perfect choice for a female gnome.

12. Bitty, will be the best peppy name for your cute gnome.

13. Brenna, is a unique but cute name option for a gnome.

14. Carlin, as the name refers to little champion, will be perfect for gnomes.

15. Celqys, is an engaging and cute name for a gnome.

16. Charlene, will be the most suitable for a female gnome.

17. Cheeky, a cute name for an adorable gnome.  

18. Darra, the name can be kept for a deep gnome.

19. Demi, you can use this short and sweet name for your garden gnome.

20. Dinky, is an eye-catchy and mind-blowing name for your cute little creature.

21. Elfi, since the gnomes are from the family of an elf, the name will best suit them.

22. Flimp, is a lovable and sweet name for a male gnome.

23. Forestopolis, the gnomes are the lovers of nature, thus this name will be perfect for them.

24. Forestorama, the name matches with the living behavior of a gnome from a forest.

25. Forestx, can be the name of a forest gnome.

26. Forestzen, is a cute and delightful name for your forest gnome.

27. Gemmy, a name that fully justifies the gnome's love for the gems and treasures.

28. Half Pint, an adorable name for the cute little humanoid creature.

29. Helna, is a delightful name option.

30. Herble, is one of the gnome wizard names.

31. Hisxif, is a charming and cute name.

32. Jingle, is a fun-loving and interesting name.

33.  Jinxie, what a wonderful name for a cute little gnome.

34.  Jubie, is a short and sweet name for a garden gnome.

35. Knaz, the name seems a little-a-bit difficult to pronounce but is interesting.

36. Krankle, a good and adorable name for your pet gnome.

37. Lil, a cute name that describes the size of the little elf.

38. Lilliput, is a perfect suit as the name refers to "very small in size", or "petty or trivial".

39. Lulu, the meaning of the name is "pearl" or "gem".

40. Melodic Forest, is for a forest loving gnome.

41. Miki, is a cute name for a tiny creature.

42. Odafi, is a name for someone full of love.

43. Orla, will be one of the most magnificent names for a female gnome.

44. Peace Forest, a perfect and cute name for a gnome residing in a forest.

45. Rockadil, is a wonderful name for a rock gnome.

46. Stareye, is a cute and adorable one names.

47.  Timbers, what would be a more endearing name like this! for your forest gnome.

48. Twinkle, is a name inspired by light and will be suitable for the gnomes.

49. Wildwander, is a distinct name for a forest gnome.  

Funny Rock Gnome Names

Gnomes are often used as decorating items in the garden.

A rock gnome is considered to be an inventor and swindler and is deeply inspired by nature. You can use this list of funny gnome names for your magical creature character. Some of these can also be used as perfect gnome last names.

50. Aithne, is a funny name for a rock gnome.

51. Amorette, is a witty name for the gnomes.

52. Aripine, the gnome with such of a name is amusing and humorous.

53. Armida, is one of the comical gnome names.  

54. Ban, the name is short and sweet.

55. Bignoodle, can also be used as a gnome surnames.  

56. Bimble, is a perfect gnome name.

57. Bingles, is a chucklesome name.

58. Bixi, the name is short and funny.  

59. Boddyhop, can also be used as a gnomish last names.  

60. Bombus, this is a best and funny name for a male elf.

61. Carnoa, is a amusing name.

62. Celqys, a witty name for the little elf.

63. Charlene, is a amusing name for a gnome.

64.  Chug, a quite short but witty name.

65. Clockmort, is a waggish name.  

66. Darra, a name that is comical.

67. Demi, is a short but amusing name.  

68. Dignugget, the name sounds different.

69. Dimble, is a humorous name.

70. Dimbuckle

71. Dino

72. Dinwiddie

73. Dombledomblest, is a mouthful name for a happy gnome.

74. Doodlevoletor,

75. Fats

76. Felix

77. Fenthwick, the name can also be used as a rock gnome clan names.

78. Filius

79. Fillydook

80. Finn, a human name for your gnome.

81. Fizzingbuns

82. Fizzlebang

83. Hands, a perfect name for a laborious gnome.

84. Lucky

85. Magee

Cool Rock Gnome Names

The gnomes can be from the classes of wizards, druids, and rangers. We have presented you with cool names for gnomes for your common garden or forest variations.  

86. Callan (Gaelic and Scottish origin) means "rock".

87. Elda (English origin) means "warrior".

88. Kane (Irish and Scottish origin) means "warrior" or  "little battler".

89. McKraken, a strong Scottish name for your gnome.

90. Millybonk

91. Mixithinklicker

92. Mocklaw

93. Muckbuckle

94. Nickleplenty, a perfect comical name for your character.

95. Nimbledigit

96. Nocktonick

97. Rondo

98. Rumbuckle, a perfect comical name for your character.

99. Sharkey

100. Snaps

101. Sonny

102. Sprocket

103. Tegginuckey

104. Troy (Irish Troightheach origin) means "fighter" or "foot soldier".

105. Zeph

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