Earn Your Hey Duggee Stay At Home Badge

A young superhero excited to earn her Stay at Home badge.

If your younger kids are getting bored of being at home, let them know that Duggee and The Squirrel Club have been staying at home too! See if you're up to the challenge of becoming a Stay at Home Hero with CBeebies' new activity pack, where you'll complete a series of tasks and activities during lockdown.

Have you been looking for an educational, interactive TV programme for your pre-schoolers? Hey Duggee is an animated BBC series based on a fictional activity club called The Squirrel Club led by friendly dog Duggee. Together they earn activity badges and go on adventures. Right now, your mini squirrels can earn a Hey Duggee badge for their achievements and conquests. The rules are simple - all they have to do is stay at home!

Before you start, check out this Stay Safe video on the Hey Duggee YouTube channel, which is filled with all your favourite Hey Duggee characters letting you know the importance of staying home.

hey duggee badge

Are you ready to become a Stay at Home Hero? The rules are simple: stay home and have fun! You've got the chance to earn your Stay at Home Badge by completing the nine activities Hey Duggee has put together on the simple Stay at Home Chart. If you want to get extra creative, you can print the chart in black and white and colour it in before you start the challenge. Think of it as indoor Scouts achievements for under-5s.

There's a range of activities to complete, including baking a cake, playing dress-up and practising your counting. Remember that you can do the activities in any order that you want, and it's totally fine to go at your own pace.

When you've successfully ticked off all the activities on your chart, well done, you have officially completed the challenge! You can print a certificate in either colour or black and white to prove how great you've been at staying home. Plus, if you send a photo of you holding your completed chart to CBeebies you'll be added to the exclusive Hey Duggee Stay at Home Heroes gallery, so the whole world can see your massive achievement.



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