30+ Hedgehog Puns That Are Really Sharp

A little hedgehog outdoors wearing a tiny crown.

Looking for some funny jokes about hedgehogs to tell your kids?

We've rounded up some of the best one-liners related to these prickly little creatures, including some Sonic the Hedgehog puns. These will get straight to the point and will make the whole family fall in love with these fascinating spiny mammals.

Hedgehogs aren't just funny, they're really interesting little animals too. Did you know that hedgehogs are lactose intolerant so you should never leave a saucer of milk out for them? They actually live on a diet of insects, but it won't harm them if you leave out some meat and water as a supplement to their diet. These nocturnal creatures weren't always called hedgehogs either. Originally they were known as hedgepigs or urchins. They can also walk an impressively long way for animals with such tiny legs. In just one evening a foraging hedgehog can travel up to two miles, visiting various different gardens in the process. And, finally, we bet you can't guess how many spines an individual hedgehog has on its back? Well, it's an incredible 5000 - 7000 spines. Ouch!

Hedgehog Puns  

If you're looking for some prickly sentences about hedgehogs you've come to the right place, because we've rounded up plenty of funny lines that include a reference to these spiky little garden animals.

1. Hedgehogs... why don't they just share the hedge?

2. Be cool. Be hedgy.

3. Sending you a big hedgehug.

4. I'm a little bit on hedge today.

5. You're looking sharp and hedgy.

6. I'm living on the hedge.

7. Take the hedge off.

8. I don't like to hedge my bets.

9. Magic hedgehogs go to school at Hedgehog-warts.

10. You look a bit rough around the hedges.

11. One hedgehog to the other: "How can you sleep at night?"

12. A hedgehog's favourite video game is Pokemon.

13. "Can I have a turn in the hedge now?" Hedgehog: "No".

14. What do you call a pig stuck in topiary? A hedgehog.

15. How does a hedgehog play leap frog? Very carefully.

Sonic The Hedgehog Pun

Sonic is possibly the most famous hedgehog in the world and every kid who has grown up collecting rings and going as fast as they can with this fun blue computer game character will love this pun about him.

16. Shakespeare's favourite video game was Sonnet the Hedgehog.

A close up image of a tiny prickly hedgehog.

Puns About Hedgehog Prickles

The most unique thing about hogs has to be their incredible spines that they use as a form of defence against predators (so best not to pick one up!). These spines might not be funny if they spike you, but they have inspired some brilliant one-liners that you can use to make your friends and family laugh.

17. One hedgehog to the other: "I'm so glad I pricked you."

18. Quill you be mine?

19. Everything quill be alright.

20. One hedgehog to the other: "I'm stuck on you."

21. I'm quilled to the bone.

22. That hedgehog is old as the quills.

23. You're quill the one.

24. I'm just quilling some time before I hibernate.

25. You need some quill power.

26. Don't be spineless.

27. Hedgehogs have got hibernating down to a spine art.

28. Hedgehogs sleep through the day come rain or spine.

29. A hedgehog walked the whole spine yards to cross the road.

30. Come closer I've got a point to make.

31. This ought to spike your interest.  

32. When two hedgehogs meet it can be love at first spike.



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