31 'Hannah Montana' Quotes So You Can Get The Best Of Both Worlds

'Hannah Montana' is one of the most-watched teen TV shows around the world.

'Hannah Montana' is an American sitcom for teens, which premiered on Disney Channel in March 2006.

It is a TV series that was aired on Disney Channel till January 2011. The TV series has also been adapted into a movie.

The American pop singer Miley Cyrus plays the role of Hannah Montana or Miley Stewart. The story revolves around Miley’s life. Miley lives a double life as a typical teenager on the one hand and a famous pop singer on the other. She wants to maintain her anonymity and continue living the life of a normal teenager. Her catchphrase is "sweet niblets". Although she has quite a few love interests, Jake Ryan was an important one, but he cheats on her in the series.

Her friends, Lilly and Oliver, and her brother, Jackson, become aware of her secret. The movie was produced by Walt Disney Studios and released in 2009. 'Hannah Montana' is not yet on Netflix as of today.

This article has a number of 'Hannah Montana' quotes from the show and movie. It includes sad 'Hannah Montana' quotes, 'Hannah Montana' quotes about failure, and inspirational 'Hannah Montana' quotes. For more such quotes, also check Lady Gaga quotes and Lana Del Rey quotes.

Hannah Montana Movie Quotes

A list of quotes from 'Hannah Montana: The Movie' are given below.

Hannah Montana launched Miley Cyrus as a star to watch out for.

1. “You got in a shoe fight!”

-Robby Ray.

2. “She likes you and you like her, why do you have to make it so complicated?”

-Miley Stewart.

3. “You aren't up to your matchmakin' again, are you?”

-Robby Ray.

4. “So, you're sayin' that I can never be Hannah again?”

-Miley Stewart.

Rico Hannah Montana Quotes

Rico Suave’s role is played by Moisés Arias. From a supporting role in the first season, he was promoted to a main role in the second season. Some Rico from 'Hannah Montana' quotes from the series are given below.

5. “Don’t worry, lollipop. You could always marry money.”


6. “I think it's four, but it might be three with a wig on!”


7. “This is the best birthday party ever.”


Jackson From Hannah Montana Quotes

Quotes by Jackson, Miley’s brother, are listed below.

8. “I’ll call it, International House of Reasonably Priced Water! And Fries! And… Stuff! IHORPWAFAS!”

-Jackson Stewart.

9. “I could be a famous pop star too. If I had talent and hair extensions.”

-Jackson Stewart.

10. “Well how about, Hannah Montana, what did that poor state ever do to you?”

-Jackson Stewart.

Funniest Hannah Montana Quotes From The Show

A list of funny 'Hannah Montana' quotes is given below.

11. “You’re the only popstar I know who can’t get into her own concert.”

-Lilly Truscott.

12. “Oh yeah, it'll be much more fun watching Oliver lose to the beagle again.”

-Lilly Truscott.

13. “Well listen. It doesn't matter to her that Tom Cruise is her co-star. Tell Mr. Spielberg I said thanks but no thanks.”

-Robby Ray.

14. “She put a bell around his arm so every time he tried to make a move it went dingdingdingdingding!”

-Miley Stewart.

Hannah Montana Song Quotes

The best 'Hannah Montana' quotes from songs are given below.

Miley Cyrus is a very talented singer in real life as well.

15. "There's no holding back

Staying right on track

'Cause you control the game

So let them know your name..”

-Hannah Montana.

16. “You get the best of both worlds

Chill it out, take it slow

Then you rock out the show..”

-Hannah Montana.

17. “With a new attitude everything can change

Make it how you want it to be

Stayin' mad, why do that?”

-Hannah Montana.

Tracy From Hannah Montana Quotes

A list of 'Hannah Montana' quotes said by Tracy are given below.

18. “Yes, because we're getting married tonight!”


19. “BTW, hate the outfit.”


Hannah Montana Quotes About College

Some 'Hannah Montana' quotes about graduation and college are listed below.

20. “I thought you were graduating!”

-Miley Stewart.

21. “Now Dad, at the parent-teacher conference you might hear something about a belching contest. I just want you to know that it never happened. (ecstatically) And I was not the champion!!”

-Jackson Stewart.

22. “Congratulations! You're the best singer in school!”

-Miley Stewart.

23. “You'll never be able to go to school again! Unless you move to the South Pole, completely cut off from all civilization, and you'll eventually go mad, mad I tell you, mad!”


Popular Hannah Montana Quotes To Live By

The most famous 'Hannah Montana' quotes from the show are given below.

24. “Well look who showed up. Were all of the other concerts in town sold out? Cause I know you wouldn't pick mine first, or second, or last!”

-Miley Stewart.

25. “I know changing can be scary, but it's a part of growing up. It's how we find out who we are and who we're gonna be.”

-Hannah Montana.

26. “Hey Jackson, you have a real car, you know. Here's a thought: Get in it and drive away!”

-Miley Stewart.

27. “I get it, I get it. Uh...I might go for another run. You know, a little more oneness with the world.”

-Robby Ray.

Iconic Hannah Montana Quotes About Life

Given below are some quotes from 'Hannah Montana' about life.

28. “Okay. First, you dropped a cake. Then you lock yourself outside of the house with the new cake. I'm starting to think you got some cake issues.”


29. “I'm a teenager. We act without thinking and we get zits. It's what we do.”

-Miley Stewart.

30. “This is real life. This ain’t some Nicholas Sparks novel.”

-Miley Stewart.

31. “Life’s what you make it, so let’s make it rock.”

-Hannah Montana.

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