Help Us Create A Map Of Fairy Doors

Fairy doors can be found all over the country.

Where do Britain’s fairies live? We’ll never know for sure, because fairies are such secretive, reclusive creatures. However, clues can be found by looking out for their fairy doors -- magical portals into the miniature realms.

Fairy doors can be found all over the country. Sometimes, you’ll find one concealed on the side of a street tree or fence post; more often, you’ll encounter them on woodland trails. They always come with a sparkle of magic that kids love.

Have you spotted a fairy door? Have your children noticed any? We’re trying to map as many as we can, from tiny doors on street trees to whole fairy villages within visitor attractions. When the map is complete, you’ll be able to use it to discover further doors near you. They’re more widespread than you might think!

If you know about additional fairy doors, anywhere in the UK, then please email or add a comment on our Facebook thread here

Go on a fairy hunt starting at their front door.

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