36 Hazel Eyes Facts And Theories You Might Not Know

Hazel eyes are one of the rarest eye colors.

Eyes are an important part of the human body's visual system and allow us to see our surroundings, distinguish shapes and see variations of color, hue and shade.

They are one of the most fascinating and complex parts of the human body, in part because of how they work but also due to eye color and how it varies between individuals, even those from the same family. Brown and blue eye colors are relatively common but hazel eyes are often seen as more mysterious and unique because of the color variations of hazel-eyed people.

Our facts about hazel eyes explore what the color hazel really is and how the personality of those with hazel eyes is supposedly different from those with green, blue or brown eyes. Did you know, for example, that people with hazel eye color supposedly have a keen interest in knowing about their horoscopes and zodiac sign, especially if they are a Scorpio or Cancer?  

Speaking of star signs, we also have some great zodiac facts and some fascinating Scorpio facts that are worth checking out after you have finished reading this article.

Characteristics Of Hazel Eyes

For many people, defining hazel eyes and the color that they are can be tricky because of the different types of hazel eyes that people have and the mix of colors that they can contain. The facts about hazel eyes below, however, are designed to help you get a better understanding of what hazel eyes really are and what they look like.

1. The color of hazel eyes can often be difficult to describe as hazel eyes appear to change depending on what the person wears or what the lighting is like but they are generally described as multi-colored, with shades of green or brown and with light brown or gold flecks.

2. There are two main examples of hazel eyes: those with brown as the dominant color in the iris and those with green.

3. Hazel eyes are incredibly unique with no two pairs of hazel eyes looking exactly the same and some individuals will look like they have greenish eyes whereas other eyes may have a brownish or even amber tint instead.

4. Nearly 75% of people with hazel eyes will have what looks to be a brown ring located around their pupil.

5. Hazel colored eyes can change color temporarily depending on the mood and emotions of the individual at the time and make them appear brighter or darker.

6. Many hazel eyes have a burst-like pattern of various colors which makes the distinctly different from green eyes which are more of a single hue.

7. Hazel colored eyes can turn a reddish color if the individual is suffering from allergies such as hayfever.

8. It has been suggested by some the hazel eyes are called so because the eye color is similar to the shell of a hazelnut.

Hazel Eyes In The World Population

Now that we know a little bit more about what hazel eyes look like and the characteristics that help define them, we thought it would be interesting to find out a bit more about how common they are, who is most likely to have hazel eyes and whereabouts in the world people with hazel eyes are found the most. Read on to discover what we found out!

9. Only 5% of the world's population has hazel eyes which is incredibly rare where you compare it to people with blue eyes who make up 8-10% of the population and those with brown eyes making a staggering 79%.

10. Hazel eyes are not the rarest eye color, however, with grey eyes, violet eyes, red eyes and heterochromia (two different colored eyes) being even more uncommon.

11. Hazel eyes are most common in people in people of Brazilian, Spanish, Middle Eastern or North African descent.

12. Many famous actors and singers have hazel eyes including Lady Gaga, Angelina Jolie, Channing Tatum, Jude Law, Kevin Jonas, David Beckham, Ryan Reynolds, Ben Affleck and Zendaya.

13. Many people wish to have hazel eyes because they see them as more interesting than other colored eyes and so hazel contact lenses are quite popular.

14. Hazel eyes appear commonly in Caucasian populations, especially where there is a mix of people with brown eyes, blue eyes and green eyes.

15. In a poll about the most attractive eyes, hazel came out as one of the favourite eye colors, coming second only to green.

16. Hazel eyes have been the topic of many songs including those by Kelly Clarkson and The Darkness.

Babies with blue eyes can end up with hazel eyes.

Facts About Hazel Eyed People

Have you ever wondered about whether people with hazel eyes are different to others in more ways than just their eye color? Well, these interesting facts about people with hazel eyes relate to aspects of their personality, their likes and dislikes. Although not proven, it is said that the eyes are like the window to each person and that people with different eye colors have different traits. These facts, which are just for fun, reveal what hazel eyes may say about a person.

17. Hazel eyes are said to reveal that the person is independent and likes to be able to accomplish things without the help of others.

18. People with hazel colored eyes tend to be adventurous and more likely to take risks which is why they love extreme sports such as rock climbing and snowboarding which differs from those with blue eyes who are said to be more cautious.

19. Hazel eyed people are said to be very responsible and even though they like to take risks, they will always think carefully before they do something.

20. Similarly to those with brown eyes,  hazel-eyed individuals are said to be fun-loving and easy-going, never letting themselves stay sad for too long when things go wrong and instead, always maintaining a cheery spirit.

21. Having a hazel eye color supposedly makes individuals more sensitive to pain than those with blue eyes.

22. It is theorized that those with hazel colored eyes have great social skills and find it easy to make friends and well as keep friendships for a long time.

23. Hazel eyed individuals are said to be trustworthy and reliable meaning that if you have a problem or need help with something, they will always be there for you.

24. Being funny and witty are said to be traits of those with hazel eyes so if you have a comedian in the family that always makes you laugh, take a look and see if they have this unique eye color!

25. Apparently, people with hazel eyes don't like conflict and arguments and so from a young age, they learn ways to avoid it.

26. If you have hazel eyes, you are said to be very creative and have a great imagination which is why there are many actors and musicians with this distinctive eye color.

27. People with hazel eyes are often described as elegant and mysterious meaning that they look graceful and that their actions and style are very dignified but that they also give off a vibe that makes you want to find out more about them.

28. Those with hazel eyes who like to wear makeup often choose eyeshadows that are chocolate brown, gold or green in color as they make their eye color stand out even more.

Those with hazel eyes are said to love extreme sports such as rock climbing.

Hazel Colored Eyes And Science

Scientists are continually learning more about hazel eyes and exploring the science behind what causes the individualness of hazel eye color compared to blue, green, and brown eyes. Whilst no two eyes are exactly the same, much like fingerprints, it is the variation of eye color that comes under the hazel eye color heading that makes it such an interesting subject from a scientific perspective.

29. It is thought that up to 16 different genes contribute to a person's eye color which is why even if both parents have brown eyes, a child can still end up having hazel eyes and no one can accurately determine the eye color of a child before it is born.

30. Rayleigh scattering is an optical phenomenon which causes the sky to look blue. It is also responsible for the way light scatters about in hazel eyes and contributes to the different colors that can be seen in hazel eye color.

31. Scientists often refer to hazel colored eyes as the 'eye color chameleon' as hazel eye color is the only one that doesn't have a universal description due to the variety of colors that can be included in just one eye.

32. Hazel eyes have less melanin, the skin color pigment that causes people to tan in the sun, in them than blue eyes but less than brown eyes. This moderate amount of melanin tends to be concentrated on the outer part of the iris making the eye look lighter closer to the pupil although this is not always the case and it can sometimes be the other way round.

33. Babies with blue eyes can grow up to have a hazel eye color instead as it can take time for the melanin to be deposited into the eyes. This can take as little as six months but can take up to two years.

34. Hazel eyes, like other eye colors, are as a result of genetic mutation and scientists have discovered that between around ten thousand years ago, everyone on the planet had brown eyes.

35. Hazel eyes can appear to change color right in front of you due to the pupil changing size. As the pupil gets bigger or smaller to allow more or less light into the eye, the iris, which is the colored part of the eye, compresses or spreads apart making the color look different.

36. Hazel eyes are more reflective than other eye colors such as brown and can reflect the colors in the environment around them such as green from trees or amber from the sunlight which is why they can appear to change colour throughout the day.

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